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    Tangzu / Shimin Li - Discussion & Impressions

    Xuan Wu Gate unboxing and first impressions.
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    Should I be using USB Audio Player Pro to get the best audio on my Android phone?

    I have used Hiby player, UAPP and Fiio music player and heard no audible difference.
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    A new joiner

    Welcome to the rabbithole!
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    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    Timeless is still a very enjoyable pair of IEM imo. I've never heard the Heyday though.
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    Complete newbie, is it ever possible to simulate a singer actually in front of you?

    With an IEM, not so much. With speakers, yeah it's possible.
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    Recommendation needed; 'best' value DAP

    Hiby R3ii or Shanling M0 Pro. Though both of it doesn't have the battery capacity you mentioned, they are good capable daps.
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    Any bang for buck iem for $200 or less in this sale?

    The S12 Pro in a still a great buy. Gizaudio Chopin is on sale too.
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    Want to be deaf, don’t want to hear crap.

    I can't even stand high ANC, can't imagine what 100% noise cancellation would feel.
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    See MOONDROP planar PARA, CD player, and 2DD+8BA flagship IEM!

    Hope they add digital output, and playing from microsd card( something like the hibylink) feature.
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    FIIO first cassette player CP13 is officially released!

    Looking forward to your impressions on this one.
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    The discovery thread!

    Dunu Glacier unboxing
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    Kinera & Celest Audio - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Or the Phoenixcall with an additional bone conduction driver
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    Dongle DAC under 100$

    It's highly sensitive(123dB@w21ohm). Most USB DACs can power it sufficiently. From the Apple dongle to Shanling UA4, there are lots of options to choose from.
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    Reply to review by 'jmwant' on item 'Kinera Celest Plutus Beast'

    Great read, and beautiful images.
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    KZ Official Thread

    Any graph comparison with ZSN pro? I have used the zsn and zsn pro before, both had too harsh highs.
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    FIIO first cassette player CP13 is officially released!

    Is the headphone jack suitable to directly plug in to power amps?
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    TRN impressions thread

    Bax Pro review by Dave
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    HD600 VS HD650

    I find both identical. The hd650 is slightly more sensitive, and the bass is a bit more elevated.
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    Reply to review by 'jmwant' on item 'Kinera Celest Plutus Beast'

    @gadgetgod Thanks!
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    Reply to review by 'jmwant' on item 'Kinera Celest Plutus Beast'

    Excellent review, the comparisons were exactly what I was looking for.
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    help another newbie?

    Does it have to be headphones? There are lots of good iems too. The S12 pro is a very enjoyable IEM at its price, for a USB DAC for $50 the Moondrop Dawn Pro is a good option. Hiby music and UAPP are lossless music player apps, both can play from Tidal and Qobuz. I prefer Uapp, it's not free...
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    The discovery thread!

    I also prefer daps with files loaded into it. But sometimes I just feel like listening to the one song that's not in my collection. Hehe
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    The discovery thread!

    Would have eliminated a lot of hifi streamers only if it had any digital output.