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  1. Signal2Noise

    Audio via Vehicle USB

    Anyone here listen to personal music from a USB thumb drive inside their vehicle? My particular vehicle's system reads MP3 files by the file creation date, not alphanumerically. So track order by album is not in the correct sequence, most often playback is reverse order due to how the track...
  2. Signal2Noise

    Post your Audio-related gift received/gave.

    Merry Christmas everyone! What audio gift did you receive or give as a gift this year? I'll start. I received Beyerdynamic DT-880 (250 ohm) headphones. Very comfy. I didn't give out anything other than CDs as my family isn't as obsessed with hardware as I am.
  3. Signal2Noise

    Acoustic Research AR-E10/AR-E100

    I saw the AR-E10 teased on AR's FB page. Looks like they're making appearances at trade shows. Has anyone seen, held, and/or tried these? A Google brought up the two models although the FB post only covers the E10. Is the E100 new as well? As new fan of the AR-M2 DAP my interest is piqued for...
  4. Signal2Noise

    McIntosh enters the fray...

    Saw this today and must admit my interest is piqued.
  5. Signal2Noise

    Allmusic Guide Subscription

    I just signed up to be a member of AMG which is (afaik) a new aspect of their site. They also offer a paid subscription to access more features and be mostly ad-free. For the small annual fee I'm considering on doing that since over the years I've utilized info from AMG thousands of times, from...
  6. Signal2Noise

    Anvil Rockumentary

    Thought you metalheads would like to know about the new documentary film on Anvil. It's getting great reviews. Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) I'm not really into speed metal but I'll still check out his movie once it hits DVD.
  7. Signal2Noise

    £1,000 Headphones - Sennheiser Factory

    Apologies if this has been posted already but I did a search. Honestly! How £1,000 headphones are made: A Sennheiser factory tour - Page 2 - Crave at CNET UK
  8. Signal2Noise

    "Me Brain Hurts" ~ Looking for an Amp

    Greetings! And advance apologies for kicking off my first post as a plea for suggestions. I've been doing searches here and elsewhere for info on headphone amps but am absolutely stumped at the moment. I was convinced by an audiophile friend to register here because I was too elite for iLounge...