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  1. Miab

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    It seems the DI-V3 has been taken off the Audio-GD site.? Is it not possible to order this anymore? Maybe they have taken it down until they sort the driver issue's they're having.
  2. Miab

    Asus Essence One Headphone Amp/DAC (CeBIT 2011)

    Does anyone know if the analogue section is in class A or not?
  3. Miab

    Emu 0404 USB - internal or external sync?

    Your quite right about reading the manual, as I did. Although the hard copy manual has none of your above references. Looking for a PDF one after you so kindly referred me to it did indeed come up in the installation folder. Thanks. Although you have not given any explanation to why IT DOES...
  4. Miab

    Emu 0404 USB - internal or external sync?

    I have my dedicated music server PC running into the Emu with USB and from the Emu to my DAC through SPDIF. In the Emu control panel there is an option for internal or external sync. From listening I can say that external sync seems to sound better when it comes to soundstage depth. What is the...
  5. Miab

    Can a PDA or tablet be used as remote with playlist access

    Have you heard if it works with foobar2000? Or simulate windows desktop? Thanks for reply
  6. Miab

    Does S/PDIF off motherboard still have problems that S/PDIF does off a souncard ?

    Some (my) motherboards have S/PDIF out. Since it's inbuilt would it not be less suseptible to electrical interference and signal coruption. The motherboard itself has to be quite free from interference being very delicate and all electrically. PCI interface I believe might have more issues than...
  7. Miab

    Can a PDA or tablet be used as remote with playlist access

    Just setting up my dedicated audio PC. I plan on having a fairly large TV/monitor (23"-32") as my video to access the playlists in foobar2000. Would be using wireless keyboard mouse to control playlists. BUT- couldn't it be done as well with a PDA with wi-fi? That would be much more convenient...