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  1. linglingjr

    Infinite refresh loop

    This is on the most current version of Chrome even without adblock and cookies cleared.  I will click on a thread and as I attempt to scroll down to read it, the page keeps refreshing itself and scrolling back to the top several times a second.  If spam the cancel refresh button on chrome I can...
  2. linglingjr

    Sennheiser HD600s - Free Shipping (Con US)

    These have had many great hours of use, but I've since upgraded to LCD-2s and these don't get used anymore.  They work fine and sound great, however the pads are pretty worn out and a bit flat.  There are two small cracks on the outside of the headband (pictured) and the marble finish has worn...
  3. linglingjr

    FS: Fiio E9 Desktop Amplifier.

    I just upgraded to a Lake People G109S so I no longer need this.  It comes with the power cable for it and I can include a generic usb cable if needed.  It's in perfect cosmetic condition, no scratches or marks.  It also works perfectly fine as it should.  I also have the E7 to go with it...
  4. linglingjr

    Ever Wonder What Happens When You Play a Vinyl Underwater? ARTSY FARTSY

    Not quite sure why I'm sharing this but it's a pretty cool project recently done by Evan Holm, there's a 'behind the scenes' video as well as the original here:   He has some...
  5. linglingjr

    Help me find "Howlin' Wolf Explains The Blues" as in original audio....

    If you know Blues I'm sure you Know Howlin' Wolf but for whatever reason finding audio of him "explaining the blues" is proving to be impossible.  I know it exists because there are a ton of songs with samples of it -- skip to 1:18:   It also looks like there USED to be a video/audio of it...
  6. linglingjr

    NEW AKG HEADPHONE! (flagship?)

    So AKG's facebook page has been teasing us with pictures of a new headphone for a long time and they just released this:    If the other pictures released are the same (I think they are) then it's open back.  I'm pretty excited.
  7. linglingjr

    Your Help Wanted! Need closed cans with very specific specifications.

    I'm in the market for some new closed back headphones, if you can name hundreds of headphones this is where you can show off your knowledge.   I want a pair of closed cans that comply with the following: Can be driven adequately by a fiio e7 Don't have a bassy sound signature (a little...
  8. linglingjr

    Where to buy Sennheiser 1/8th to 1/4th adaptor alone?

    I bought my HD600s used so they didn't come with the 1/4th inch adaptor.  If anyone knows where you can buy the sennheiser style adaptor with out getting a whole new cable could you post a link? I've searched for one to no avail, I don't like being spoon fed trust me. Thanks for any help!  ...
  9. linglingjr

    BRAND NEW FiiO L3 LOD cable Never opened, in bag.

    It came with my E7/E9 combo, I have no use for it since I don't own an iPod. Right now it's just taking up space.  $7.50 shipped to your door! (paypal only please, thank you. Pictures will be up soon
  10. linglingjr

    WTB/WTTF: Sennheiser HD-600s

    I want to buy your sennheiser HD600s. I don't care if they have the stock cable or not.  If you want to sell yours PM me!  I have AKG Q701s plus cash to sell, though I'll probably just end up selling them to fund hd600s. Thank you.
  11. linglingjr

    WTS: mint condition cmoy BB by JDS labs(v2.03)

    I just won a bid on FiiO e7/e7 combo, so I no longer need this portable amp.  It's in brand new condition, I've had it for about half a year and it works just as it should.  If you want an AC adapter I have an adjustable 3-12 volt adapter I'll add for $10.  Paypal only please, price is with...
  12. linglingjr

    AKG K272 headphones (broken) EASY FIX

    I know I'm a new member that only has a couple posts, however I am not new to forums I have 28 seller feed back on ASF: Paypal only please, price ($85 is shipped to the CONUS)   I bought them brand...