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  1. punkaroo

    RSA Predator and Mad Dogs?

    Hi all,   I'm eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of my Mad Dogs. I was seriously impressed listening to them powered by a Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp and DHA-1 DAC. Very, very, verrrrrry impressed!   I do a lot of my web surfing on my laptop on the couch, so I'm looking for a portable...
  2. punkaroo

    Weird issue importing "Curtis" by Curtis Mayfield into iTunes on a

    Howdy ya'll, I thought I encountered my first ever DRM protected CD, but now I'm not so sure. I bought a reissue of "Curtis", by duh, Curtis Mayfield. Brand new CD. iTunes will not play it, will not import it with some silly error. It fails on track two. I cannot even copy the AIFF files...
  3. punkaroo

    Need my Grado GR8s re-cabled!

      Hi!   My dearest wife was using my GR8s while riding her Harley. When she was done her ride, the right earbud popped out, and fell in between the exhaust, thereby melting the cable and leaving bare wire. The darned things still work too! However, I have electrical tape wrapped around the...
  4. punkaroo

    Looking for cans to compliment Grado HF-2

    I've had my HF-2s for a while now, and they're still my favourite headphone. Smooth top end, amazing bass, mids are alive and fun.   I have K1000s, though I'm not sure I'm keeping them. Funding an amp is proving to be a challenge. However, I'm possibly looking for a set of cans that will...
  5. punkaroo

    nOrh se9 or Almarro 205a?

    Hi everyone,   I have a pair of K1000s that sound good through my vintage Marantz and my vintage Rotel...but I love my tube headphone amp, and I think I'd like my K1000s even more with one!   I've done a ton of reading on both the nOrh se9 and the Almarro 205a mkII...I just can't decide...
  6. punkaroo


    Hello all,   I'm reluctantly putting up my AT-ESW10JPNs up for sale. I can't recall if I'm the second or third owner. They're in excellent condition. I'm only putting up this ad because I have credit card debt that needs to be paid off   I have the original box and protective bag.   ...
  7. punkaroo

    Head-Fi Meet GTA September 11th

    It's that time again to have a Head-Fi meet at my place :)   I can accommodate about 15 people; we will have the living room and basement to utilize.   I'll probably be lazy and get burgers from Costco and cook 'em up. Oh, and BYOB.   Located in the area of Erin Mills/Dundas...
  8. punkaroo

    What would you compare the HE-5s to?

    I know this is probably a hard question to answer...but I need to sell off my HE-5+CKKIII combo. Since I already have the awesome DNA Sonett, I'm wondering what pair of cans will give me similar SQ to the HE-5s?   Thanks all.
  9. punkaroo

    FS: SE/Balanced HE-5s + CKKIII amp

    See new For Sale ad posted in the new forums :)
  10. punkaroo

    vintage amp for HE-5?

    I love vintage gear, and from what I've read, some integrated amps/receivers do a fine job of amping the finicky HE-5s. I have a Rotel 810a and a Marantz 2225 that I'll use in the meantime, but if they don't have enough juice, I'll be shopping for some inexpensive gear!   Can anyone chime in...
  11. punkaroo

    Upgraded Bottlehead S.E.X. amp for sale! *CANADA*

    I bought this amp on a whim less than a month ago - it has over $1000 in upgrades and was built by the Doc himself! :) Sounds awesome with Grados, and is said to sound heavenly with Senns as well. Can also run high efficiency speakers. I had it powering my Paradigm 5se speakers and it did so...
  12. punkaroo

    GTA Head-Fiers: anyone have a B22?

    Hi folks :)   I'm looking to audition this beast of an amp with my HF-2s and upcoming HE-5s; if you live somewhere in the GTA (West end preferred but not required!), then please do pm me!  
  13. punkaroo

    Highly upgraded Bottlehead S.E.X. amp = AWESOME!

    I just took possession of a very fine amp, built by the Doc himself! Upgraded later by a friend of the seller's...I can't believe I now own an amp with the word 'sex' in it's name, LOL I've listened to numerous amps with my much loved HF-2s but I've always been looking for the 'perfect' amp...
  14. punkaroo

    IC: GTA/Mississauga meet at punkaroo's hip new place!

    Yes folks, it's that time again! My lovely new home will be more than happy to host you all for a head-fi meet I have THREE, that's right...THREE different audio setups that you can all audition. Bring CDs (that includes SACDs and DVD-Audio CDs). I just got my Oppo BDP-83 player setup with Orb...
  15. punkaroo

    EC/SS amp vs. Millet Hybrid: Some observations...

    Recently, I posted a thread in Computer Audio comparing my Devilsound NOS DAC to my newly acquired Pico DAC-only unit. I observed that while the Pico had better detail and was more neutral, the Devilsound had better soundstage and was warmer, while having smoother highs. I thoroughly enjoy both...
  16. punkaroo

    punkaroo's first review: Devilsound vs. Pico DAC!

    Hi everyone I was asked to post a review comparing my slighty older Devilsound NOS DAC to my brand spankin' new Pico DAC. Remember, the Devilsound I used is *NOT* the latest version 2.1. I don't consider myself an audiophile; I'm still a newbie at this craft, but a zealous newbie at...
  17. punkaroo

    Woo and Grados?

    How many people here are using a Woo amp to power their Grados? I've been curious about the Woo line for months now. They're dead sexy, and I understand Jack has an outstanding reputation for being a nice guy and for building seriously good quality amps. I'm quite happy with my hybrid, but...
  18. punkaroo

    what else do I need to know about vinyl/turntables?

    I bought a used Kenwood KD-2055 TT a few months ago, and I'm really happy with it. It came with a Grado Black cart. All I could find online from vinylengine was the service manual, but no users guide. 1) What is anti-skating and what should it be set to? 2) What kind of must-have accessories...
  19. punkaroo

    NOS DAC love?

    I do NOT understand non-oversamping, upsampling etc...the technology gets lost on me. But I have two NOS DACs: a Devilsound, and a Moodlab Concept. The Devilsound is being fed from my PowerMac and is hooked up to either my integrated Rotel and Paradigm speakers, OR my Millet Hybrid headphone...
  20. punkaroo

    Mississauga Meet: December 19th - CANCELLED

    Hey guys, I'm cancelling the meeting for this month. There hasn't been much interest, and as I suspected, it's too close to the holidays. I will re-post sometime in January or February for another day. This time, we'll get some of the old gang out too (I don't mean old as in age, guys!)...
  21. punkaroo


    Chris bought my D10; even before I decided to sell it, we had a great convo going where he asked me questions comparing my Devilsound DAC to the D10. He is pleasant, professional and polite And he paid quickly with EMT. Great guy, and I would be happy to deal with him again in the future.
  22. punkaroo

    What do you use at the gym?

    After a year of being lazy and generally feeling like crap, I've made the decision to go back to the gym. YAY! However, I don't feel like taking my 530s with me. And certainly not even a portable amp. I just want to be able to take my older Nano, and buds, and just go. What's an inexpensive...
  23. punkaroo

    dumb questions about speakers and speaker cable

    Hi! I've set up my Rotel integrated amp and Paradigm speakers in my office. I've never set up audio equipment before, so it was a bit of a challenge! I used banana plugs to go into my Rotel and the other end is simply bare wire going into the speakers. I bought Monster cable after reading...
  24. punkaroo

    is something wrong with my Rotel amp?

    (Mods, please move this if it's in the wrong forum. Thank you!) Hi all, I finally set up my integrated Rotel amp, the 810a with my Paradigm speakers. It sounds AMAZING! However, I've noticed that every time I turn the Rotel on, there's a 'popping' noise and the woofer moves a bit. Is...