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  1. crazy_nate

    Little Dot II++

    Quote: Originally Posted by penguindude And what's up with people having the time to take and upload pictures of their new LD2++ and not having time to write a sound impression or perhaps a more detailed one? Because believe it or not, it's easier to snap a few pics and jot...
  2. crazy_nate

    Little Dot II++

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda nate: Thanks for the initial impressions. It sounds like the ++ may be a little better than the +. That's good news. Can't wait to listen to mine. Also, I'm curious if you got Mullards with yours. I didn't. Mine came with Ediswan EF92's...
  3. crazy_nate

    Little Dot II++

    Here's some initial impressions.. The amp has been running for close to 2 hours, and it's warm, but not hot. Definitely runs cooler than my LD2+. My amp has a blue LED, not a yellow one, the blue LED is not nearly as bright as the one on the LD2+, the one on the LD2+ could easily light up my...
  4. crazy_nate

    Little Dot II++

    arrived today, impressions later tonight.
  5. crazy_nate

    Little Dot II++

    I ordered my ld2++ early last week, so it should be here soon. I'll post comparisons with the LD2+ when it gets here.
  6. crazy_nate

    cheap amp for the AKG K701

    I love my ld2+ with my k701's, and I haven't had any quality problems at all. My ld2++ should be here next week (it was very cheap since I already own a 2+), so I'll be able to post comparisons when it comes in.
  7. crazy_nate

    How long can you safely leave on a PA2V2?

    Gary said people have kept it on for months at a time without turning it off. Just make sure when you have the adapter plugged in, that the amp is always left ON.
  8. crazy_nate

    Letter to Little Dot -- LDII+ owners, PLEASE read

    Quote: Originally Posted by penguindude If i decide to duck out another $100 to get the LD2++, i would slap myself for not getting the Gilmore Lite earlier instead. My ld2+ works perfectly fine, so it's not a problem for me. Especially considering my ld2+ SQ is comparable with a...
  9. crazy_nate

    Letter to Little Dot -- LDII+ owners, PLEASE read

    I'll probably keep both, and just spend the 99 bucks for the new one. I like the sound of my LD2+, and if the 2++ doesn't have the same synergy, I can sell it on ebay.
  10. crazy_nate

    Letter to Little Dot -- LDII+ owners, PLEASE read

    if we could find a supplier for the soviet 4n1n, could it possibly solve the issue? or is it going to react the same way as the 4p1s?
  11. crazy_nate

    Letter to Little Dot -- LDII+ owners, PLEASE read

    Quote: Originally Posted by systema Just some updates to what happened to me, my LDII+ and my headphones. Just come back from work and plug in my LDII+ to enjoy some music. Turning on the LDII+ with an elcheapo headphone, big zap, didn't bother me too much. Remove that and plug in my...
  12. crazy_nate

    AKG K 701 with or without amp?

    I thought my MS-1's sounded better than my k-701's unamped.
  13. crazy_nate

    Any benefits to using ms1 with PA2V2 amp?

    hardly noticable difference imo
  14. crazy_nate

    K701 amp suggestions?

    Just another vote for the LD2+, goes great with my k701's. Significant difference going from a pa2v2. Yeah, it gets reasonably hot, but I can leave it on for 3-4 hours, and it's just fine. Usually a 15-25 min. warmup is best to get really good SQ. It'll sound its best after 15-20hours use...
  15. crazy_nate

    Sennheiser PMX100 or Grado SR60

    my vote goes to the px100, I reeaallly reallly hated the sr60, couldn't even find it bearable to listen to.
  16. crazy_nate

    RS-1 vs k701 Comparison

    I've heard the RS-1 on several occasions, first post basically sums up what I think about them as well. However, it's probably because my ears have been trained to the k701's, and I am just use to the AKG sound. Then again, I was never a fan of the Grado sound, I hated my old 225's, 325's.
  17. crazy_nate

    Be patient with your 701's!

    Quote: Originally Posted by dknightd crazy_nate, what amp did end you end up preffering? LD2+ The tubes seem to work really well with it. There's been a few other threads on the ld2+ k501/k701 synergy.
  18. crazy_nate

    Be patient with your 701's!

    Oh man, was I ever pissed when I bought the K701's. They were unbearable to listen to, highs were shrill, and anytime there was bass - it would just distort. After 100 hours, they became more bearable, then I played around with a few amps, and found one suitable for it, and now I couldn't be...
  19. crazy_nate

    Little Dot LD II+ Review and comparison to LD II

    I just got my LD2+ last week, matched up with the k701 - it sounds great, significant improvment over the pa2v2 i was using. But as others have said, it does get veerrryy hot.
  20. crazy_nate

    Write audiophile headphones you really hate

    I don't necessarily HATE the grado line, I just don't prefer the sound, and I like many other under $400 cans a lot better.
  21. crazy_nate

    Little Dot 2+... My take

    Quote: Originally Posted by pbalcer 1) The channel separation is not as good as with other - especially solid state, amps. This narrows the soundstage - which may be the reason why the amp sounds so good with extremely-wide-soundstage AKGs K701/501. It looks like the K701 and K501 are...
  22. crazy_nate

    What is everyone's thoughts for best headphones in the $300-$600 ?

    My choices would be something like: 1)k701 2)hd600/650 3)dt880 4)sa5000 5) 6) 7)RS-1
  23. crazy_nate

    My 650 needs a new buddy

    Quote: Originally Posted by randyruiz I currently own the HD650 and the RS-1. If you can afford it, the RS is the farthest in sound you can go from the senns. This gives you a good representation of the whole sound spectrum with both of these cans. agreed But out of the ones...
  24. crazy_nate

    received my K701's today:)

    I'm waiting on my LD2+ for my K701's aswell, I'm hoping it should be in tomorrow or the day after