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    Louis Armstrong Ambassador of Jazz

    This box set of the great "Satchmo" is fantastic.. In case you didn't see this in the news even Elvis Costello could not recommend his new box set due to the high price charged by his label and on his blog, Costello called the price of his box set "either a misprint or a satire" and found...
  2. cvc

    Seriously why so much hate on Bose?

    No highs, no lows, it must be Bose. A salesman said that to me once. Funny stuff. At least you started off this hobby listening to some decent headphones. But no way in hell should you be happy with Bose for the rest of your life. Bose just advertises more then anyone else and that's why you...
  3. cvc

    Help for a newbie to Sinatra

    Oh man..Vinyl heaven on the couch.
  4. cvc

    Watching the Watchmen...

    I didn't read the novel. Saw the movie today and liked it. Now I don't have a problem with nudity. The Dr. was in great shape so that made looking at a nude guy easier. But why does he wear clothes when he hits the town (suit for funeral and tv appearance and undies for war) but then walks...
  5. cvc

    Shave like a Man!

    This video describes the proper way to shave. YouTube - Shaveblog's Corey Greenberg on NBC's Today Show This site is loaded with info for how to shave like a man. Especially the forum section. Welcome to - The world's most comprehensive guide to the art of shaving and men's...
  6. cvc

    What type of speaker cable would I need?

    Go to Home Depot and get the common extension cord. That's right, the orange and black cord you see running across the driveway or snaking through the grass as you or your neighbor cut trees or whatever home crap job you need power for. Get the medium sized cord (don't remember exact gauge #)...
  7. cvc

    Grammar/punctuation in professional contact

    Only use smileys when e-mailing women. If you can find Hello Kitty smileys that's all the better.
  8. cvc

    Opening Olympics Ceremony Fireworks were fake!!!

    I found the ceremony to be very moving. Everything was beautiful. Yao Ming is just a great guy. I want to buy a Yao Ming basketball jersey just because he's a great human being and I don't wear sports **** like that. The birds nest is amazing and so is the water cube. The Chinese have definitely...
  9. cvc

    What do you think Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics

    I watched from beginning to end and was completely blown away. I had no idea the ceremony would be so incredibly beautiful and sometimes powerful. Never once did I become bored. I was brought to tears when Yao Ming entered the stadium. Just incredibly emotional for the Chinese people and I could...
  10. cvc

    "Life" on Mars

    I might be mistaken but I think that Martian on the left is female. Did the BBC confirm this? I mean, I'm thinking I see some curvy hips and a possible nice rack.
  11. cvc

    Sports car advice: Rx-8 or 350Z (used, 14-18k to spend)?

    I have a Datsun 240Z. Go here and click on the "Car Talk discussion forum" to post your question there. Also click on the "350Z Tech forum" for questions related about the car itself or to just read about everyone's questions or problems with the car. If you're getting a 350Z this site is...
  12. cvc

    With every hair that falls out, a little part of me dies...

    I'm going to do my hair rockabilly. Here's Setzer showing off the doo and his skills.. YouTube - Brian Setzer - goofing off
  13. cvc

    UFOs over San Diego?

    I was in San Diego that night and actually saw the Aliens at the local strip club. Those guys were getting lap dances all night long and were big tippers! They seemed like nice guys. I had no idea what they were saying but they waved to use before they flew off. I'm sure they'll be back for more...
  14. cvc

    Monitor Audio Owners?

    I'm using Monitor Silver Series 9i for my mains and the matching 12 center speaker. In other words, I'm happy.. Stereophile: Monitor Audio Silver 9i loudspeaker
  15. cvc

    are young men struggling with sexual id?

    I'm not wearing any Hello Kitty clothes. But I may allow my Dentist to use one of these crowns.
  16. cvc

    Just lost $200 to my ex

    Man, nice parting gift. Here's my advice. "Don't be a SUCKER!"
  17. cvc

    Hi-fi speakers?

    For all home equipment info I go here. Check out the Browse reviews column for reviews of products that people have purchased. Check out the forum section obviously and also they have a gallery section where people post pics of there systems. Tons of great audio and video info...
  18. cvc

    Shaving, gents

    Shave your puss like a man.
  19. cvc

    Need help to spend my money - new hobby

    Ever wondered what a true close shave actually feels like? Here's some info about it. Shaveblog is written by Corey Greenburg who's known to many in the world of audio as a past editor for Home Theater, Stereophile and other audio mags. I remembered how much I enjoyed reading his honest reviews...
  20. cvc

    SoCal Spring/Summer Meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rx7_fan I didn't know they have festival for Tofu. The L.A. Tofu festival is held sat. and sun. at Little Tokyo in L.A. It's part of the Nisei week celebration which lasts until next weekend. Saturday is also a big import car show. It's a drag when...
  21. cvc

    SoCal Spring/Summer Meet?

    I just discovered this site last week. I've been visiting often to read about head-fi. You guys are serious about hearing your tunes the best way possible. I'm a semi serious hometheater guy so I don't have any portable gear. But I'm getting very curious. I was going to the tofu festival this...