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  1. electropop

    Current desktop DAC / HP-amp / pre-amp options

    Sorry if I haven't searched enough thoroughly, but this is basically for what I'm looking:    A replacement for my Zero dac with basically the same features.  - Headphone amplifier. Doesn't have to be of super quality. Low output impedance is appreciated.  -RCA pre-outputs. For the price...
  2. electropop

    Linn Majik 109 + Linn Classik Music

    Just made the order today. I spent several hours listening to this beautiful setup in a specialised Linn dealer shop in Helsinki and I've yet to find anything better for the price.. The Classik Music is an incredible device for an integrated (don't let it fool you) and sounded even better in...
  3. electropop

    Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. Hope i won't get banned for this But give me your thoughts. They are obviously marketed for the "basic listener" (sorry for my poor English, hope i didn't offend anyone), and they are not the cheapest phones.. You could get closed AKG's or even Senn HD-25s for that...