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    Hifiman TWS600 - First Impression

    When you use Bluetooth keyboard and tws 600, the connection is very unstable.
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    Ibasso dx220 with amp9

    I am using amp8 right now. How about amp9? anyone bought it?
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    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Thanks for the time you put into preparing this post. It was VERY much appreciated.
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    N5005 and m9

    I bought n5005 yesterday, and I have sony m9. I think m9 is better than n5005
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    akg n5005 sale

    amazon akg n5005 is $550 before tax. It is a good price?
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    nuprime dac-9h

    Any one try nuprime dac-9h with hd 800s? What do you think about those two? Thanks
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    nuprime dac-9h

    I want to buy nuprime dac-9h for hd800s. It is good enough?
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    sony m9 or akg n5005

    I want to buy an earphone. which one is better m9 or n5005?
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    Direct upgrade to HD650

    I think you can try hd 650
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    Headphones like GENELEC studio monitors?

    sony 7506 is not bad. But I think speakers are different from a headphone. I have genelec 8020, and it is really great.
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    Sony MDR-M1ST - Sony's 2019 Studio Monitor Headphone

    I hope it is better than 7506
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    Rumor: New Sennheiser Flagship to be surfaced ........ soon

    hd820 is not good, I hope new products will be better.
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    New member introduction

    I am a new member here. head-fi articles help me a lot when I was choosing my earphone. I use dx220 with amp8 and sony m9. How about this combination?