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  1. For Sale  Chord Poly

    500.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Or best offer
    Ships to
    1. North America
    I am the original owner, I bought this new from Moon Audio about a year ago. It is in excellent like new condition. I have only used it for about 10 hours. It sounds fabulous with my Mojo. I am selling because I need money for another purchase. I would like $600 shipped but I will consider...
  2. WaxMan

    Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

    iOS 15.0.2 iPhone 12 Mini, problem duplicated using GoFigure application.
  3. WaxMan

    Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

    New user of the Poly and I am wondering using full size headphones where people are finding a comfortable listening level. With the HD600’s I am at 25 clicks from 0. It seems to be a good volume but sometimes I worry if its too loud. Thanks HeadFi!
  4. WaxMan

    HIFIMAN HE-R10P Loaner Tour

    Gahanna, Ohio USA
  5. WaxMan

    HeadAmp Pico+DAC Replacement Parts

    I bought a used Pico Slim & requested a new shell and a new battery from Justin; it was an older unit and the shell/enclosure was worn out. He sold me the shell and I got a new battery as he honored the lifetime battery replacement and he was very nice to deal with! Very cool cat and an asset...
  6. WaxMan

    Chord Mojo(1) DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    I am listening to my Mojo for the first time tonight. I am listening to my Mojo with my iPad Pro (3rd Gen) into my HD600’s and I am only streaming from Youtube Music and I am in shock at how good this sounds. I cannot believe that these low resolution files that are being streamed into the...
  7. WaxMan

    Chord Mojo(1) DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    What cable would I need to use to connect a Mojo to a Hiby R6?
  8. WaxMan

    Hiby R6 DAP APTX?

    Will the upcoming release of the Hiby DAP support the APTX bluetooth codec? If not, would it be something available in future firmware updates?
  9. WaxMan

    Ray Samuels Audio Website
  10. WaxMan

    Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

    Thanks for all the wisdom and experience you guys and gals.  You'll all probably think I'm mad but in the two and a half months I have owned the WA6, I have not really had time to really sit down and give it the critical listening it deserves because I've been so busy with other things lately. ...
  11. WaxMan

    Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

    I am a new owner of the WA6, I am joining the thread and look forward to hearing all your experience and any advice. I have decided to keep things simple for the time being and enjoy the stock tubes for a while. Before every listening session I turn on my source first, then the amp which I let...
  12. WaxMan

    Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

    Its probably something to do with batteries being hazardous to ship maybe. Someday I plan on taking my battery out of my unit, taking off the wrapper and finding the part #. There is no way that is a proprietary battery. Just has a custom wrapper. Anyway what I am getting at is the battery...
  13. WaxMan

    Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

    One Two Three Four!!!!
  14. WaxMan

    Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

    Just received the amp on Monday from Moon Audio, with a Silver Dragon IEM Cable for my Westone ES5's.  Tonight was the night I opened up the package and discovered what the fuss was all about.  ******* does it sound fine!!!
  15. WaxMan

    Help Me Build A Vinyl Rig

    I would like to build a decent vinyl rig. My turntable is a Sony PSLX-350H. I just bought a Grado Prestige Black cartridge for it. I have yet to install the cartridge because I want to get a tracking force gauge, and an MSFL GEO-DISC to do it properly. I plan on building the setup for headphone...
  16. WaxMan

    Lisa III RCA Jacks....

    Need to know where I can purchase some RCA jacks that will mount on the board of a Lisa III. Also in need of the DC connectors for the cable that connects the LLP to the amp. Thanks in advance!
  17. WaxMan

    My new Lisa III XP

    I am listening to my newly acquired Lisa III XP + LLP.  My source is a 120 GB iPod Classic + Apple Lossless Files + Moon Audio Blue Dragon + Sennheiser HD600's +  ALO Audio iPod to RCA = everything I ever wanted in this hobby.  Review coming soon...   -WaxMan.  
  18. WaxMan

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    I am seriously impressed with the sound of the Shadow! It captivates me, and I look forward to every time I listen to music with it! I have it rigged up to my iPod Classic 120 GB, and my Westone 3's. My SR-71A is getting some rest lately Thanks Ray!
  19. WaxMan

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    Ray, I would like to reserve a 'Shadow' in black, I will send you money via paypal after I post this. Thank you! Eric.
  20. WaxMan

    Lisa III and XP Appreciation, Review and Pics Thread

    Is it possible to use regular duracell batteries with the Lisa III Standard, or do you have to use the rechargeable ones that it comes with?
  21. WaxMan

    Listening With RSA XP-7

    Hi all, I'm listening to the RSA XP-7 being fed by a Pioneer PD-59 Elite (Reference Compact Disc Player) HD600 15' Moon Audio Blue Dragon...the opamp I have installed is AD8610 - it sounds really neat. I'm listening to Various Artists 'About Time' I like this opamp - I have read about it, but...
  22. WaxMan

    Pondering Trading My SR-71A for DAC/AMP

    Anyone have any advice? I recently bought a laptop, and I am considering trading my SR-71A off for either a 'Predator' or a 'Pico' - Although I might just keep the 'Blackbird' depending on what I come up with research wise. Anyway looking forward to any advice, impressions from the community on...
  23. WaxMan

    RSA The Shadow - smaller than P-51

    I'm with you Addict! I think I'll be adding this new offering to my hangar of Ray's wonderful aviation inspired audio wizardry. My XP-7, and SR-71A need a friend.