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  1. thescientist

    Portable DAP with good battery life

    I'm looking to upgrade my Hiby R3 to something more fully-featured with a larger user interface. The main issue I have with portable DAPs is that most seem to have poor standby battery and/or poor standby batter life. I'd like to find something that has standby battery life of at least a couple...
  2. thescientist

    New: EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

    I love my ES100, so much that I bought a second one (one for work, one for home). Definitely excited to try the earphones. I expect they'll be every bit as good as the ES100.
  3. thescientist

    FiiO M5-Compact and Versatile Hi-Res Music Player, IPS Touch Screen, Wearable, Step Counting, 2-Way Type-C, USB DAC, SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX-HD/LDAC Bluetooth, USB Audio, Coaxial Output, Recording

    This concerns me an awful lot. I asked a few days ago in the other M5 thread and was told that as long as you buy from Aliexpress you get a watch strap: I’m definitely holding off on purchasing...
  4. thescientist

    FiiO event-Take an M5 with you on holiday!

    I haven't purchased yet because the Watch Strap is key for me. The Aliexpress store says only the first 200 buyers get a watch strap. Will all buyers be getting a watch strap? Are spare watch straps available for purchase anywhere else? Thanks!
  5. thescientist

    Just got my Ultimate Ears CSX 11's...experience from Fit Kit to in my ears

    Nope, no YouTube vid from me...which makes me think I'm not the only one this happened to. I wouldn't be worried if I were you. UE customer service is awesome and there's a 60 day money back guarantee. I have no issues recommending them, albeit with caveats. My feeling is that the FitKit isnt...
  6. thescientist

    Shure SE210 upgrade with similar ergonomics?

    Thanks! It definitely won't fit like the Shure, but it looks really low profile for an IEM. Can you comment on the comfort?
  7. thescientist

    Shure SE210 upgrade with similar ergonomics?

    Preferably under $500 USD, definitely not over $1000. Thanks!
  8. thescientist

    Shure SE210 upgrade with similar ergonomics?

    Dear esteemed enthusiasts: I'm looking to upgrade my current favorite pair of earphones, the Shure SE210 and I'm hoping for recommendations. I'm overall pretty happy with the sound signature of the SE210s (warm, but not too warm), and the imaging is pretty good. I have much better-sounding...
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  10. thescientist

    Post punk/ New Wave discussion

    Long time lurker on these forums, but after seeing this list I couldn't help but want to chime in. This is a great list of recommendations (particularly for the inclusion of Comsat Angels who are too often overlooked), and I have a few additional suggestions: Jeopardy - The Sound (see in...