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  1. JacksonLawrence

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi people,  I'm Jackson and apparently the moderators don't like me cause my first post isn't being approved  I just asked some questions about diy amps and dacs Not a great start :P 
  2. JacksonLawrence

    This is my first thread

    How long did it take for your post to be approved? mine hasn't been :(
  3. JacksonLawrence

    I just found out why I need an amp, help me out?

    Hi there,    I'm new to the forum and have only just decided it is about time I got a decent audio setup for my computer (currently I just use tritton ax720's which have their own little dolby digital amp/box/something (inb4 "gaming headsets are so bad, you wasted your money"). So I'm on a...