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  1. Dadbeh

    Pair of Speaker cables with FURUTECH spades and banana plugs

    amp end is furutech CF-202R speaker end is furutech CF-201R from partsconnexion construction is bare copper directly connected to the crimp style connectors with no soldering or crimping so connectors which are in like new condition can be removed and used for any other wire. But as is it is...
  2. Dadbeh

    FS: Sennheiser HD650

    used in great condition. never modded. never had any problems. the paint, the headband pad etc excellent the ear pads well used but dont have problems just flattened a little from normal use like any HD650 will, includes original box price 179 plus shipping.
  3. Dadbeh

    WTB: Kinki M1

    looking to buy one in mint condition
  4. Dadbeh

    custom XLR interconnects (mogami wire and gold plated connectors)

    price $49.99 per pair plus shipping in the pictures you see two pairs. the price is for one pair. length: a little longer than 5 feet. wire is Mogami Neglex W2549. solder is cardas. meticulous build. each cable is 5 feet long all 4 are the same length. 2 stereo pairs 2 red and 2 black...
  5. Dadbeh

    SOLD Schiit Bifrost 2 mint black

    price: 560 + actual shipping + 3% fees hi im not considering lower offers please dont contact with lower offers. thanks.
  6. Dadbeh

    sabaj D5 latest version 1.4

    bought 1.5 months ago. price is $360 + actual shipping. only buyers that have good feedback need apply.
  7. Dadbeh

    FS: Rhodium plated carbon fiber spade and expanding banana

    $19 per set of 4. shipping is $6 per set of 4 and free if you buy all
  8. Dadbeh

    Vintage, Modern, Active, passive JBL speakers and extras

    1 - Active JBL monitors 308P price $240 net to me. SOLD Bought for a small home studio but never used. It is in new open box condition. Price for the pair of speakers. $240 net to me. Local pickup is 18102. Any shipping /fees is extra I could take pictures but it will be pictures of the factory...
  9. Dadbeh

    FS: AMB B22 endgame 2 box all out build

    SOLD back on sale. price not negotiable. the volume is top of the line TDK selector is gold point price $499 + shipping. weight is 30 pounds. i wont reply to lower offers or trades. if i didnt really have to i would never sell
  10. Dadbeh


    price is $33000 USD firm. no lower offers.
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  12. Dadbeh

    SOLD Sabaj D5 DAC/head amp 420 shipped.

    complete retail package . remote, everything in 10/10 condition price includes shipping fees everything. 420 currency of united states of america is all you pay for some alone time with this barely legal teen beauty.
  13. Dadbeh


    All items in absolutely perfect like new condition the Loxjie A10 integrated amplifier ~60watts complete retail package like new 10/10...
  14. Dadbeh


    mint. $120 + $12 for shipping conus
  15. Dadbeh


    mint condition. only one set of pads Solded
  16. Dadbeh

    FX Audio Tube P1 integrated tube phono Amplifier read description

    I bought this from massdrop, had no need for it so sold it in mint like new condition but the buyer sent it back and I was busy so i sent refund without looking in the box. I opened the box to see that it is already been severely modified or replaced with another unit. I opened it up and looked...
  17. Dadbeh

    FX Audio Tube-P1 LIKE NEW + vintage tubes bundle

    like new mint Tube-P1 less than 1 hour on it. Western electric NOS 403B tubes Svetlana Wing C 6P1-EV tubes price all together is $108 + $12 shipping the tubes are worth a lot. no lower offers or trades, the tubes are at least $50
  18. Dadbeh

    Sabaj D5: the DAC that is unquestionably a digital to analog converter

    Sabaj DA3 was a very successful implementation of 9018Q2M and it put this brand on the map. It was the only Sabre DAC whose sound I liked. now there is a full on balanced 9038 pro DAC out from this brand: The top performance D/A chip...
  19. Dadbeh

    SOLD ALLO Audio Piano 2.1 DAC for RasbperryPi

    price $35 + $5 for shipping and fees. mint. complete retail package.
  20. Dadbeh

    ZMF classics near mint no box

    headphone is used sparingly. total less than 25 hours. no box. i will bubblewrap and box the headphone. price: $165 including PP fees + $15 shipping. pics will come when i have time,
  21. Dadbeh

    WTB khadas tone board

    Looking to buy for 80 shipped. If you have one for sale, holler.
  22. Dadbeh

    Schiit modi multibit

    just got it last weekend from a member. it is not for me. complete retail package. cosmetically and functionally perfect. 175$ shipped and paypalled.
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    Off market