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  1. anguish

    Hegel Super Headphone Amplifier / DAC

    Does anyone else have firsthand experience with pairing a Hegel Super with an HD600/650?  Adu, did you get yourself on?    I'm using Sennheiser HD650s and I'm looking for a small portable DAC/Headphone amp. I have my eyes on the Hegel, the Resonessence Labs Herus/Herus+ seem like a great...
  2. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Autechere
  3. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote:   Elysian Fields
  4. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Yo La Tengo
  5. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Tracy Chapman
  6. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Nina Hagen
  7. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Xzibit
  8. anguish

    New IRC channel!

    I joined the #headphones chan on EFnet. We're VERY few! (we're 5). I'm wondering if it's the "official" chan or if I'm on the right network. I think an IRC chan is a good idea, it's fun to chat real-time with members. 
  9. anguish

    Best music to bring out the best

    The CDs they choose to "impress" the customers as you say are probably CDs they've tried for the various equipment they're selling and which sound great with it, sometimes masking their shortcomings. Ideally, a good rig should sound great with YOUR favorite music. Many people go to audio stores...
  10. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Nerf Herder
  11. anguish

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    I'm quite interested in this headphone. Many love it and I hear lots of good things about it. I would tend to lean towards the 600 ohm version while choosing, mainly because, as wolfetan44 says, everybody says it sounds better than the 250 ohm! Can you hear a really noticeable difference with...
  12. anguish

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Nirvana
  13. anguish

    Who else would want to see an audiophile grade remaster of Illmatic by Nas?

    I love Illmatic. It's a phenomenal album. I would love a properly done audiophile remaster. No doubt. I only own the CD and would love a good LP. The CD sounds good enough, being a CD.. I think. But I have no idea how the vinyl sounds. If there was an audiophile LP out I'd jump on it for sure. I...
  14. anguish

    Band Name Game II

  15. anguish

    How do you guys stay awake while listening to music?

    I also would think your problem is related to tiredness.    I remember when I started working, coming home dead tired, all I could do was eat something then crash. There was nothing that would keep me awake. It got better as I got used to the work and it became easier.    That part of...
  16. anguish

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    I listen to all sorts of music with my HD650s. A lot of classical lately, and I find them very musical. Typically, I'll quickly dive into the music and forget everything else. They sound very different depending what amp feeds them. I was using a "simple" Pro-ject Headbox until a few weeks ago...
  17. anguish

    Reply to review by 'anguish' on item 'Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless headphones with docking station'

    They come with rechargeable AAA batteries (on in each earpiece, below the cups, easily removable). When you rest the headphone on the dock it recharges the batteries.