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  1. JML

    Which high-end DAP?

    I'm trying to decide among these:  Questyle Audio QP1R, Acoustic Research M2, Sony NW-ZX2, and the Onkyo DP-X1. A&K doesn't interest me. Your thoughts?   Here are my parameters: 1.  All music is in AIFF format, ripped from CD 2.  Associated computer is a MacBook Pro, and there is no Windows...
  2. JML

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-PS500 wood & clear acrylic headphone stand

    SOLD I have three of these great headphone stands from Audio Technica.  They've been used, but do not have any scratches or wear on the clear acrylic or wood. I did add four 3M bumpon adhesive feet under the stands, to keep the wood base from contact with a wood desktop or shelves.  These...
  3. JML

    Corda Cantate Headphone Amp & USB DAC with Meier Crossfeed Circuit

    Corda Cantate Desktop Amp & USB DAC with Meier Crossfeed Circuit - $180 PayPal only, shipped USPS Priority Mail within the USA (included in price)   Nice first step up to a desktop amp for a computer or other input 2008 original model (not Cantate2), designed in Germany and built by Shanling...
  4. JML

    Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 & AT Leather Pads (Price Reduced)

    SOLD!   This ATH-W1000 is in outstanding condition.  No scratches, marks, or damage.  Any spots you see in the photos are from dust.  The original pleather ear pads were changed to the superior all-leather pads made for the earlier W2002 model, and the "phatpad" modification has been done...
  5. JML

    AR Power Cords

    I'm still not sure about whether an "upgraded" power cord does too much, after you address basic issues like the plug to outlet connection, wire gauge, and shielding, and am simply astounded by the markup and snake oil inherent in audiophile cabling, but these are excellent values if you're...
  6. JML

    Meier Cantate and Opera owners

    When I went to try out the low-gain shunts on my Cantate, I realized that one of the 8 small flat-head screws that hold the top plate in place, under the corner post caps, was too short to enter the threaded portion of the corner post. Jan Meier doesn't have spares, and so I contacted...
  7. JML

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-EM7

    For sale for $45 (I'll accept a USPS Money Order and will ship domestic USA via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation). Excellent condition, no scratches, broken-in but not used more than 50 hours, and complete with grey neoprene carrying case. I can't find the original cardboard...
  8. JML

    ATH-W1000 & AHT-W100 Comparison - Take 1

    My W1000s arrived today. I'm listening briefly, and then letting them burn in over the next few days. The only discernable physical differences between these and the W100 is the shape and color of the wooden earcups and the colors of the rest of the cans. The W100 metal & plastic is a...
  9. JML

    Thanks to MRael, Tomcat, Solomon, and Audio Technica!

    I'm going to take the liberty of thanking MRael, Solomon, and Tomcat for first alerting all of us to the ATH-W2002 and ATH-W100 headphones many months ago. The current fervor (and joy) resulting from the release of the new W1000 and A1000 would never have existed but for their willingness to be...
  10. JML

    Outlaw PCA cable interconnects -- now reduced in size

    I just received an e-mail newsletter from Outlaw. They report they've reduced the size of the outer sleeve on the RCA connectors to address some of the reports of problems some people had getting a pair of connectors to work on some equipment. But they've not changed the connector or cable in...
  11. JML

    Neat Free Windows Utility for Volume Controls

    PC Magazine's free utilities are often great little apps. This one is probably useful to some folks on Head-Fi: VolumeSet, Version 1.0 Platforms: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP,2997,...a=25646,00.asp Description: VolumeSet allows you to quickly save and...
  12. JML

    FS: Straightwire Chorus Interconnects

    Straight Wire Chorus interconnect is a symmetrical coaxial design featuring skived teflon insulation over an OFHC copper inner braid and outer copper braid. This is a good entry-level audiophile RCA interconnect for someone upgrading from old interconnects or stock cabling. For more information...
  13. JML

    Consumer Reports -- headphone test coming in August

    The May issue of Consumer Reports has an "update" about MP3 players. But there's a tease at the end: "For higher-quality headphones than those supplied with most players, check out CR's headphone report coming in August." That's sure to be "interesting."
  14. JML

    Headphone cable clothing clip

    Anyone have any leads (no pun intended) on a clothing clip that will work with relatively thick cable? I need something that won't ruin the silk cover of my ATH-W100 cable, so my homemade velcro wire tie with a metal snap and metal clip is out. The one that Radio Shack sells is good only for...
  15. JML

    HiFi+ review of Etys

    The new issue of this UK magazine, just in at Barnes & Noble, has a review of the Ety 4 (I think that was the model -- but I didn't write it down or buy the issue yet). Along with a review of the new Red Rose speaker and Spendor S3/5 speaker and some other actually affordable items.
  16. JML

    Audiophile Wall Wart

    The Radio Shack AC-DC adapter, #273-1667 is one awesome piece of work, and I think it might be an "audiophile's wall wart." User selectable 3 to 12 V, 800 mA, and one of the only high-output adapters available that is both *regulated and filtered*. The Radio Shack website info doesn't...
  17. JML

    D-25S and powerline hum

    Can you D-25S gurus please check out my question on the cable, power, etc. forum at ? Audio Redneck, Russ Arcuri, and meithkiller in particular.
  18. JML

    AC hum, Grounding, and Adapters

    I had the Sony D-25S running off a Radio Shack international adapter, the 9V - 1500 mA one. Well, whenever I plug the D-25S into my desktop Monsoons (amp and speakers), I get a 60 Hz hum. OK, I know it's a powerline hum or ground loop, and one that I was used dealing with because when I plug the...
  19. JML

    D-25S headphone jack warning!

    Anyone else (other than me and two other Head-Fiers) have problems with the D-25S headphone jack not wanting to release some miniplugs? I have two, and they are the same (a Radio Shack adapter and a Sony MDR-A44L are hard to insert and remove).
  20. JML

    Quality 1/4" to 1/8" and 1/8" to 1/4" Adapters?

    Does anyone know of good quality after-market stereo phone plug adapters, to change one "male" to the other size "male," other than the ubiquitous gold-plated and standard-plated Radio Shack variants? Are the Headroom "Sunrise" adapters of good quality (they say they're $7 adapters for $5), and...
  21. JML

    FS: Headroom Headphone Bag (brand new)

    This bag is described at Headroom sells it for $24 plus at least $7 for shipping; I will sell mine for $20 and I'll pay shipping via USPS priority mail within the US. I will accept a USPS money order, which you can get for 90 cents at any...
  22. JML

    Equalization - Free & Easy Tool, and an Insight

    In case anyone else doesn't realize it (besides me, until this week when I had a "Duh" moment) you may have a very easy and free way to play with audio equalization staring you in the face, and a tool to pinpoint frequency response issues with your headphones. My laptop computer is an IBM...
  23. JML

    D-25S, Senn HD-600, etc.

    I took my D-25S, 1500 mA AC adapter, several CDs, and my Sony MDR-F1 phones to a Tweeter, Etc. store to listen to Senn HD-600s. I was disappointed -- very much so. I know some folks say the D-25S can drive the 580s, and I have heard great things about the 580s and the 600s. But I have to side...
  24. JML

    Senn HD600 or HD580

    I plan to audition the HD600 this week. Now if they have the same drivers, and the only real differences are the housings and headband, they ought to have the same requirements for amplification, right? So other than the difference in price, is there any reason to chose the 580 over the 600...
  25. JML

    Came across some neat-looking Panasonic cans...

    Check out these new puppies! Apparently just released. Two-way cans. The marketing guys are calling them "DVD-ready.",Product_Name