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  1. audioKyle

    FS: Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Black

    I have a Momentum 2.0 for sale. The headphone and cable is in like new condition. However, my dog did chew up the carrying case which makes it unusable. Everything else is in great condition since these headphones never left the house. I'm selling these because I already have two other pairs...
  2. audioKyle

    Creative Aurvana 3

    I have a pair of creative aurvana 3 in ear headphones for sale. I just bought these a little over a month ago. I quite like them but they're a bit warm for my taste. Looking for something more balanced like a re-400. These are in great like new condition and I will include everything it came...
  3. audioKyle

    Audio Technica A900X

    Selling a pair of A900x that I recently traded with another head-fier. They sound great but I don't like the wing system. I'm asking $130 and I'll pay priority shipping. No box is included only the plastic insert that came with it. No noticeable marks and it works great. No trades. Thanks for...
  4. audioKyle

    AD900X FT MA900

    I have a pair of ad900x that id like to trade for the ma900. I'm doing the trade because i want something more laid-back for my listening. Also something to fit all the genres i listen to. The ad900x's have a very detailed open sound however. Only trades in the usa. Also willing to trade for...
  5. audioKyle

    AKG K550 FS/FT (price drop)

    Hello, I have a pair of AKG K550s for sale. These are in very good condition. I just bought these from another head-fier here (Photos are there as well). They have a few light scuffs on the edge of the left arm which is barely noticeable and the pads are a little worn in. Definitely useable but...
  6. audioKyle

    Grado Alessandro MS-1 w/hd414 modded pads and headband pad

    Hello everyone, i have a pair of grado's that's got to go. I bought these recently from another user here on head-fi. I like the headphones and they compare very well the sr225i's i had a while back. The reason i'm selling these is because im saving up for a pair of Momentums. Headphone works...
  7. audioKyle

    Audio Technica ath-es700

    Hey got a pair of Audio Technica's new ath-es700 up for sale. Got these two weeks ago and is in pristine condition. Comes with everything that it came with including the box. The box has a rip in it but other wise the product and accessories are like new. These sound great and have an impressive...
  8. audioKyle

    V-moda m80

    Have a pair of v-moda m80s for sale. Lightly used for only a month. I'll include the original packaging and everything it comes with. There's no sign of wear or damage and it works perfectly. If you want pictures then just PM me. If you want to buy it please buy it from me on Amazon here. Seller...
  9. audioKyle

    Sennheiser hd 558 worth it?

    Need opinions fast. I got some grado sr225i 2 days ago and while the detail retrieval impressed me it was a bit treble heavy and bass light for my tastes. I was wondering if the sennheiser hd 558 would be a bit more bassy and laid back. I want a pair of open headphones since I never tried any...
  10. audioKyle

    Like new Grado sr225i for sale/trade!

    I have a pair of Grado sr225i for sale! Used for only 3 months and is in like new condition I'll include the box and everything it comes with. For sale for $150. You can buy it or ill trade for a sennheiser hd 558 or 598. If you are going to buy the Grados (not trade) than please purchase it...
  11. audioKyle

    Skullcandy navigator?

    So with the overall success of the aviators I guess skullcandy decided to make a smaller on ear version of there aviator headphones. I tried search but nothing came up on these here. Interested to see how these sound since I quite liked the aviators. Anyone tried them out yet?
  12. audioKyle

    Philips citiscape downtown vs bose oe2 vs klipsch image one ii

    These are the three headphones I narrowed my choices down to. I like the portability of them all. Main things for me are sound, comfort, and build. I like bass but not super overpowering but I definitely want to feel the rhythm. I tried the klipsch image one (not 2) and found them too brassy...
  13. audioKyle

    Audio technica m50 vs creative aurvana live vs klipsch image one

    Ive been looking for some new headphones. I owned the klipsch s4, monster turbine and sennhieser hd203. I want some nice comfortable headphones that sound good for the price. I only have $150 to spend. I can get the CAL for around $50, klipsch for $60-$70, and m50s for $125. I heard a lot of...
  14. audioKyle

    Are these Monster Turbines real?

    So i bought these Monster turbines off of Amazon a week ago. I bought it from Pavillion Electronics since it was $20 cheaper. So i got them yesterday and was really happy. It's not exactly the headphones that looks or seems fake but the cases that makes me wonder. The headphones look real from...
  15. audioKyle

    Is the monster turbine an upgrade from klipsch image s4?

    Yes, you probably heard this question many times here but i just wanted to know. Since my older brother lost my klipsch image s4's (long story) i now have to buy new headphones. I thought the klipsch were good but not great. Plus it had quite a bit of sibilance which was irritating. I always...
  16. audioKyle

    What should i buy? Bose ae2, Klipsch image one or monster turbine?

    So like the title states, i want one of those three headphones. They are pretty much in the same price range except the bose being the cheapest right now since they are on sale at best buy and monster turbine being the most expensive. The only on i have tried on in person was the klipsch image...
  17. audioKyle

    How Long has your Klipsch Image s4i last?

    I got the image s4i's a month ago and think there great but just worried about how long they will last! The cables are thin are the main problem. So i was just wondering how long your's have lasted in normal day use. I hope mine's last at least 1 year.