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  1. mr56k

    What smartphone screen size do you prefer?

    Just got a new HTC Desire 816. Huge jump in screen size (5.5"). After adjusting to the large display I don't think I'd ever wanna go smaller. Pretty much don't have a need to use my small (7")tablet anymore. Browsing, YouTube and Netflix are great on this larger display in my opinion. What's...
  2. mr56k

    Headphones are going. What speakers $300 or less.

                  Over the last month I have decided to get rid of my headphones and get a nice set of speakers/studio monitors for my new iMac. I just don't enjoy headphones nowhere as much as I do my speakers. All my content is coming from my new 21.5" iMac. iTunes music, Movies, etc what...
  3. mr56k

    Beyerdynamic headphone assembly video

                    Came across this when searching for something else. Pretty cool video on how the headphones are assembled and tested.
  4. mr56k

    FS: Grado SR60 & Shure SRH240 BOTH SOLD!

    Both are in mint physical and sounding condition. Both are only a few weeks old. I have my studio monitors and my Creatives that I'm sticking with for movies/music. Keeping my iem's for workout/portable. Both ship in original boxes. Shipping is via ups ground to us only! I have feedback here and...
  5. mr56k

    M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Good ?

    So I have some Logitech Z-2300 that will be here tomorrow but I was browsing around on ebay and also through in a low bid for a new set of the M-Audio AV 30's. Well I ended up winning the auction . So my question -------> Has anyone demoed or heard these ? I use to own the AV 40's at one point...
  6. mr56k

    FS/FT: 23 CD'S "All Modern Rock"

    I have 23 cd's for sale that I want to sell. I'm open to trades as well. I ship to us only. Have feedback here and ebay. Thanks 1.The Killers "Hot Fuss" 2.Best of Everclear "10 years gone" 3.The Raconteurs "Broken Boy Soldiers" 4.Seether "Finding beauty in negative spaces" 5.Radiohead...
  7. mr56k


    Purchased my Beyer DT770's from me. Paid promptly and was a breeze to work with. Wouldn't think twice about dealing with in the future. Thanks again!
  8. mr56k

    New Speakers. What to get ?

    So right now I have a Logitech Surround sound setup. It's good for movies but I don't like how bass heavy they are. Even with the bass nob turned all the way down it's still to much. So I turn it up louder to hear voices etc and thump thump.. Getting complaints from the next room lol. It seems...
  9. mr56k

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT770's !SOLD!

    Clearing out some headphones to get some $$ .. So these DT770's are great headphones. In pristine like new of course. I baby all my stuff. Anyways I figured we would see what goes first these or my sr60's. Looks like the SR60's might be staying so these have to go. HOW ABOUT $SOLD SHIPPED TO...
  10. mr56k

    FS: Alessandro MS1 one week old "SOLD"

    Two of my cans have to go because of $$ needs. So here are these guys. One week old and same as new. Can ship in the original pizza box. US only paypal only. How about $SOLD shipped ups? That should be killer deal. Here is a pic Alessandro MS1 Headphone on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  11. mr56k

    FS: Grado SR60 1 week old "SOLD"

    SOLD! Purchased these but I came in to a pair of MS1's so no need for both. I have also been listening a lot to my DT770's. These guys are like new and I can ship in original looking pizza box. Shipping is via ups for free. Please make me some offers via $SOLD Would like to sell asap to recoup...
  12. mr56k

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Impressions

    Well this is my first venture in to some Beyerdynamic headphones. I wanted something closed and with decent bass for movies and hip hop music. So what do I think? So far these are exactly what I was looking for. Vocals sound great and bass is definitely there . Its not as tight or controlled as...
  13. mr56k

    FS: Shure SE530 2hrs old "SOLD"!

    SOLD!!! My Shure SE530's just arrived today and I guess I'm just not an iem person or something. They sound great but just can't get a good fit and also they are too sensitive for my laptop which would be my primary use. I guess I stick to my full size headphones. So I will try here this...
  14. mr56k

    FS:/FT: Westone UM1 "Week Old"

    I ordered these Westone UM1's about a week ago from earphone solutions. I recently came in to some extra cash and decided to get some Shure SE530's. The Westones won't be getting much use so here they are. Of course they are mint and look new. I have only used one set of the comply tips and will...
  15. mr56k

    FS/FT: Sennheiser HD555

    I ended up getting two of these by mistake so I need to sell or trade a set. They are like new "literally few days old" and come with quarter to eighth inch adapter and ship in original box. They were purchased brand new of course. They sound great and only have about 5hrs on them. Make...
  16. mr56k

    Just got Sennheiser HD555

    My Sennheiser HD515's were showing some age and plus I had serious upgraditus. So my friend got the 515's "he was using some cheap no names". I ordered the Sennheiser HD555 yesterday and got them today. These headphones are very nice. Very comfortable and sound great! I was afraid there might...
  17. mr56k

    FS/FT: Apple iMac G4 Desktop

    I have a Apple iMac G4 desktop that I no longer use. This is what it has in it. Has 800MHZ G4 Processor, 512Ram, 80GB HD "new", Superdrive, 15" Flat Panel display. There are only two small problems. One is that the firewire port on the back no longer works. Also there is a small mark on the...
  18. mr56k

    FS: UM1 Like New

    Figured I would give em a shot here before eBay. I got some UM1's like new. Includes the iem's all original tips "i used one set and will clean" carrying case, wax tool, original hard case. These are approx two weeks old. I purchased them brand new. I would just return them but the vendor on...
  19. mr56k

    Creative EP-630's HOLY Crap!

    USPS dropped off my Creative in ears today. First impressions are WOW. These thing for the cost are incredible. Sound is clear and they have good bass. Another plus is they are really comfy. Another thing is I can see wearing these while skiing/snowboarding because my hat will go right over...
  20. mr56k

    UE 2 INFO

    Emailed UE on the info for this guys and this is what I got. Thought everyone else might like to no this. Cant wait to see how these perform. Hi Ryan, Thank you for your inquiry. The product has been released internally and is production ready. We are just working on setting up...
  21. mr56k

    Ordered Westone UM1 & EP630

    Well im becoming more of a iem user as my full size cans collect dust for the most part. Seems like im always listening outta my macbook or outta my ipod anyways. So yesterday with some money I had built up in paypal I purchased the Westone UM1's and some Creative Ep-630's. I had heard in...
  22. mr56k

    FS: Lot of 65 Music cds $40 reserve w/free shipping Thanks
  23. mr56k

    FS: 2x Koss KSC75's

    US RESIDENTS ONLY "2" Koss KSC75's NO inline volume control I decided im just gona keep my iem's and my full size audio Technica's round so no more ksc75's... Great little phones. IM gona be putting up a whole bunch of audio cd's...
  24. mr56k

    Cheapest place "Creative Ep-630's"?

    Where is the cheapest yet still reputable place to buy these little guys from? Thanks for any help. I did do a search on Froogle but the cheaper ones I had no idea on the seller. Or can someone point me to some on ebay that are legit? Thanks
  25. mr56k

    Customs for UE Super.Fi3 Question

    I have currently been using the UE Super.fi3 earphones as my primary because I like them so much. My question would it be worth it to order custom ear molds for them? They are $115 from . Would isolation/comfort and sound quality improve ...