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  1. JoeDoe

    Complete Head-fi Rig: Grado RS1, MAD Ear+ HD, and MP-D1

    Willing to sell the bedside rig as the desktop counterpart is getting almost all of the head time these days. LOTS of solid equipment here with excellent synergy! Includes: Buttoned Grado RS1s with new drivers and cable. No box. Fair share of cosmetic wear - could use a thorough cleaning...
  2. JoeDoe

    Ultra-Fi DAC 41 w/ Twin Regulator Upgrade

    Selling exactly what the title says. Fantastic USB-only DAC. No frills, just aural thrills. Spotless condition. Pics to come. No trades. Fees on me, shipping on buyer
  3. JoeDoe

    Kimber Silver Streak Interconnects by Solo Wire - $OLD!

    Two custom-made pairs of interconnects here from Solo Wire. These are a great way to get Kimber SS cables without their usual $$$ price! Silver Streak .5m RCA Cable - $75 Silver Streak .5m RCA > XLR .5m Cable - $80 Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  4. JoeDoe

    Cables & Tubes: Blue Jeans, 6DR7, 5751, & more!

    Clearing out some unused gear. All tubes are NOS and cables are very clean. Schiit PYST XLR Cables - $OLD Echo Audio 1.5m SPC RCA Cables - $OLD Creative Audio Black Knight Coax Cable - $OLD Ice Age Audio Cryo Power Cable - $OLD Blue Jeans 1' I2S (HDMI) cable - $10 NOS Unbranded 6DR7 Tubes...
  5. JoeDoe

    LNIB Burson Conductor 3R w/ Extras Will trade for Grado PS2000e

    While an exceptional piece of equipment, I think this unit is a little more than I need at the moment. The reviews speak for themselves; Burson truly hit this one out the park! Gobs of power, TOTL build quality, bluetooth, future-proof, and wonderful OLED screen to boot. Praise and accolades...
  6. JoeDoe

    Wanted: Woo WA6SE or ampsandsound Kenzie

    Looking for one of these two amps. Shoot me a message if you're looking to sell or would trade + cash for my ZMF Pendant. Thanks!
  7. JoeDoe

    Rare Black Grado 325 Prestige Series Headphones - $OLD

    Selling a REALLY clean pair of vintage black metal Grado 325s. Have never seen a pair in this great of condition! The sound great! A bit smoother than the current 325s to be sure. They'll come in the original box with L and S pads. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  8. JoeDoe

    MAXED MAD Ear Purist SE - $OLD!

    Selling a completely tricked out MAD Ear Purist from Mapletree audio. There's not another with this level of upgrades and internal circuitry. Plays well with Grados, Senns, Focals, and just about any dynamic headphone. Comes with a set of stock tubes and maybe a couple more if I can find them...
  9. JoeDoe

    Focal Elear - $OLD

    Selling a really clean pair of Elears with original packaging and SE cable. There's a little wear on the outer box, but that's pretty par for the course with these guys. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  10. JoeDoe

    LNIB Rupert Neve RNHP - $OLD

    Just like the title says, selling a clean RNHP in original packaging with all accessories. No blemishes to be found! No trades. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  11. JoeDoe

    Pure Audio Lotus DAC5 - BIG Price Drop!

    Selling a LNIB Lotus DAC5 in original packaging with all original accessories! No trades. Fees on me, shipping on buyer.
  12. JoeDoe

    Grado GS3000E w/ Moon Audio Black Dragon - TRADED

    Just like the title says, I'm selling a beautiful pair of cocobolo GS3000e headphones recabled with a 10' 1/4" SE Black Dragon from Moon Audio. Includes original packaging. No trades. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  13. JoeDoe

    Auralic Vega - $OLD

    Selling a mint Vega with all original packaging and accessories. Latest FW installed! Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  14. JoeDoe

    Border Patrol DAC SE - $OLD

    The BP SE (SPDIF version) is up for sale along with a Singxer SU-1 and custom Black Cat SPDIF cable. Both units have all of their original packaging and accessories. BP by itself - $900 DC-modded Singxer - $225 If purchased as a bundle, I'll include a quality pair of Echo Audio RCA cables...
  15. JoeDoe

    ampsandsound Kenzie - One-of-a-Kind - $OLD

    Like a few of my other gears, with new priorities, it's time to let some things go. This pristine Kenzie is a one-of-a-kind unit that was Justin's personal amp. He allowed me to purchase it directly earlier this year. I don't have a spec sheet, but I can tell you that it has a few modifications...
  16. JoeDoe

    ZMF Auteur Cocobolo - $OLD!

    Baby on the way means we're paring down some of the 'less' essentials... SO. This GORGEOUS pair of LTD Coco Auteurs is up for sale. Original box and non-cable accessories included. The cable included is a ZMF OCC 1/4”. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  17. JoeDoe

    Audeze LCD-4 Planar Magnetic Headphones -$OLD

    These gorgeous LCDs are in original box with audeze advert paperwork, handling gloves, a generic 3.5mm cable, and a custom Amplifier Surgery XLR cable. The ONLY trades I'd consider would be for a clean pair of Utopias or Empyreans, preferably with XLR cable. Price includes fees, shipping on...
  18. JoeDoe

    ZMF Atticus Camphor - $OLD

    Selling a clean pair of Camphor's with stock ZMF 1/4" cable and hardcase. 8/10 on Agon scale. No trades. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  19. JoeDoe

    Holo Spring Level 3 - TRADED

    Selling a clean Border Patrol DAC SE. This is the flagship version with both USB and SPDIF inputs - $OLD Also moving a really nice KTE Level 3 Spring DAC from Holo Audio. Hopefully this guy's rep precedes it - $1800. Prices include fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  20. JoeDoe


    Just took hold of this balanced amp/DAC unit from Keces, but need to fit into a smaller footprint on my desk. If you're a planar user, this guy has power in spades! Not to mentione a TOTL ESS chipset. Want to trade it for an RME ADI-2 straight up. The S3 specs and reviews are below, quite...
  21. JoeDoe

    Utopia - $OLD

    Need to recoup some funds, so here we are! Priority given to straight sales or trades + cash. With regards to condition, all of the headphones below are an 9 or higher on the Audiogon scale. They each come in original packaging with all original accessories. I am considering trades (+/- cash)...
  22. JoeDoe

    Demo Questyle Q2PR $OLD

    Just like the title says, I'm selling a grey demo Q2PR with all original accessories and packaging. Truly a TOTL portable solution. Hard to distinguish from new. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  23. JoeDoe

    Chord Hugo 2 w/ Curious USB Cable - $OLD

    Just like the title says, I've got a black Hugo 2 with all original accessories plus the touted Curious 200mm USB cable up for grabs. Price includes fees and shipping to CONUS. No trades.
  24. JoeDoe

    Found: ampsandsound Kenzie or Leeloo

    Testing the waters to see if someone wants to sell their Kenzie, Kenzie Encore, or Leeloo. Shoot me a PM if you're ready to move yours!
  25. JoeDoe

    Satin Grado PS1000s - Will trade for Focal Clears!

    1. First pair is all but pristine, which is RARE for a satin finish model. Comes with all original packaging and accessories - $750 2. Second pair shows a little more use and usually sounds fantastic. Low price is because I've noticed some distortion in the right channel at higher volume from...