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  1. FragViper

    Best Home Theater Setup for $300

    Have you considered any Sony equipment? I use these for my 5.0 setup in my apartment and they sound great for the price.   ^ I got these for $76...
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    What Is The Best Pair Of Earbuds For $100?,pcp_id,272,pid,814,_psmand,12.html  ...
  3. FragViper

    Klipsch image one on-ear mini-review

    After having these headphones for a few weeks I am going to have to return them tomorrow. After being a huge fan of the S4's and Klipsch, I can't really justify this purchase. These headphones look really nice but sound like garbage. I can't recommend them to anyone that's serious about...
  4. FragViper

    Klipsch image one on-ear mini-review

    They don't really leak. If you get a good fit on your ears then other people wont really be able to tell what you're listening to.   As for isolation, I would use in ear headphones. You will be able to hear people cough and babies cry, and most annoying sounds. I don't think these headphones...
  5. FragViper

    Klipsch image one on-ear mini-review

    I got these yesterday at the nearest apple store. They didn't have them out to display so I had to purchase them to hear them. They certainly have the klipsch sound sig. Deep and very powerful bass. I'll edit this post tonight after a few more hours of listening. They are certainly the...
  6. FragViper

    Problems with the iPhone 4 + bumper case

    :\ I probably will just ditch the bumper. I hate how much lint is trapped around the screen, and is impossible to clean. Did you notice any significant changes in sound quality with an lod on the iPhone 4? Also I've wondered, with the fiio l1 do you need an amp on the signal to control...
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    iPod Touch 4G or Cowon S9? Actually the new iPod has a new display, I'm typing this on my iPhone 4 right now, and can say that no display I've ever seen or heard of is as nice as this one. At least in the portable market. It has a front, and a rear facing camera, one which shoots 720p...
  8. FragViper

    Problems with the iPhone 4 + bumper case

    Any updates?     I would say just use a dremmel tool to bring down the size of the fiio l1. I have the bumper on my phone too, and am in the market for a LOD also. This might be what I do, since the L1 is the cheapest option.
  9. FragViper

    Klipsch in 2010

    Going to pick up my pair this week. So excited. :]
  10. FragViper

    Klipsch in 2010

    Can't wait for the on ears! Klipsch wanna send out a unit for review? :P I would love to turn the Head-Fi market on to them.
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      Only knife I own, great utility EDC.
  12. FragViper

    Sneaker-Fi (or Shoe-Fi)

    They fit my dress pretty well. I've never been much of a sneaker person.
  13. FragViper

    Top IEM and portable players

    If a car performs better on a race track then it was designed to do so. It just so happens to also work on the streets. When you drive a sports car on the race track for the first time you realize it's potential. Driving it on the street again will never be he same.
  14. FragViper

    OtterBox and Cell Phone Cases in General   ^ Had that for nearly a year, works great. Comes with everything you need.
  15. FragViper

    mp3 player with good EQ

    Great! Glad it worked out for you. Be happy while you can because in the audio world happiness is very short lived!
  16. FragViper

    mp3 player with good EQ

      Quote:   Made me laugh, this is true. One thing I've noticed after listening for a few hours after posting here is that bass booster just decreases all other EQ settings but slightly increases the lower ones, it's the reverse of the previous EQ. So by gaining bass you're losing the...
  17. FragViper

    mp3 player with good EQ

      Quote: See here: After looking on Google I found this pretty funny, look at these kids complaining about a great update:   As...
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    Easiest way to connect an Ipod to your car's stereo?

      Quote: Then this is your perfect chance to buy one that does.
  19. FragViper

    Car- Bose system needing upgrade

    From what I understand, replacing a Bose system in a car is difficult for the DIY user.. Doesn't it have tweeters built into the dash? Also, is there not some like 6 channel amp somewhere, or something weird like that? If you can get a audio shop to replace the entire system that would be your...
  20. FragViper

    Easiest way to connect an Ipod to your car's stereo?

    Depending on your vehicle you can use a factory stereo OEM integration harness for your iPod, but why would you spend money on a harness to play a higher quality signal through your stock stereo?   Just get an aftermarket radio if you can, sorry if your car has one of those radios that's...
  21. FragViper

    mp3 player with good EQ

    Maybe you should consider trying to upgrade to iOS 4 before you buy a new device, they fixed the EQ presets. They don't clip anymore.
  22. FragViper

    iPod Touch EQ fixed in iOS 4.0

    I agree, the EQ has been fixed. I also agree that the Acoustic EQ has surely been changed. They finally set the EQ right, I'm very happy about this small change. I just don't understand why they haven't implemented a manual adjust EQ like the one in iTunes..   IMO, little changes that Apple...
  23. FragViper

    Headphones for Max Bass

    Get a pair of good headphones and just EQ them.. The A700's that I own lack bass, but with some +7 or so db added to the bass frequencies and they will shake on your head, nice headphones will produce the sound they're fed. The worst thing you can do is buy headphones that have headache...