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    SMSL SU-8 vs JDS Labs El Dac

    And thus it seems a decision has been reached! But anyway, yes I think that would be what I'd do. For example, I have an ifi iDSD black micro that can be used on the go. Now my next upgrade can be any home-use only dac/amp or combo unit because I can justify the ifi as being for portable use...
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    What about the customs in India while buying from Massdrop?

    Whoops. Apologies. My wording came on too strong and without sufficient explanation. Yes, I am aware that duties are a government issued taxation and not administered by Massdrop. I just meant to say that the frequency to which one is likely to receive duties/additional taxation is much...
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    Hello I'm a dance artist and I'm looking for a headphone.

    Have you thought about wireless for dance? Is there a particular reason? Because if not, you can get adapters like from kz that are cheap and wireless. Then, tack on some cheap but decent chi-fi IEMs like kz or tin audio. Good luck!
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    things related to audio with the gold-plated tip have better sound?

    Having said that though, IMHO I think silver connectors look so much better than gold. And gold is so mainstream (but I guess for a reason haha).
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    What about the customs in India while buying from Massdrop?

    I don't know about India, but I know Massdrop is notorious for duties on all places other than USA so itll be certain that there are extra fees you'll pay. When I bought them I had to pay approximately $25 USD on top of price shipped and it was paid on the spot when they delivered. Hopefully my...
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    Wireless or Wired Earphones under $35

    Of those you listed, KZ is the most prominently well known and popular so it must be for a reason (I think?). However, a big however, is that I would recommend saving up instead and get higher tier IEMs because otherwise it's a slippery slope because you'll eventually want to upgrade for sure...
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    Mid-Fi IEM Suggestions

    If you want clearer bass and something that betters the se215 then you'll need a different sound signature and you wont get that supposedly form Shure until you go for the 846. If so, then go for chi-fi since they usually offer really good value for what they offer. As I mentioned in another...
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    IEM 200$ or below (especially chi-fi)

    oooh! When it comes to chi-fi then you've got to check out Fearless. Mind you, I only have S5t but their range is something to check out. There's also BGVP but neither's IEMs seem to emphasize female vocals in particular. If you like the hibiki's, you'll probably find something from one of...
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    headphone and micro for gaming

    I heard about it being troublesome to stay on too but the thing is, then did you resolve that and get it to stick in the end? And without leaving like tape residue or anything?
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    SMSL SU-8 vs JDS Labs El Dac

    Apologies I have no experience with both but still have thoughts to share! I agree with prymortal except I think depending on your budget you may want to go for something more upper end so you don't end up feeling the 'need' to upgrade as often later on. If you are still wanting one of the...
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    headphone and micro for gaming

    In case you haven't noticed, there's also a new release coming soon that's Massdrop X Koss gaming headset. They call it this GMR-54X-ISO. Price is reasonable at $40 USD. check it out maybe?
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    IEM $300-$500 range

    Wait people! I was surprised. No one mentioned Fearless Audio in this discussion lol. Aren't S6 Rui's supposed to punch above their price range (which is within OP's budget)?
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    Hi everybody! I need advice for a good in-ear with less than 50€.

    To the OP, you could take a gamble and get the BGVP DS1 Pro which was recently released. 46,90 Euros approximately from Penon Audio. It's a hybrid driver and is supposed to have deep bass and good resolution.
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    IEM upgrade - alternative to Shure SE535

    @thebrieze I think you could try the Rhapsodio Orla's then given they were recently awarded best value at CanJam by one of the reviewers on here. It's supposed to have a neutral sound and great timbre upper extension for a $300 iem.
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    Looking for IEM's. Shure?

    Shure are good and all but I'd advise staying away until you've gotten a chance to determine what you'd like in terms of sound signature. I'm no expert, but speaking from experience in buying a pair of se535's I've realized that there's too damn much emphasis on mids and non-existent bass (even...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Well, like the 678 pages of other people, I've bit the bullet and made an account instead of continuing to lurk. Interestingly enough, I started with Massdrop's TR-X00 Purple Hearts and from there it's spiralling out of control lol. Glad to be here anyway!
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member here (clearly) and just started getting into audiophile music. While reading more online, head-fi was one of the few places that frequently popped up so I reckoned it would be prudent to sign up! Of course, not to mention after how I realized there was a sale...