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  1. CastanonY

    Looking for an amp for rs1i, hd600, k501

    Quote: If you want a faster amp to better match your tube dac then I suggest the Burson HA-160.  It also matches well with your hd600, k501 and RS1 which in my option are all hard to drive phones.  The RS1 in particular gives amazing micro details when teamed with the HA-160.       
  2. CastanonY

    Woo Audio 6 vs. Burson HA-160?

    Never tried the Beyer, but you really can't go wrong with the Burson HA-160/ K702 combo.  These two are made for each other. : )  
  3. CastanonY

    Amplification for 600 ohm headphones

    Seems interesting, i will have to try it someday...when i get high impedance cans.  Thanks! 
  4. CastanonY

    Headphone noob - Sennheiser HD212 Pro's lacking the bass?

    Quote: You can ask on the computer audio section..there are lots of info in that. 
  5. CastanonY

    Orchestra Headphones?

    Ad700's are perfect for that kind of music. 
  6. CastanonY

    Next Best Upgrade

    Hello and welcome to headfi....sorry for your wallet.   You can try plugging them to different sources, generally onboard is not enough to drive headphones properly.  Get a soundcard. 
  7. CastanonY

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    My M50's sound great when i play "In flames" or some D&B
  8. CastanonY

    will the m50 be powered sufficiently with a pico amp?

    They will be fine unamped...dont worry...
  9. CastanonY

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Party in the USA" - Miley Cyrus
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  11. CastanonY

    Review: BURSON Headphone Amp 160 and AKG K702 combo

    The AHD7000 shouldn't be a hard to drive phone... I don't see how it can't match well with the Burson HA-160.  Some people worries that the HA-160 has too much power for the Grado, but personally, I loved the combo. 
  12. CastanonY

    Burson Audio HA-160 Review

    I've auditioned it recently in the UK and really liked it too.   Thanks for the review.  
  13. CastanonY

    Look Ma! I can slow down time!

    I guess, every music lovers experienced this. I had experienced this, too. And it always happens with the same music, maybe because I love that music and I take time to really understand and appreciate it. It can also happen if you are in a peaceful state of mind and a very peaceful room. Music...
  14. CastanonY

    iPod Touch Sound Quality is quite bad.

    In terms of music, I would prefer an Ipod Nano or Classic. I think it was really just made for that, listening to music. Itouch or Iphones, on the other hand, are good in terms of memory and application. But you cannot go wrong to a good headphone or IEM.
  15. CastanonY

    I can hear radio stations from my iPod

    Do not worry, we believe you. It is normal to hear frequency of a radio from anything that has electromagnetic features like Ipod. It happens at times. I also experienced hearing a radio frequency from a speaker. We were shocked because we are just trying to connect the speaker to my friend's...
  16. CastanonY

    Desktop or Laptop? Any recommendations??

    For a college student, I am pretty sure that laptop would be the best for you. College is a fast-paced life, too. You will be running around for completing the requirements before the deadline. I used an HP, though.