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    Beresford TC-7530DC Bushmaster Review (Giant Killer?)

    I'd avoid Beresford at all costs, whether it sounds good or not. Look at the history of this company and Stan Beresford. He has spawned fake accounts and gets banned regularly from nearly every major audio forum out there.   There's lots of legitimate audio companies out there who let their...
  2. Redo

    Grado SR60i vs. Audio Technica AD 700 bass response?

    These headphones have a very different style of bass and very different presentation. SR60i's will have 'more' bass, but it is all relative to the sound signature.     I personally love the Grado sound, so I wouldn't go with the AD700's :p
  3. Redo

    Basshead open-backed headphones?

    What is your current source & amplification?   DT-990's are completely different sounding than the 650's (the Beyer's lust at treble). I would consider switching to a nice pair of closed headphones (the 'dark side').
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    Best Headphones in my price range?

    Grado 225
  5. Redo

    Sennheiser HD800 and Cardas cable, a good match?

    Quote:   Unfair D:!!!!
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    Open headphones with good sub bass?

    Sub-bass is meant to be felt. Subwoofer under the chair?
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    Your Best Looking Headphone!

    Any of the factory wood Grado headphones. Some vintage stuff is awesome looking too.
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    For chambermusic and mixing - Dt880 or K701?

    Quote:   This is pretty much the reason. Crossfeed is an acoustic trick to get the left speaker gets to my right ear and right speaker gets to my left ear occurrence of speakers on your headphones (which is actually what is natural about speakers, not isolating channels like headphones...
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    Is "future proof" in Head-Fi's dictionary?

    It works this way for speakers too.
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    REVIEW: Keces DA-151 DAC 800+ hours burn-in

    Still using my DA131 w/ LME49710 op-amps. It really has been a solid great sounding DAC, I'll probably use it as my main DAC for years to come.
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    For chambermusic and mixing - Dt880 or K701?

    Mixing is a dangerous game with headphones (not recommended at all). Otherwise, I'd go for the Beyers.
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    Shocker: the new Bose AE2's are actually good.

    Whether they sound good or not is not my concern. I would never give this company my money. There are real manufacturers out there who have done things the proper way.
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Finally got RS1's from a fellow head-fier :). Though the low impedance of the Grado's, everyone should throw a warm tube setup at them ;D
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    Cans vs Speakers pound for pound.

    Coming from a Luxman amp connected to Quad 22L2 speakers (after a long splash with headphones), no headphones can come close to the dynamic joy of speakers. A good speaker setup is a pure, revealing, and most important a natural way of listening to audio.   That being said, headphones are...
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    Best Tube Headphone Amps Made In China (Ebay)

    The Meixing/Ming Da amps are fantastic. And they have speaker outputs too, which makes them incredibly handy little tube amps. The sound is fantastic. I have the Ming Da MC 84C07 right now. I'll be getting one of their more powerful amps for my speakers eventually.
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    Options with Crossfeed for Stax?

    Quote: Originally Posted by OwlAudio I'm on a mac, and the crossfeed plugs i have tried degrade the audio quality. Standalone crossfeed unit is my only option i guess.. or just skip the electrostats and go for dynamics with a nice amp w/ crossfeed. Even the best hardware units...
  17. Redo

    Options with Crossfeed for Stax?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gbacic All the software cross feed I've used makes everything sound muddy and gross. not worth it, IMO Same for the hardware crossfeeds I have used
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    Options with Crossfeed for Stax?

    Are you using a PC as your source? If so, grab the crossfeed plugin for foobar2000.
  19. Redo

    why arent usp spdif convertors built into dacs?

    Use the optical out if you have it. Otherwise get a USB male to female cable and put the converter out of sight of the computer.
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    600ohms Tube Amp For Recording/Tracking

    The 0404 has balanced outputs, so you can grab pretty much any tube amp you want, and then pickup some balanced to single ended rca adapters.
  21. Redo Grado 225i's arrived

    Don't dare put on Shake Everything You Got !!!
  22. Redo

    Canker sores (aka mouth ulcers)

    Canker Sores are NOT Cold Sores. The cause of Canker Sores aren't well known. I think of them as an imbalance, either nutritionally or your natural flora isn't doing its job as it should be. I'm not all into the stress thing as the cause, I take a page from Pen and Teller on stress (great...