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  1. stevenswall

    For Sale: JH Audio Lola, Excellent Condition, Extra Cable, Continental US

    My personal IEMS that I chose after listening to flagships from UE, Westone, and 64 Audio. Decided to move on to speakers and am selling these, paypal goods and services requested for payment, I've sold things on here and on Reddit. Please see pictures for proof of ownership. Comes with...
  2. stevenswall

    YY Pro Audio Cable - JH Audio 3-way EQ Module

    The first aftermarket cable I've purchased, and the only one I know of that fully utilizes the 4 pin Jerry Harvey Audio connector: One connector for ground, then three separate connectors for lows, mids, and highs. Unfortunately, this $200 product is many times worse than the OEM cable by Moon...
  3. stevenswall

    JH Audio Lola - Custom IEM for Reshelling - $1200 (Offers or trades for Lola Universal considered)

    Three tries and I can't get things to fit right with my right ear. If custom IEMs work for you, these are nearly brand new and come with all accessories.
  4. stevenswall

    [SOLD] FS: Westone UM1 - Clear - Like New Condition

    Like New Westone UM1 Earphone with clear housing.   Comes with case and all original accessories. I have used them for several days, and didn't prefer them over others I already have. Comply tips are unused, and in new condition. (2 pairs, one short, and one long.)   Price includes...
  5. stevenswall

    [TRADED & CLOSED] FS: Koss KDE/250 Two-way Dual Element Earphone - Dual Dynamic Clip-on

    -TRADE COMPLETED-   Koss KDE/250 in near perfect condition. I bought a pair 2 years ago, and took advantage of their no questions asked lifetime warranty to get them repaired about a year ago. I had pulled on the rubber strain relief and ripped it, thinking it may have been removable...
  6. stevenswall

    Local Audio - Salt Lake City & Aris Audio

    While running some errands in the Salt lake area I decided to see if there were any decent audio stores, particularly ones that had gear out to demo. After calling three, I found one that was open, and scheduled an appointment. Aris audio was the company, and Scott Haver runs it out of his...
  7. stevenswall

    Easy explanation of Digital Audio by Engadget Primed     Reading my favorite technology blog, I found this article and felt like it would be useful to headfi. Hope this helps for those trying to explain what digital audio is to younger people or those who have no clue...
  8. stevenswall

    Custom CD Ripping - file structuring, volume normalization, album art resolution setting, cover.jpg

    My current method of ripping discs requires several programs, and I would like to know if there is one that would provide the same functionality.   1. Fre:ac - Rips the audio to MP3 format, tagges it, and lets me specify the name with tags, and a folder structure like so: <artist> -...
  9. stevenswall

    Ubuntu Users: Anyone middle clicking on a touchpad in v11.10?

    I believe I will find the answer sooner or later, but right now its a race to see how fast. (Google+, Facebook, UbuntuStach, & Headfi.)   I'm trying to get a feel for whether or not any user of 11.10 Ubuntu Linux, or even Ubuntu Mint 12 would be able to see if they can middle click (eg: open...
  10. stevenswall

    How To: Edit MP3 audio tag information using Windows XP

    I made these instructions for a technical writing course... now just need to see how well they work. If anyone feels up to it, please follow the instructions (see attached PDF) and detail any difficulties you encounter.   Helpful for those new to tag editing. Very simple; No software...
  11. stevenswall

    Koss KEB40 Pulse Insider Earbud

    Recieved an E-mail for these, wondering if anyone has checked them out. I can verify that they are not available at retail locations of BestBuy, I checked today. The cable seems to be attached to the earphone without an interconnect, perhaps sacrificing durability for convienience?  ...
  12. stevenswall

    Gear - Purchased - Sennheiser HD238

    These and the PortaPro's are the only two headphones I can confidently recommend from bBuy. Recent price drop to $55 so I decided to try a pair. Probably the clearest, most open bass I have ever hear. Distinctly musical even without EQing, and the mid-bass is accurately conducted to my ears...
  13. stevenswall

    Gear - Portable Setup - Koss Warranty

    Just received my KDE/250's back today, the smaller speaker element had popped out, so they were sent in for warranty service... only took 7 business days and they sent a completely new packaged set. Listening to them again, I feel these headphones, paired with the Cowon S9, to be the best...
  14. stevenswall

    Gear - Purchased - Cowon S9 32gb

    Listening to a friends, I was stunned by the sound quality... after which he proceeded to show me the 30+ equalizers, BBE+ enhancements and Jet Audio effects. Since then I have never heard a source that sweet sounding on my Koss KDE's. After conducting further research, and reading reviews, I...
  15. stevenswall

    Ipod 5.5 - Rockbox - Sound Settings

    Exploring the sound settings Rockbox I found them too many to discover in one day... I have yet to perfect the parameters, but I have achieved a fairly convincing, and exceptionally wide soundstage.
  16. stevenswall

    Advice - Koss PortaPro

    Friends at school asking for headphone recommendations, ~$40, with extra bass. I recommended the portapros... and proceeded to purchase them at WorstBuy to let him try them out... He was not impressed with my music collection, though as usual commented on the bass, which seems to be the craze...
  17. stevenswall

    Bought: 80gb 5.5gen iPod slim, red Belkin brushed metal case

    Saved some cash for CD's, figured 240gb was a bit excessive... I have heard only good about Wolfson DSP quality, and am glad it is utilized in the 5th gen. ipods... Cirrus is used in the newer classic models. A/B testing to do at WorstBuy after my 5th gen ships this week!
  18. stevenswall

    WTB: 240gb Ipod Video

    Found These on, no where else on the internet can I find a better price. I plan on installing Rockbox ( to allow for playback of pretty much any audio format, .ogg, .flac, and .mp3 are my main concerns, but it's nice to have a DAP to play .wma, and .aac as well...
  19. stevenswall

    Gear - Earphones - Koss KDE 250's - One of a Kind?

    I had long entertained the idea of purchasing a pair of multi-element headphones, and have come to realize that the one I purchased may be the only one of it's kind. Every other multi-driver earphone on the market that I have seen consists of two or more balanced armature drivers... and because...
  20. stevenswall

    Gear - Portable Setup

    While on the move, whether it is a bus, or the halls of school I listen to Koss KDE250's plugged into a Fiio e5, amping the output from my Creative Xmod, receiving input from my Gp2x. the Xmod is powered by a Tekkon 4xAA USB charger. All of this fits fairly well into cargo pants, and with the...
  21. stevenswall

    Music - Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas - EQ

    Most would think that a song with this title would be all about bass, and when they listen on Myphonies (fake white ear-buds, [Apple Buds]) they may believe this. I found the song to be full of mid-bass, and that when friends listened to it on the stereo, they tend to turn all four of the right...
  22. stevenswall

    Sound Environment - Weed Eater

    While trimming the weeds around the house I donned my usual gear: Silicone Earplugs Fiio e5 Amp Sennheiser HD201 DAP (Gp2x) I noticed that there seemed to be more noise blocked than on the lawn mower, probably because there was less conductive physical contact. Also there was no...
  23. stevenswall (J& - KDE/250 review

    Used for many genres of music, excels at all, though 'cheap' bass in some rap & hip-hop is revealed by the extreme detail of the phones, and poorly recorded female vocals may resonate. Tiny headphone jack housing is strong, flexible, and fits in recessed ports, cable is short, great for portable...
  24. stevenswall

    Creative Xmod - Music Dependace, Desktop/Laptop Usage

    I purchased a Creative Xmod (amazon, $30) and received the unit on Saturday. I have since been able to use it for ~3 hours, and find that I typically prefer it on, though the level of the crystallizer effect, and the intensity of emulated surround sound, are usually adjusted each time my music...