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  1. Nightowl217

    Iz Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Remaster

    Just finished this, hope you guys like it.  
  2. Nightowl217

    Ripping some CD's, should I oversample?

    Well recently having switched from listening to a cd player to listening through a DAC, i've been ripping a lot of cd's lately. I know that cd's are 16/44.1, but i was wondering if there are any benefits/negatives to oversampling while ripping. Thanks, Owl
  3. Nightowl217

    Recommend me Classical music.

    I really like classical music, but the only time i get to hear it is when im listening to the Boston Classical station. I really enjoy listening to it, but i wish i could listen to the genre more often. Any recommendations? Thanks! -NOwl
  4. Nightowl217

    After doing some digging...

    I was digging through some boxes of Vinyls, CDs, and assorted cables and stumbled upon something i hadn't seen in a while: The CD my brother released when he was in high school. Re-listening to it now brought back so many memories for me, and I wanted to share one of the tracks with you guys...
  5. Nightowl217

    A strange request.

    Ok, here's what im thinking: I want a cold, calculating, detailed, analytical headphone.  And thats it. Simple question, so many answers probably. :P Thanks.  -Owl
  6. Nightowl217

    Could I have tinnitus?

    Well, I recently started wearing ear plugs when i go out in public, and it really made going out much more comfortable for me. But after awhile, i noticed what sounded like a quiet hiss in my ears... When any other sound is present, i can't hear it. But when my ears are plugged... I hear this...
  7. Nightowl217

    Great comparison. (video)

    I've been watching this guy for awhile, and i must say. Good job man.   While some might say that the M50s have been 'dethroned' i still think they are the best thing to recommend to... 'normal' people. ^^ Well, subscribe to this man!  -NightOwl
  8. Nightowl217

    A short tune I made, tell me what you think.

    Here it is: (right click, save as... you know the rest) Recorded with Blue Snowball, edited in Audacity.
  9. Nightowl217

    NightOwls Simple M50 mod

    Well, when I started this mod, it was honestly completely on impulse, just wondering what sort of differences it would make. Ok, to the mod. Well, all that was done for this mod, was to shove cotton balls between the pads and the housing, as so:   After doing this to both sides, and...
  10. Nightowl217

    Your Favorite Headphone

    Which headphone have you enjoyed the most, regardless of anything besides your enjoyment of the cans.
  11. Nightowl217

    My favorite Auditioning song

    When i say my favorite auditioning song, i don't mean for me, i mean for other people. Y'know, one that shows the bass, and has a dAmN first impression. Well, here it is:   It has a long intro, but its very satisfying to those with bass-lust. (I...
  12. Nightowl217

    Linux users unite!

    Ohai guys, Hows it going? Well i guess i should tell my story... Back in 2007, I had an old pentium 3 that i figured i could get some more use out of. So i did some research, and heard some good things about Ubuntu 6 (or 7 i forget) Well that computer only lasted a bit longer, (like 2 moths...
  13. Nightowl217

    Fiio E7: Worth the investment?

    I've recently been looking into getting an upgrade from the little THX usb dongle i've been using for a bit, and i've heard good things about the Fiio, and i was wondering... Is it worth the $90? Thanks! -NOwl
  14. Nightowl217

    Good Electronica headphones

    Hey, So... First new thread! Anyway... Im looking for some good headphones for the 'electronica' genre. I say this very generally because i listen to a wide variety of 'electronic' music that ranges from things like synth-rock to hardcore pew-pew-pew lazors techno. Anyway, I have been...