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  1. glct222

    Been thinking about low impedance headphones

    K701s give me a lot of headache its just pain~
  2. glct222

    Planning on getting HD650's, need an amp?

    absolutely you need one to make them sound what they should be!
  3. glct222

    It's a recommendation thread!

    warm sound and heavy bass ? Sennheiser HD595s seems fit you and easy to drive.very good for beginners.
  4. glct222

    AKG K701 unamplified, with cowon D2 player. Does it work?

    no source got enough power which can dirve K701s without amp
  5. glct222

    Rank the headphones that you've heard

    1 AKG 701 2 Sennheiser HD580 3 Sennheiser HD280 pro 4 Koss protarpro
  6. glct222

    Good Closed 'Phones?

    Would you like to try sennhiser hd280pro? nice isolation and SQ
  7. glct222

    AKG K701s a

    If you like hd555s you should move to the hd600/650.
  8. glct222

    Joining the Little Dot Family

    any reconmemdation for denon d2000?
  9. glct222

    Portaphile V2^2 vs. iBasso P2

    Portaphile seems good at drving sennhersers with have a lot of bass
  10. glct222

    What was your first Headphone?

    Its been too long to remember the name of the my first!
  11. glct222

    Vote For Your Favorite Team! (photos)

    need a option for Sennheiser+AkG
  12. glct222

    best bassy in ear or portable headphones?

    UE Sf5 win the bass part for sure
  13. glct222

    IEMs for best isolation?

    UE sf5 pro fit the bass part,not sure about isolation
  14. glct222

    Where are Sennheisers Made ??

    highs in Ireland lows in China basically
  15. glct222

    Open vs Closed for gaming

    sometime bigger soundstage makes you got the wrong judgement of other players position .
  16. glct222

    ahd2000/hd650/sr335/k701? which for 1st cans

    Quote: Originally Posted by d-cee do you have an amp? but based on your music choice alone i'd say the Grado (I guess you meant SR325 or SR225) they're a bit easier driven if you don't have an amp as well edit: lol posted at the same minute X2 you need to consider amps when...
  17. glct222

    AKG K701 unamplified, with cowon D2 player. Does it work?

    dont go k701s if you are not planning to get Good Amp,They sucks under ampless
  18. glct222

    K701's have no bass?

    They have good but no so much bass, maybe not enough for rocks, pops But absolutely not "no bass"!
  19. glct222

    New in ear headphone recommendation

    westone um1 maybe
  20. glct222

    Proline 750s IN THE HOUSE: impressions

    A bass lover for sure .how about the comfort part?