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  1. KLS

    Review: Ortofon e-Q8 earphones

    Thank you for the write-up.   I remember those days listening to Hayley Westenra using e-Q7.
  2. KLS

    Review of Inearz re-shelled UM Pro 50 and Comparison to the original Westone UM Pro 50

    Thank you for the interesting comparison twister6.   I saw the InEarz-reshelled Pro50 have MMCX connector. Is it the one inherited from the original Westone or InEarz offers MMCX connector as well? 
  3. KLS

    EarSonics' two flagships: the universal S-EM9, and new custom EM10.

    EarSonics Facebook did show a teaser but where did you get the information about that something being an universal IEM?
  4. KLS

    Using IEMs with in-flight entertainment systems.

    I think my bad english has got you confused.   I don't own any customs. What I meant was, on a plane or train, with shallow fit universal IEMs I have to increase volume more than I usually do in quiet environment. I actually bought a pair of ER-4 for the sole purpose as traveling IEMs. The...
  5. KLS

    3D printing CIEMs

    Yes please let us know once you receive them.   Is the limited color selection of black or clear applied to both the shells and the face plates, or the shells only?
  6. KLS

    The FitEar CIEM Impressions Thread

      Hi AnakChan, thank you for your thoughts. I admit that I didn't search thoroughly, but did you post any review on the MH335DW-SR?   I realized that you had Ortofon eQ-7 and Ocharaku Kaede in the past, how would you compare the MH335DW-SR to them regarding midrange? I owned the eQ-7 and...
  7. KLS

    Fitear Aya

    My information might be old... FitEar doesn't disclose the drivers and network configuration of Aya purposely, because they want their customers just to enjoy the sound without any bias based on the specifications of the IEMs. However I think you can more of less speculate the drivers...
  8. KLS

    Using IEMs with in-flight entertainment systems.

    Do custom IEMs provide more noise isolation than universal fit IEMs? I find that I have to volume up more than usual using universal fit IEMs.
  9. KLS

    Meier Audio Quickstep (also Stepdance and 2Stepdance) Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Didn't really follow the whole thread, so if this has been discussed before...   Energizer XP8000 Anyone using such (big, in size ^^) batteries to power Stepdance, or other portable amps?
  10. KLS

    Move over AD700 and other mid-fi headphones, Onn is in town!!!... Who??? (Canadian's REJOICE!)

    I have similar experience as well.   I bought a pair of open headphones, Sanwa Supply MM-HP116 for $8, thinking of taking the headband to use with my KSC75. However when I listened to these I was surprised at how 'right' they sound. No bloating bass, no piercing highs, no muddy sound. In my...
  11. KLS

    Couple of questions, coming from full-size user.

    In my opinion, unmodded SM3 is lacking some edge in the high mids. Some head-fiers replace the stock paper-like filters of SM3 and tweak the sound to their liking with other materials like foam. Do some search on the locked SM3 thread will show you precious information on this ^^   Although...
  12. KLS

    [GUIDE] Sonic Differences Between DT770-DT990 Models & More

      Quote: Thanks for the comparison!   I was thinking to get the 435S for their soundstage, bass, and low impedance, but from what I read, the dryer midrange might be a disappointment. I am spoiled by some really good quality mids from IEMs. So the search for full-sized headphones...
  13. KLS

    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

      Quote: I agree with you   I bought a pair of UM3X last month, since then I have been using the UM3X daily. I prefer UM3X to SM3, for its more present high mids, consistent perfomance on all type music, and the friendly Y-split of UM3X ^^   What meurglys0 said seems to make...
  14. KLS

    [GUIDE] Sonic Differences Between DT770-DT990 Models & More

    Hi Zombie_X   Was doing some research on full-sized headphones and came across to this awesome thread of yours. Really appreciate your good work for the community!   I read in another thread and noticed that you had a pair of German Maestro 435S. I noticed that you have already sold...
  15. KLS

    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

      Quote: Busy with some assignment lately... But I never forget listening to music   Sorry for my poor comprehension, by 'drill out the bore on my custom tips', do you mean you want to make the nozzle's opening bigger?   The multifilament tips you sent to me (thanks!) sound...
  16. KLS

    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

      Quote: average_joe prefers his EarSonics's custom tips. koonhua90 and slaters70 who use UM56 for their SM3 also prefer(ed) custom tips to the other tips. So, in my opinion, you won't know how good, or bad custom tips are until you try out yourself       Quote:  ...
  17. KLS

    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

    hasanyuceer, for your information (in case you miss this awesome chart): average_joe's tips choice and comparison    I have a pair of custom eartips (from Earsonics) for my SM3, but I prefer the Sensorcom double-flange more. Easy to fit and don't sound as warm as the custom eartips. The...
  18. KLS

    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

      Quote: I think when people say Sensorcom tips they mean these: Sensorcom Double-Flange Silicone Tips   These double-flange tips have larger opening compare to those Westone single/triple-flange tips. In my case (and I believe most Sensorcom tips lover here), I have to cut the...
  19. KLS

    Help me out; Top Tier IEM :)

    You already know the signatures and details about the three and you are starting a poll?   I know how it feels. Even I know A suits me better I can't help but to look into B at the same time...
  20. KLS

    JVC/Victor FX700 - The Successor (early Easter Bunny brought something very nice!)

    Glad you like the smaller tips james :)   The first to discover this is ericp10, koonhua90, and cn11. I was just suggesting :p   So james are you going to write another review for FX700? :)
  21. KLS

    The All New Earsonics SM3 Appreciation, Discussion and Review Thread!

      Quote: I sent my SM3 to EarSonics asking for repair, because I realised that bass from the right earpiece is louder then the left. EarSonics confirmed that there is some problem on the left earpiece and they are going to solve them.   I know another head-fier who had this problem...
  22. KLS

    Westone UM3X EQ and Tips question

    SM3 and UM3X is not the same, but I find that this chart is very useful.   When playing tips on IEMs with narrow nozzles, just like the UM3X, it is good to prepare a set of 'spacers' (the plastic tube you can find in the comply tips), so that you can fit tips of different aperture on your UM3X.