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  1. 2Stroke

    Is Hydrogen Peroxide safe for cleaning plastic/acrylic surface of IEMs?

    My UE 18+ Pro needs sanitizing (ear infection), but the idea of putting any aggresive liquid on them frightens me. I have searched this forum a lot and while there are conflicting informations, it seems that any form of alcohol is not safe for the cleaning of plastic/acrylic custom in-ears...
  2. 2Stroke

    Losing or gaining significant weight and custom IEMs fit

    My friend, who gained 30 pounds recently, told me that his custom IEMs doesn't fit him as well as before. He feels his ear canal is tighter and putting the IEMs in takes more time and effort. Do you have similar expirience? Can we humans store fat in our ear canals? Is that a problem for...
  3. 2Stroke

    Reliability of Ultimate Ears custom IEMs

    Remember having some IEMs from Ultimate Ears back in the 2013, and they failed right after my warranty ended, after 3 warranty repairs. My friend, who have headphones store, told me he never had so much warranty claims as with UE. Are UEs more reliable now? I'm considering buying new...
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