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  1. IronMaiden

    DtS 880's

    i wouldn't get them for 128-192kbps mp3, flac/loseless or better.
  2. IronMaiden

    PC/XBOX Gaming and Dolby Headphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by Foe-hammer The ATH AD900 are better then the A900, due to it being open. Open headphones have a larger soundstage, of which is very important for gaming. FINALLY!! Games don't rely on big boomy bass to tell where people are, or whats going on!
  3. IronMaiden

    Headphone recommendations for computer use

    ad700 or hd555 + zalman clip on mic
  4. IronMaiden

    Post Pics of Headphones & Headphone/Listening Area

    that's an awesome set up, love the pc then study desk.
  5. IronMaiden

    what's with the bad quality of downloads?

    why don't you buy cds or atleast download flac?
  6. IronMaiden

    Exact Audio Copy

    Use FLAC if you want loseless with tag support. Players like foobar and winamp support it, rockbox'd DAPS also support it, aswell as players like Meizu and Cowon. It is smaller than wav aswell. I normally tag it my self, theres sites with all the cd track listing if its not a original cd with...
  7. IronMaiden

    Yuin PK1s or save up for MS-2i?

    Well are the PK1s gonna be used in a portable machine? Do you need them etc, what are you going to use and enjoy more, that should tell what you want first.
  8. IronMaiden

    Which Cans are best for Heavy Metal?

    Good post guys. I don't notice many bad CDs(but some do sound awesome like pink floyd) because I used to listen to 192kpbs mp3's all the time, until I found my dad's collection of old prog rock and started buying CDs my self. I'm still keen on the dt880s, can't try any of these headphones and...
  9. IronMaiden

    The Music Game VII

    "Freedom" - Rage Against The Machine
  10. IronMaiden

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    68. Pink Floyd - [Wish You Were Here #02] Welcome To The Machine
  11. IronMaiden

    Which Cans are best for Heavy Metal?

    What CDs are bad for you Caution? Hehe hope it doesn't make some of my cds **** :P Also on that note, any amazing metal albums out there(recording and music )
  12. IronMaiden

    Which Cans are best for Heavy Metal?

    reading this thread makes me glad about wanting to get some dt880s i listen too all types of metal melodic death (early inflames - there new stuff isn't really melodic death hehe but still good, just not as good) at the gates, dark tranquility etc etc but also metal like iron maiden, and...
  13. IronMaiden

    Post Pics of Headphones & Headphone/Listening Area

    Quote: Originally Posted by pez oh, I know it's a good reciever, it's a very nice onkyo that powered a 100 disc changer through a pair of kenwood 250 watt speakers, and it sounded very nice. Also, I was with him when he first bought the reciever...he bought it new around 450 i think...
  14. IronMaiden

    a better visual interface for foobar 0.8.3? also are there volume controls and decibel indicator?

    not customizable? lol. check out Hydrogenaudio Forums -> foobar2000
  15. IronMaiden

    Need mp3 for testing L/R channel

    haha, you get the drivers right or what?
  16. IronMaiden

    Need mp3 for testing L/R channel

    got counter-strike-source? if you do, options > sound > speaker test will test channels for you mate.
  17. IronMaiden

    best home rig headphones for 200 (or less)

    Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion Another vote for the Beyerdynamic DT880. I got them from this seller on Ebay : NEW Beyerdynamic DT880 DT 880 Stereo Headphones - ( item 120222391120 end time 24-Feb-08 02:47:04 EST) Cheers Hey mate, is that 05 model?
  18. IronMaiden

    Is this Sony any good?

    IMO, pointless. Get a CD rack
  19. IronMaiden

    Gaming headphones? Recommendations needed!

    are you going to be lanning? ad700s, hd555s... stay away from a700 etc, poor sound positioning (you hear ppl too late, bass ruins footsteps) however the ad700 is great for cs. cs = sound positioning guys, not bass effects if u lan and take dt880s to run off onboard..
  20. IronMaiden

    Grado SR225: Still best for $160-200?

    Quote: Originally Posted by donunus If the ad700s are similar in any way to the ad2000s and they are not energetic to you then a grado with bowls is up your alley. Probably a 325i, not the darker 225. Soundstage of grados might be less than your ad700s if the ad700s have the same...
  21. IronMaiden

    Grado SR225: Still best for $160-200?

    ^ also interested, i have the ad700 and there very comfy. but i am looking to upgrade headphones soon, based around bands like dark tranquility, at the gates, in flames, iron maiden, ratm, etc, need to have a nice punch, basically want the music to be more energetic, the ad700s are nice...
  22. IronMaiden

    80GB 5.5G IPod Refurbs @ Apple

    hmm ok cheers damn i love album art for some reason, even though i will hardly use it..
  23. IronMaiden

    80GB 5.5G IPod Refurbs @ Apple

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quaddy plus the fact the 5.5g, as already said, as well as being able to be imodded, and rockboxable. if you are a fiend for the 'classic' 6G GUI, this firmware is available to put on the 5.5g, works prerfectly. good deal. can u link me to the...
  24. IronMaiden

    ALAC to FLAC

    Quote: Originally Posted by variable114 does it do the other way around, too? interested to know aswell, would rather not convert to WAv then ALAC, rather a program i just rip like 20+ albums of flac to Alac if i end up getting a ipod..