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  1. vyogan

    Sony NW-A50 Series

    I'm wondering if anybody knows how long does the A55 take to turn on?
  2. vyogan

    FiiO FA1 || Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Customized BA Driver || DLP 3D Printing Technology || Detachable MMCX Cable

    I received the FA1 2 days ago and my first impression when I put them on my ears was that they very closely resemble the frequency response of my beloved HD600! It's not equal in quality, mind you, but I really like the sound signature and it is what I was looking for to replace my Soundmagic...
  3. vyogan

    Hidizs AP60II - youngest in HiRes family but worth every cent

    How is the physical buttons like? Doesn't look like physical buttons at all, and more like touch.
  4. vyogan

    FiiO F9, F9Pro-Detachable MMCX connector,Hi-Res Audio Certified,2.5mm TRRS/3.5mm audio cable

    Thanks for the comparison! Don't think I'll be needing this then. I'm trying to look for a less bright, warmer & smoother IEM with good isolation. I've had the Dunu Titan 1 before, and now I have the Fiio Ex1-ii, they are extremely similar but I find that the Ex1-ii is less sibilant, the treble...
  5. vyogan

    SoundMagic E50 & E80 - Story of Two Magicians - A Review...

    I fully agree with you. The E80 is easily the best at it's price! Does every genre well, since it's neutral. You cannot go wrong with them, unless you're looking for a really specific sound signature. Clarity and timbre are almost on par with even mid tier headphones! I'm always surprised by...
  6. vyogan

    Fidue A73 - Hybrid (1DD + 1BA) IEM - Impressions and discussion thread

      Thank you for taking the effort! I really appreciate it!   70% of my music collection consists of female vocals so it's really important to me that they excel at it.   From the sound of it, I am sure they'll be a great buy at $150 (It's shocking how in the past few years these companies...
  7. vyogan

    SoundMagic E50 & E80 - Story of Two Magicians - A Review...

    Currently all the stores only show black-red. Penonaudio, Miccastore and Aliexpress included. Ordered mine from Penonaudio, can't wait to hear the e80.
  8. vyogan

    Dunu TITAN Series (new for 2019: Titan 6) [Page 196]

    I've been listening to the Titan 1 for the past 2 weeks now and I've got to say that these sound amazing! Really love the sound signature and how balanced it is, until I tested them for portable use in noisy environments. They are absolutely horrible when I used it in the train or really noisy...
  9. vyogan

    beyerdynamic T51p & T51i impressions thread

    How does vocals sound on the T51p? They seem to have the fun sound signature I'm looking for on the go.
  10. vyogan

    The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

    Got my X1 a few days ago and it certainly has more power than the Clip+. The Clip+ couldn't drive the TTPOD T1 properly as the treble was a little rolled-off and the sub bass was non-existent when I listened to Hans Zimmer's 'Why So Serious?' in The Dark Knight OST. Tried the X1 with the HD600...
  11. vyogan

    TTPOD T1-E Impressions thread

    I've used the Yamaha EPH-100 for over a year now and it was the IEM that I loved the most. Even at one point, when I bought my HD600, I somehow preferred the EPH-100 over the HD600! Until the EPH-100 broke and I had to only use the HD600 and it re-educated me on what a natural and neutral sound...
  12. vyogan

    Reply to review by 'vyogan' on item 'Fidue A83 Reference Class Triple Hybrid IEM'

    Great review! Love your comparisons. I've been looking for the right IEM with similar presentation and quality to the HD600 and I think that this might just be the one!
  13. vyogan

    Yamaha EPH-100

    First time posting on this thread, but I've been watching this thread for over a year now. I truly love this IEM so much. So much so that when my right sided driver gave out, I bought another pair. Warranty was over (just by a few days), so I had no choice.   Anyway, the new pair I got have...
  14. vyogan

    Yamaha EPH100 upgrade

    Try the DUNU-1000. Based on the impressions on the thread, it sounds like a better version on the EPH-100 with a little bit more bass (though it can be tweaked to your preferred quantity of bass).