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  1. becritical

    FS: SoundMagic E80 low hours IEM

    Originally bought these for maximum isolation and sound quality during traveling and plane rides but never really used them much since I received a NC headphone as a gift shortly after. Perfect working and aesthetic conditions, included are 3 sets of eartips including the foam ones, the other 2...
  2. becritical

    Earphones android-compatible with microphone, volume controls and tangle free cord?

    Thanks to this forum I have bought a pair of Soundmagic E-80, I am quite happy with it but they lack a microphone and I need an earphone that I can quickly take on and off. Any recommendations given the following specs: - android-compatible - microphone + volume controls (2-3 buttons) - tangle...
  3. becritical

    earbud with mic and bluetooth, non in-ear

    Hello folks! Thanks to this place for leading me to the Soundmagic e-80, which I like very much but I need something with a microphone, that doesn't isolate me and frankly more comfortable. It's not the e-80 itself, I just can't handle deep insertion earbuds, or anything that goes too much in my...
  4. becritical

    Soundmagic e80

    I have not seen a thread dedicated to this model. There is a great review so far. I am wondering when will these be sold by Amazon? I have a gift card I would like to use :) And how long does it take for miccastore to ship something?
  5. becritical

    warranty questions and international warranty

    I am tempted to buy one of the chinese brand IEM, probably Soundmagic/Xiaomi/Havi but I am wondering about warranty because it seems that the quality control is not the greatest. But I read a lot of problems people are having with warranty. If I buy a pair in the US and then I move to Europe...
  6. becritical

    IEM to use with smartphone/computer and in flight

    Hello All!   I have been reading this forum for quite a while now but my confusion has reached the point in which I need some assistance. I need a pair of IEM to use with my computer and smart phone. I will also be using them for long duration flights so isolation and comfort are important to...