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  1. genpatton7

    Rupert Neve Designs Announces The RNHP: Precision Headphone Amplifier

      I'm also curious if anyone has a comparison of the RNHP to the Lake People G109? The balanced inputs are very appealing.
  2. genpatton7

    Violectric / Lake People DAC RS 06

      I think you'll really enjoy that combination. I know I have :)
  3. genpatton7

    Klipsch's NEW line of Reference X IEMs (X6i, XR8i, X12i, X20i)

    I can't recommend the X20i / Herus+ combination enough. I look forward to listening to it everytime--sounds perfectly balanced to my ears, with nice bass impact. I can comfortably enjoy tunes on the road without missing my home setup; can't ask for much more in a portable setup 
  4. genpatton7

    Klipsch's NEW line of Reference X IEMs (X6i, XR8i, X12i, X20i)

      Klipsch has never just been about the SQ, at least for me. I generally hate the feel of IEMs, but find Klipsch's super comfortable. That said, I tolerated the X10/X11i for their SQ due to comfort, while I actually really enjoy the X20i for music. They don't sound great directly out of a...
  5. genpatton7

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

    Probably, by warmer sounding, I mean the 880 is more veiled and has a smoother presentation as compared to the 1990 (A pads). The 880 is not a warm headphone by itself. Unquestionably, the 1990 has more body than the 880 in the lows & mids.
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    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

      As far as comfort, it is a step down from the DT 880 premium (I haven't tried the pro). There is more clamp on the 1990 and they will be just as warm. For sound, they each have pretty different sound signatures. The 1990 is more detailed and layered and has considerably more punchy...
  7. genpatton7

    The NEW ATH-ES700..

    I recommend that you purchase the pads directly from Audio-Technica's parts department instead. Just email and ask about purchasing a replacement set of ESW9 pads (don't mention they're for the ES700).They charge $36.26 + $4 shipping for them in the US.
  8. genpatton7

    JDS Labs C5/C5D (pg96) portable amp/amp+DAC

      For an iPhone 4S with iOS 7, the iPad CCK works perfectly with the C5D. JDS Labs recently made a blog post covering all of the DAC connection methods for Android and iDevices:
  9. genpatton7

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Really looking forward to receiving the WA7 soon. I just have a question for those pairing low impedance headphones with the WA7, such as the 25 ohm D7000 and TH900: which jack/output do you use? I've read the 1/8 "IEM" jack has an output impedance of 23 ohms, so I'm assuming that suits low...
  10. genpatton7

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - Limited Edition, 32 Ohms

    Couldn't agree more. Blows the M50 and COP out of the water.
  11. genpatton7

    Best Around-ear Headphones for office (with good bass)?

    I've had no issue driving the DT770 Pro-32 directly out of an iPhone 4S. The audio quality of the iPhone 5/5S is supposedly worse than the 4S, but it shouldn't sound as bad as you describe. Also, this wouldn't cause a problem exclusively for the iPhone, but if you are using velour pads, I've...
  12. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    Quote:   The volume control does seem to be overly fragile. My friend's set has popping in the output from the mic and left channel issues if the in-line controller moves at all and my set just recently picked up a volume issue as well. Seeing as this set is marketed for using at LAN...
  13. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    If you're wanting bass, the 555 pads won't do it for you on the PC350's. Check out the PXC 450 pads, I use them on my pair of PC350's and couldn't be happier with the comfort/bass response.
  14. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

         Quote: The issue is exactly as sabreenrz describes below:   Quote: Exactly, the right channel seems to cut out if the remote is jostled and then I will have to adjust the volume controls slightly to bring it back into stereo. When I'm adjusting the volume controller I hear...
  15. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    I've been having some problems with the inline remote causing static/cut out on 1 channel of audio. Anyone else having these issues after pro-longed use?
  16. genpatton7

    What song do you use for impressing the newbies?

    "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" - Eurythmics, the vocals really bring it home.
  17. genpatton7

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

         Quote: They are quite large, the cups fit completely around my medium-sized ears. They are circumaural rather than on-ear headphones. I was actually surprised when I received my pair, I thought the cups would be much smaller than they were.
  18. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    Dampening material is the best way to solve overextended/muddy bass. Add some cotton balls to the inside of the cup (adjust the amount to how they sound) and you should be good to go. I would think if you added more holes it would increase the amount of bass, not decrease it.
  19. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    Quote: Originally Posted by alecsus27 hi, can you guys please help me with a 'walkthrough' on disassembling the pc-350? i've only seen those small screws on the outside, but upon unscrewing 2 of them i still didnt find a way to get further. i am afraid to force /break something on the...
  20. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    Quote: Originally Posted by jincuteguy So I know a lot of ppl here got the 595 earpads for the PC350. Im just wondering is the 595 velour earpads really let you hear the outside noise better? Because I dont like how the PC350 pleather earpads they block out too much noise from the...
  21. genpatton7

    Sennheiser HD 380 Pro (rather large photos inside)

    Quote: Originally Posted by 1000fps In HD 380 Pro plastic fastening to a plastic ear... They strong? I'm afraid no one can really understand your questions.
  22. genpatton7

    Help! Denon D2000 (or D5000) going to be my next headphone???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jodet The D2000 is $299. The D5000 is $399. So for another hundred bucks you get a better cable and wood cups. That's a no-brainer. The D7000 is $799, or DOUBLE the cost of the D5000. D5000 is the way to go, it seems to me. D7000 is currently...
  23. genpatton7

    Modding the Sennheiser pc350 headset

    Quote: Originally Posted by genpatton7 The PXC 450 earpads just arrived today, they fit perfectly! The material is similar to the that of the D2000 pads, filled with foam and the feel of real leather (edit: that's because they are real leather, filled with neoprene ). They have the same...
  24. genpatton7

    open cans with clarity

    Quote: Originally Posted by biscuiterietraou most of these phones i only tried for an hour or so, and considering the shop i tried them in was probably not the best listening environment i may have made errors in judgement here. ad700/900- too distant/ lifeless dt880(only tried...
  25. genpatton7

    open cans with clarity

    The DT880-600Ω have some incredible clarity, but they are a little cold. If you like the warm sound signiture of Sennheiser, check out the HD600 and HD650.