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  1. rramrram

    Sennheiser Momentum 2 or AKG K 171 MK ll

    hi, help me decide which one: 1.durable rough proof sturdy build for outdoorsy use 2.accurate monitoring editing and critical music listening (not bass heavy) better on laptops and smartphones without external dac/amp if there are anything specific worth considering between the two let...
  2. rramrram

    Suggestions for Portable Monitoring Headphones

    I want a pair for under $200 US, portable wired headphone, on ear/over ear, build quality, critical listening (metal music and video editing) NOT muddy bass heavy a local store is selling [AKG 545]( for $120 US, is...
  3. rramrram

    LG V30+ or Fiio X7ii

    hi strangers, Its my first post here, I'm considering a portable player, my headphones are Shure SRH840 and 1More H707, LG V30+ offers more functionality and is cheaper so as far as I know it'd be my choice so how does it compare to the Fiio? any other recommendations? (for the same 500ish price...