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  1. TzeYang

    Alternative N Channel JFETs for LTPs

    The 2SK170 is pretty popular these days but their price and availability is making it less attractive. I'm wondering if there are any good/even better alternatives from vishay siliconix, on semiconductor, fairchild etc (common manufacturers) that I can substitute the 2SK170 with. I'm using...
  2. TzeYang

    M3 and Sigma11 Issues.

    So someone sent me the above combination for some fixing and I have limited time and tools figuring out in detail what went wrong with Sigma11 given the below scenarios. Sigma11: Unloaded voltage= 24V Loaded with M3= ~24V (to show that under load that it's still within spec) Basically it...
  3. TzeYang

    Amb Gamma1(USB only) BOM

    Okay here's my story. My country's line is screwed up and the DNS server seemed to be very buggy for the past two weeks. I doubt it gets fixed any time soon. I cant visit mouser and add orders efficiently without getting time outs frequently. There are some parts of the Gamma1 DAC that can...
  4. TzeYang


    Price: $SOLD USD Including Shipping to anywhere in the world. Method Of Trade: Paypal. Warranty left: bought in October 2008 Condition: mint, quite new, I'm helping my friend to sell it off since he hardly uses it.
  5. TzeYang

    oxygenfree teflon insulated single core copper wire.

    Any ideas where to source em cheap and get it shipped internationally? I'm always fond of single core wires due to it's strength and ease to work with. thanks.
  6. TzeYang

    Ringing Noise (PPAV2)

    Okay I was helping a friend fix his PPA V2 + STEPS (all-in-one case) I've observed some ringing noise especially if the volume pot is turned up. Because of the size constraint the Amveco Toroidal is just next to the input. Opamps used are OPA637 (Gain of 11) Ground Opamp = AD829 with...
  7. TzeYang

    Weird hiss and buzz.

    So I built a portable amp with push pull buffers, three channel and with OPA627 L/R and AD744 GND with comp pin output. Gain is 6, potentiometer is an alps RK097 WITHOUT the switch. (regular RK097) Source PCM2702E (Neochen's miniusb) Hiss and Buzz: Appears: 1) When there is no...
  8. TzeYang

    Pot Noise + Wallwart

    1) Wallwart 24VDC, touches pot (buzzz) 2) 2x 9V Batteries, No noise. mind you, there is no metal/aluminum case, i tested them all naked. Do you think it's due to the noisy wallwart?
  9. TzeYang

    Pot Noise

    I'm having this weird problem with some noise when i touch the volume pot: They don't happen when no source is connected though (however, at max volume without anything connected, there's some ticking noise whenever i touch the pot) Case 1: Source is a PSP using headout with volume set...
  10. TzeYang


    There is something wrong with my ears, I can hear ringing when i use IEMs, even open air headphones and frequently when i'm exposed to a silent surrounding. Although headphones and music are my primary hobby, but i don't listen to loud music at all. In fact, i prefer all my music to be...
  11. TzeYang

    No Love for Malaysia? (Etymotic ER6i)

    I was having a dreadful time finishing my boring, pointless assignments when my father called and said, "hey I'm looking for an IEM, go find me one." "Excellent..!" I thought, so I went to Amazon and found out they were selling ER6Is at a very decent price (around 70USD). So i thought why not...
  12. TzeYang

    Yamaha HP-1 + PIMETA

    Dear DIYers, I'm going to ask someone to build me a PIMETA so i can drive the Yamaha HP-1. Do you think the PIMETA is capable of driving the Yamaha HP-1 to decent levels? I don't have the technical background, so can anyone here please enlighten an ignorant soul? Thank You.
  13. TzeYang

    Cowon A2

    I'm going to change to a better dap/pmp soon. Cowon A2 seems to fit my needs and budget nicely. The capability to play flacs, decent audio quality, video (not as important) are definitely why i chose it. Now, there's one problem, can anyone tell me about the quality of the lineout? Do i have...
  14. TzeYang

    Wht are the symptoms of drivers failling?

    Okay i admit, i screwed up two days ago. My new PPA v2 came and i didnt know which way the pot should be adjusted. Without any caution, i assumed the Max volume (anti-clockwise 100%) was Min Volume (should be the other way round but i guess i was too excited to tryout the new combo) and you...
  15. TzeYang

    Atrac Advance lossless 256kbps

    Is Atrac Advance Lossless at 256kbps the best i can use for sony portable players? I'm looking for pure sound quality only. The device is the Sony NW-A1000. Thank you
  16. TzeYang

    HD650 Pads

    I'm having trouble removing the pads for cleaning. The guide book was not clear enough for me. Can anyone take before and after pictures of taking off the pads? I need to have a rough idea what it would be like. Thank you.