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  1. Kirosia

    Considering a career in Accounting, advice needed

    Yeah, so. I have a Bachelors of Business, and I'd only need 30 credits in my state to sit for the CPA exam. From what I've read, my avenues are either take the upper level accounting classes as cheaply as possible (online distance learning from an accredited non-profit like LSU) or try for a...
  2. Kirosia

    Does anyone want to be Kirosia's friend

    Kirosia is losing it. That, those, there, which one, this one, sometimes "Y". Pretty much the whole chitty. Would anyone like to aim or text or FB or sex (if you're an incredibly attractive female with all her teeth)?
  3. Kirosia

    AT&T buying T-Mobile USA   This.. may not be good. 
  4. Kirosia

    Need advice regarding potential Paypal dispute

    Last month, I purchased a month-old iphone 4 from a user on a different site via Paypal. The seller claimed the iphone 4 was in immaculate condition, with not damage or dead pixels or any sort. The device took over a month to receive, the seller claimed it was almost stolen twice, with the exact...
  5. Kirosia

    If I graduated Magna Cum Laude, but technically didn't qualify the final semester...

    ...(it's not counted), can I still claim it on my resume?    Yeeeeah. They gave me a sticker and stuff in the mail today.   The main reasoned I dropped in...
  6. Kirosia

    Good Entry-Level Business-related Jobs?

    Kirosia is looking for work in Massachusetts, and he has little idea of what jobs to apply for. So far I've only looked into project management and operations, but I'm open to anything with a good career path. I'm an International Business Major with no field experience, decent GPA (3.6), and am...
  7. Kirosia

    Wireless Router

    I'm going to purchase a low-end wireless router so I can use my laptop, iphone 3g, and possible future electronics at/around my apartment. I've been looking at newegg and this is the one I'm close to deciding on:   I'd...
  8. Kirosia

    Used car for under $4000?

    I'm looking at getting my first daily driver. My short list currently consists of old model integras and civics. I've been driving my dad's auto SUV for the past six years and I would like to try and learn stick. Any recommendations, I live in MA and my budget is 4K including maintenance...
  9. Kirosia

    Need help regarding project: Solar Panel/Cell Industry in India

    Yeah, my classmates and I are doing a group report on the solar panel/cell industry in India. Specifically, what type and number of employee positions their are for manufacturers, as well as salaries. Any insights or reliable links would be much appreciated.
  10. Kirosia

    Goodbye to You

    Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy tells girl how he feels. Girl goes away. Boy's heart breaks. But girl gave boy something truly wonderful. Girl reminded boy of how it felt be to be happy, to be sad, to be human. Boy hopes that girl will forgive him, and boy and girl can have coffee...
  11. Kirosia

    Is it possible to be in love with someone you barely know?

    There's a girl. When I'm near her, when I talk to her, when I see her smile, my heart skips like crazy. I thought it was just a crush. But I see myself "with her", something that's never happened with anyone ever. My heart refuses to let go even though her's belongs to someone else. I am not on...
  12. Kirosia

    Citing articles found on online websites in APA format?

    I'm doing a research paper, and my professor stated that I haven't been citing and doing the bibliography in proper APA format. I followed the guidelines from this website: Purdue OWL For example how would create a reference for this...
  13. Kirosia

    For the Lovers

    What does it mean, to be happy? Is it a warm cup of coffee after sunrise? Is it dancing under the stars and shouting at the night sky? Is it just an idea, a thought, a...
  14. Kirosia

    Rechargeable AAs?

    Looking for some reputable rechargeable AAs, mainly for my TV remote and wireless mouse.
  15. Kirosia

    Kirosia has ordered a Zune HD, please show pics and say nice things to comfort him

    After years of not having a new portable player (been using an iaudio u2, 5g ipod before that), I finally decided on the Zune HD. I know it's inferior to the ipod touch, particularly in regards to functionality and apps, but in the end I wanted to prioritize music and video playback. I've been...
  16. Kirosia

    In my case, if my college GPA drops, will it matter?

    A) I go to a small no-name commuter college B) I'm a business major C) I have no relevant work experience or connections D) I don't plan on going to grad school within the next couple years, if ever (lack of money and I'm not sure I can handle it without serious time in the workforce) E) I'm...
  17. Kirosia

    I Got Money

    Theoretically, this: Should lead to this: (Disclaimer: I do not actually have money)
  18. Kirosia

    Kirosia's "Stuff I Learned on the Internetz and Applied to Real Life Things that Never Happened" Vol. 1

    It was a cloudy Monday morning in Ethics class, and I was tired from a late night of making love to hot Brazilian supermodels. Half-asleep and partially unawake, I sat at my desk in a cocoa-induced daze, as my professor decided to lecture about some topic that was neither hot nor Brazilian. Near...
  19. Kirosia

    Sound Quality (for music) of recent HTC smarphones?

    I can't afford an iphone, so I may get an HTC Diamond2 when it hits AT&T. I've read the sound quality is fair, but I need some more "experienced" (head-fier) feedback. I'm referring mainly to using wire headphones (via converter jack/cable), though bluetooth sound interests me as well.
  20. Kirosia

    What is Happiness?

    My whole life I've wanted to know true happiness. Yet all this time, I've never actually considered what would constitute "happiness" for me. A great career? A beautiful intelligent wife? A shotgun that shoots swords? I always just thought "Get outta the ghetto, and you'll find it". But damn...
  21. Kirosia

    Leather conditioner?

    My leather (I believe) chair has been cracking/ripping, and I need something to prevent further damage. What's a reputable product (and hopefully inexpensive) I can use?
  22. Kirosia

    Bluetooth adapter for connecting wired headphones

    I'm looking for something I can plug my wired phones into so I can stream music from a bluetooth-enable device. (Which in this case will be a 3.5mm jack-less smartphone) Preferably something inexpensive and small. EDIT: I've been reading up on the Jabra BT3030, any experiences?
  23. Kirosia

    Windows cannot load user profile - why?

    Yeah, I restarted my computer this morning, and XP gave me this message. I was able to do a system restore and get it back, not sure if it'll be permanent though. So, how did my user profile become corrupt? I've NEVER had this problem before on any computer.
  24. Kirosia

    Playback issues with .TS files

    My computer can't seem to play .TS files properly. The video/sound skips and sometimes freezes at certain intervals. The ones I have are 1440x1080i and 1920x1080i. I'm using windows media classic, I've tried different decoders and nothing's helped. System specs: E8400 2GB ram Radeon HD4850...