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  1. Magicthyse

    Sony V-700s really that bad? (comprehensive long)

    Wow! Nice to see the same wars going on This time a scientific explanation as well - what can I say? Hope to argue more in the new year, but regrettably headphones are the last thing on my mind right now. Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. Magicthyse

    HD580 & Cardas vs HD600 & Cardas

    Oddly, I haven't tried the HD600 with the standard cables. I bought them with the Cardas, plugged them in straight away and since they sounded pretty astounding I haven't been tempted to switch for the regular cable. It's that bad is it? Seems like pretty cheapskate of Sennheiser to cripple...
  3. Magicthyse

    Ultrasone HFI-650 or Sennheiser HD280 Pro?

    I haven't tried the Ultrasones - so I can't comment, although hey, the more who get these and comment, probably the better. Certainly better than relying on 'the word on the street'. Avoid the HD280 if you're looking for bass. They have the extension, but not the presence. In their favour is...
  4. Magicthyse

    Sennheiser HD-280 Pro Headband + Ear Cushions

    Everything comes off and is washable to an extent - although some antibaterial wipes rubbed on the pads would probably be a safer proposition. They're not leather so I don't think they absorb any moisture - so just cleaning up the outside should be fine.
  5. Magicthyse

    Headphone Advice

    Quote: Originally posted by wallijonn since you're in lexington, i would think that there's plenty of hi end audio shops in your area. many of these will probably carry hi end headphones. they should be listed in the yellow pages (either audio, h-fi, or home entertainment). Off...
  6. Magicthyse

    Magicthyse's Next Purchase

    Next time I'm ruminating over MacDEF's verbal diahorrea, I'll need something to sit on... Besides, I would have though this was one for the Beyer fanboys "It's so comfortable to listen to for long periods, and the annoying trebles are rolled off!"
  7. Magicthyse

    Sony MDR-V700DJ vs. Sennheiser HD-590

    Quote: Originally posted by LobsterSan Well, I only brought it up because it was the topic of this thread. And in terms of the v700's vs. the 580's, there really only is about a $30-60 price difference, depending on where they are purchased. Now the RS-1's is a different story...
  8. Magicthyse

    SONY and $100

    s.c. - I'm on T-Board as well and I think I've said enough about the V700's and also in the website I did for members of T-Board to look at. To summarise, they're good general purpose phones if you don't have plans to carry an amp as well as a Minidisc (especially a Sony). It's very hard to...
  9. Magicthyse

    SONY and $100

    Quote: Originally posted by Eagle_Driver Also, can a "flame-proof bunker" withstand a barrage of "flaming SCUD missiles"? Certainly. I'll leave the marshmallow sticks outside, and perhaps stick a shish kebab outside as well... Besides, with your aim I have nothing to worry about
  10. Magicthyse

    Sony MDR-V700DJ vs. Sennheiser HD-590

    Quote: Originally posted by LobsterSan Getting your v700's back magicthyse? what'd you have to do? i hope it didn't involve anything too abrupt... but magic, how do the v700's compare against the hd590's? i value your opinion very much when it comes to the v700's because i know you...
  11. Magicthyse

    What headphones are recommended for music mixing?

    The MDR-7506 is typically £130. I was angling for a used one from a friend of a friend but since that's fallen through, it looks like I'll have to pay through the nose. I'm off for a while in a couple of weeks so I might give them a miss this time around and order next year. A German site...
  12. Magicthyse

    Sony MDR-V700DJ vs. Sennheiser HD-590

    Quote: Originally posted by Eagle_Driver Unfortunately, there are people who want big, closed headphones for use on unamped portables - and those particular Beyers are a poor match for such units, since they require an amp. Not to mention that the don't fold up for easy portability...
  13. Magicthyse

    Need good sounding headphones with mike

    The 231 with the Mic (I believe called the DT234) is pretty cheap. I'd recommend it for gaming as the DT231 is what I use for all my gaming PC's.
  14. Magicthyse

    Should I be ticked or not?

    But still, it was kinda rude to post a 'better deal' on a thread. Hope it's all sorted out, I would certainly have been 'ticked'.
  15. Magicthyse

    Looking for suggestions.

    For $300, why not patronise some of the amp builders here?
  16. Magicthyse

    headphone sightings?

    Quote: Originally posted by zeplin as rare as they are, i saw a guy wearing the sony MDR-F1's in a Starbucks...since i have those cans, i was really perplexed as to how he could easily hear his music since the F1's are such open cans and the music inside starbucks was playing at a pretty...
  17. Magicthyse

    can I borrow your DT250-80?

    I believe I have kelly... Just not for Head-Fiers' benefit directly at least.
  18. Magicthyse

    Opinions Needed: Solid Headphones < $200

    No, I didn't recommend the V700's... The RP-DJ1200A's with most sources have similar bass to the DT250-80's. It's true that they can produce a lot more bass - but it's actually not that emphasized if you don't want it to be. I'd suggest you actually purchase and try the phones we're talking...
  19. Magicthyse

    which headphones !!?!??!?!?!?!?!

    Which country do you live in?
  20. Magicthyse

    can I borrow your DT250-80?

    Hmmm. Strange. I buy all of mine.
  21. Magicthyse

    Confirmed: ATH-W1000!

  22. Magicthyse

    Opinions Needed: Solid Headphones < $200

    Perhaps the best thing to do is to buy the V6 first, see what you think, then inexorably get sucked into Head-Fiitis. However you need choices, so here goes... I'm personally not a fan of the DT250-80's although I do put them on for when I want "background listening", but it looks like...
  23. Magicthyse

    What are your "old favorite" headphones?

    Guess I didn't sell it and I didn't offer it, it was cruelly wrested from me - but I'm probably getting it back soon.
  24. Magicthyse

    Senn HD280 Pro award

    Haven't they won quite a few awards now? I see why the 280's win a lot of studio awards, but these studio phones are for use in the studio. Ergo, they aren't designed for consumers, not even "prosumers". I find the sound to be quite a novelty - it's very precise-seeming, and every time you...