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    HeadAmp Pico Upsampling USB DAC - Pre-Order Now at intro price

    Hi Justin, I loved your Pico DACéAmp so much that I want this as well! Please include me in your first batch at $299. Color: Black USB Cable: 6 ft Shipping to: Toronto, Canada
  2. JGP08

    Does crappy rca interconnects introduce distortion?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Brando I guess it could be my imagination but how would I know? But yeah I think it's worth spending a few bucks for a rock solid connection. It doesn't need to be made of magical materials but good construction is nice. I definitely agree, which is...
  3. JGP08

    Any Paradigm Atom Owners Here? :)

    I have the v5 Atoms for my desktop and they sound fantastic. Some people worry that bookshelf speakers don't perform very well up close at the typical desktop range, but I found that with the right positioning (angled to point a bit behind you, placed fairly close to either side of the monitor...
  4. JGP08

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Jamming along with MS2
  5. JGP08

    new owner SE530. (subtitle: what took me so long)

    I have loved these IEMs for quite some time (luckily with no cable issues!) and I personally found them to improve slightly with an amp (Pico). I think it's just a testament to how great and efficient they are at what they do: delivering engaging, accurate sound with amazing isolation...
  6. JGP08

    IEM's for Prog Rock/Metal

    Unfortunately, I don't believe that any IEM in that price range will be able to really compete with the SR225 in terms of presenting guitars in rock/metal. Fortunately, the SF5 pro is a good IEM for all kinds of music, and if you can stretch your budget a little, they should be able to keep you...
  7. JGP08

    Very Portable Speaker Suggestions.

    Quote: Originally Posted by furball How portable does he want to get? And how much does he want to spend? JBL Radial, I am using this as my desktop computer speakers. JBL On Stage, I am using this as my all around travel speakers. Great for listening to radios and audiobooks...
  8. JGP08

    Love MS1, worth going MS2?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mstorie MS2i are in a completely different league with a good amp. I wouldn't believe it myself had I not taken the plunge on the amp... I definitely agree. Some people may say that grados/alessandros sound fine without an amp (and they're not...
  9. JGP08

    Are KSC-75 good for running?

    I too use the KSC75 for running, and they are more than adequate in terms of sound and comfort. I find that I can loop the clips entirely over my ears, right down to my earlobe, and then they are nice and snug.
  10. JGP08

    HeadAmp Pico Portable Amp (w/ optional upsampling 24/96 USB DAC) Pre-Order Thread

    As a heads up to others in Canada, I just received my pico (#257) in Toronto. And as everyone else has said extensively, pictures do not do it justice... it is so small! Thank you very much Justin for your great product and service. Best regards, Jon
  11. JGP08

    C'mon guys. The SE530 Appreciation Thread. Triple Fi owners welcome

    I just thought I should post on this thread to show my support for SE530. Although they cannot compete with my big cans at home, on noisy buses and trains they are simply invaluable. I always pity the others who need to crank up their ipod earbuds to even hear their music over the roar of public...
  12. JGP08

    Audio equipment or Music collections?

    I like to take turns when I'm investing in music vs. gear. So one month might be mostly gear, the next month only music. Except I usually purchase things in chunks, and chunks of gear are much more expensive than chunks of music. So as of now, I have more invested in gear (but actually not by a...
  13. JGP08

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    I got myself a new video ipod nano! 8GB, silver, with a nice clear case. I must say that I am very impressed with this small, thin device. Apple did a pretty good job with this one.
  14. JGP08

    Another IEM for me thread

    I really enjoy my SE530, especially for metal/pop, but for your preferred genres, I would seriously consider the 10 (which is what I presume you meant). They are a little more laid back, have amazing clarity, and are better balanced when presenting the whole sonic spectrum, especially...
  15. JGP08

    A Grado story - from hate to love

    I can definitely relate to the OP. After fooling around with IEM's for over 2 years, and trying the standard repertoire of Senns/AKGs/Denons, I bought an SR60 and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am now also dangerously contemplating the RS1...
  16. JGP08

    Someone at work was telling me how great Bose was.

    Quote: Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic I don't care about their marketing ethics and strategies- in fact that is what they do best, and they do it very well. I definitely agree with this... their ridiculous price/performance ratio is actually what gives their products the...
  17. JGP08

    Amazing how perspectives change!

    Sorry about the smashed up leg! I'm glad you pulled through to return to your speakers. And who knows? Maybe when we realize that we take so many things for granted (like health, or hearing for that matter) we take a step back and learn to appreciate the essentials in life, and forget about...
  18. JGP08

    korean speaking members, please help

    Haha, I love hearing/reading Konglish. It seems to be a popular trend with the young people these days, as they are able to communicate with older first generation Koreans but also stay sort of "hip" by throwing in the English. My parents, however, don't find it amusing, so I have always spoken...
  19. JGP08

    Upgrade from SR80s to 300-350 range or lower?

    Quote: Originally Posted by namelock The K701 has the qualities you're looking for, soundstage, detail, clarity and is great for acoustics and female vocals. However, personally I prefer my sennheisers or my grados for casual listening. Sometimes accuracy doesn't equal best sounding :P...
  20. JGP08

    Phony craiglist ad leads to looting

    Or the farmer could have trained his animals to beat the intruders into mush. The horse could have probably given half of those people a concussion with a few well-aimed kicks.
  21. JGP08

    Ebay-auction: I'm bloody nervous :-)

    I'm so sorry that you didn't win! I've lost a few auctions in the dying seconds because some sniper outbid me by a dollar or two. It's frustrating. But you win some and lose some, and you usually end up saving lots on ebay. Best of luck with the next auction!
  22. JGP08

    yay se530s

    Good choice on the SE530! They just suck me right into my music and take me into a world of sound, far away from the noisy commute I have to make every day.
  23. JGP08

    Poll: Who Owns SE530's or Triple.Fi's ?

    Both are good IEM's, and I can definitely understand why many people would prefer the TF10. I, however, am still sticking with my SE530 for their mid and bass impact. A lot of what I'm listening to these days (power metal, r&b) just sounds so vibrant and alive with SE530. Undoubtedly the UE's...
  24. JGP08

    Happy with the px100's

    I like the PX100 for workouts. Cheap, light, and lots of oomph for those moments when you're lifting a few too many pounds.