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  1. Mr C

    HD25-1 (£150) vs Etymonics HF5 (£110)? (SQ comparison not isolation etc.)

    I got my hd 25 5 years ago and they are still in great shape. Another great thing about the hd25 is that you can replace everything in them so technically you could own the "same" cans all your life.   Given that you dont seem to have a high end setup I dont think you'd hear a lot of...
  2. Mr C

    Audioengine A2 Review

    Yeah the A8 looks nice but seemed a bit like overkill considering the size of my appartment of the a2s.   I managed to find a nice sub that had the kind of outputs needed for the A2s.   here is the link in case anyone from france is looking for a sub  ...
  3. Mr C

    Audioengine A2 Review

    Hey I was wondering how you guys were using your a2s.   I've had a set of audioengine a2 for a while and I wanted to add a bit of punch.   So I've got 2 choices here either I buy a sub with a speaker output (had to find one under 300$ here in france) or i get a soundcard (external) that...
  4. Mr C

    A question about USB DACs...

    Check in your sound options, at some point it should say what device you are using as an output and you should have a slider to raise the output volume. Thats a problem I had when I bought my first DAC
  5. Mr C

    Photos of D5's prototype

    I'm sad to see the E5 become a non audiophile product. What I was looking forward to is a quality DAC tha can go perfectly with a small amp as a desktop headphone setup, just USB in RCA out, but I'm not too worried It's probably going to come out at some point considering how fast your product...
  6. Mr C

    FINALLY I know where these fake Sennheiser IE8s are coming from.

    I was science and tech. You wouldn't happen to know a good audio store in SHG? I've been looking for a dac for some time, couldn't find one in Xujiahui, Baoshan... I should be going to HK in the next few months so I'll probably stop by jaben.  
  7. Mr C

    FINALLY I know where these fake Sennheiser IE8s are coming from.

    I was in a fake market in shanghai today.Saw a very nice looking pair of IE7, near perfect packaging for more or less 30 euros not negotiated yet and turbine copper for 18 euros. Obviously people that go there know that everything in this place in fake, and you have ot ask the sellers for high...
  8. Mr C

    Is Samsung's MP3/MP4 research division closed?

    It's been quite a while since Samsung released a decent MP3 player (not a dumbed down phone). The last good mp3 player they released was the P3 but it lacked a couple of things (sd slot mainly). I've been looking at the current mp3 players and other than the j3 (or the D3 if it wasnt so...
  9. Mr C

    Maxell DHP II vs. Panasonic RP-HTX7

    I've had the panas before as everyday cans (I'm in college) and they are very sturdy, I used to have them in my bag all the time along with books and random stuff. never twister the armature or broke any parts. I own some much better cans now and even though the panas dont have the clearest...
  10. Mr C

    Need advice on portable dacs

    Hi i'm going to be away from from home for 6 months with only my laptop as a source. So I decided to buy DAC. The thing is that I already have a Hifiman EF2 at home so what I'm looking for is a DAC that is not really powerfull on the amp part (will be using IE8 and hd 25 the whole time) and...
  11. Mr C

    Sennheiser HD650 or HD600 - Do they really need an amp?

    Wait you want to mix music without an amp and want non coloured sound. Why am I the only one that thinks about the hd25. These babies are a legend in the pro audio business.   To come back to the hd600, I dotn have them but I have the hd580, and they are extremely similar. Without an amp...
  12. Mr C

    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Depending on the version you have the cable is probably not meant to be portable and is built for intense studio use. I have the le version with the 1.2 meters angled plug cable and I find it great for portable use, the angled plug is great for mp3s with the jack on the side like the clip.  ...
  13. Mr C

    Where buy a replacement IE8 cable in Europe?

    Headphone uk has some, i'm not sure if they deliver all over europe but it might work
  14. Mr C

    Looking for IEM below $80, HELP PLEASE!

    Check out the iem and portables comparison threads on this forum they are very well done, rank the earphones taking into account value and quality   Theses threads should really be stickied, there are 17 threads like this one a day.
  15. Mr C

    Cable customization advise HD-25-1-II   This guy makes extremely sexy cables, the only problem I have with custom cables is that to me the HD25 is a portable can and none of the custom cables are what you'd call portable friendly.
  16. Mr C

    What alternatives to comfy ?

    I live in france so I thought the amazon websites only delivered to their own country. checked on and there is nothing.
  17. Mr C

    What alternatives to comfy ?

    Anyone knows where to get the monster tips for euro customers? I'm getting tired of the hard foamies that were supplied with the IE8 and they are getting tired too.
  18. Mr C

    Sennheiser ie 8 bad cable.

    Damn it's been a long time since I've seen someone so angry on these forums. Either you just threw 300$ iem in the can just because there was a problem during fabrication (which is covered by the warranty) or you bought a pair of fake and are either too proud to admit they are fakes or too...
  19. Mr C

    Just got my Sansa Clip! Questions

    Anytime you have a problem or annoying bugs, just format the clip. Until RB is fully stable you'll always find small glitches. And I doubt that RB makes the SQ worse, firmware cant change SQ that much.
  20. Mr C

    Best IEM's with detachable cables for in and around £100?

    Too bad you cant spend 30 more quid, the IE8 are very practical (great cable and that bass knob to adjust it to your liking) and they are also very good in the bass department. these iems were selling for more than 300 US not so long ago so a pair at 130 quids is a steal.
  21. Mr C

    Sennheiser ie 8 bad cable.

    Quote: Best post in this whole thread. OP if you think the cables on the IE8 are bad I'm affraid your gonna have to buy bluetooth headphones. The IE8 is one of the sturdiest iems you can find, thats not a personal opinion thats a fact. Now if you did get a defective pair gutting them...
  22. Mr C

    HD600 cable upgrade - worth it?

    Guys read the memo, on these forums the high post count people think cables dont change anything, portable audio is a joke, and if you critiscize the flavour of the month peice of equipment you WILL get trolled. How dare you question what people that have more than 1K posts say, they post more...
  23. Mr C

    How to lower ipod LOD volume?

    try using another source to see if its just with your ipod.
  24. Mr C

    How to lower ipod LOD volume?

    Has to be a problem here, you should try your amp with a different source and see if it is still too loud. If not you should install rockbox (huge improvement over apple firmware) and reduce the volume.
  25. Mr C

    Sennheiser Rockbox theme for iPod 5G [No Longer in Development]

    ohh i'll be puting it on the fuze for sure