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  1. Stylomax

    Can you recommend a Radio wireless + wired + bluetooth over-ear headphones (if such a thing exists)?

    I would gather that most manufacturers would see that as a redundant feature that most of the market wouldn't use. Your best bet may be to get a set of headphones that have two of the three requirements like the Audio Technica ATH-S700BT and then get a bluetooth transmitter for the sources that...
  2. Stylomax

    Choosing appropriate headset for gaming (CS:GO)

    Whether or not you need a sound card depends on how picky you are about your audio quality and partially the headphones you decide on getting. Higher impedance headphones might have issues being driven by a fair number of onboard sound solutions, there are onboard cards that can handle up to 600...
  3. Stylomax

    New Gaming Audio Setup (~200€-250€)

    Most DAC/Amps that are worth a darn don't seem to need drivers from what I've seen. They simply take the audio data that's sent over USB, process it and then send it to the headphones. The DT990 Pros along with an Antlion Modmic definitely wouldn't be a bad choice. Not so sure I would recommend...
  4. Stylomax

    Try and find another pair of ATH-AD700s or buy a pair of ATH-AD900Xs?

    Quote:   Interesting headset, I've heard more about the Philips Fidelio line than these particular headphones but I wouldn't be opposed to something that's lower cost. There have been plenty of low cost headphones such as the Koss PortaPros that sound excellent. My questions would mainly be...
  5. Stylomax

    New Gaming Audio Setup (~200€-250€)

    Of the ones listed I'd also recommend the Senns, have a pair of the PC350SEs myself but they do need amplification in order to fully come into their own, the PC360D though comes with an amp in the included sound card so you should be fine there. Definitely not a bad idea to take a look at the...
  6. Stylomax

    Try and find another pair of ATH-AD700s or buy a pair of ATH-AD900Xs?

    Well the time has come and I must sadly pronounce my trusty Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones as dead. They've stood me well over many years of service but unfortunately they seem to have a defect that I have not been able to repair. I took them to somebody I know that's far better with a...
  7. Stylomax

    Headphone repair service or send to Audio Technica for repair?

    Greetings folks. I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (the old series with the champagne colored cups) headphones that have developed a break somewhere in the headphone cable and seem to have a loose connection to the main earpiece. If I move the cable around for a while sometimes I'm able...