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    i got 20/5 fios a couple months ago and its fantastic. the only downside is you are forced to use their actiontec router.
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    REVIEW: Keces DA-151 DAC 800+ hours burn-in

    thanks david, looks like i'm gonna have to save up for a keces and an amp. i have no doubt it'll be worth the wait.
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    REVIEW: Keces DA-151 DAC 800+ hours burn-in

    me thinks i should postpone my dac purchase until some of these comparative reviews come out. a quick question: has anyone tried plugging their cans directly into the line out using a rca-to-mini adaptor?
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    N-th E-MU 0404 USB Impression [quick n dirty]

    thanks, nice and easy to read review. what amp and source did you have before deciding the go the 0404 usb route?
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    Better to get first: DAC or amp?

    yeah, i would prefer a usb dac so i can use it with both my laptop and desktop. sejarzo, i guess i wasn't clear. the two options i was debating was either getting a dedicated amp (specifically the arietta) to use with my DAP at home/onboard sound headphone out OR a usb dac to use with my...
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    Better to get first: DAC or amp?

    Hey all, I currently only have easy to drive headphones (er6i and sony v6s) with plans to add a pair of grados (either 80s or 225s) soon. Should my next step, in terms of perfomance increase/dollar, be a USB DAC with a headphone out (0404 USB) OR an entry level desktop amp connected to my...
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    Review: Portable amp roundup! 56 portable amps reviewed and compared - FINAL update 12-20-10 added RSA SR-71B

    wow, thank you so much for putting this HUGE review thread together. it helps so much for someone like me just getting started.