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    AKG 703 just realeased!!

    Maybe if I didn't have a no that would make it too easy for you (no offense to those who were tricked). And haha too bad its still March 31 where I live.
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    Interesting RS-1s on ebay..

    Quote: Originally Posted by uberburger101 They just look like normal buttoned RS1 with a replaced silver metal ring to me. The black ring is metal too FYI. They do look interesting though. According to the seller the rings are "metal color," so probably still plastic. I find...
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    Grado tweaked their lineup. Where was I?

    Quote: Originally Posted by les_garten When you put it that way, they sound like totally new Phones!! . I should rephrase my post. I should've said: "How did I manage to notice the huge changes in Grado's lineup? Did you guys see it too? I know the serial number and...
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    Grado tweaked their lineup. Where was I?

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda happened about 24 hours ago. old news.'ve got to be kidding me.
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    Grado tweaked their lineup. Where was I?

    Grado Labs, Inc. When did this happen? The main changes seem to be nicer cups, better transducers, and better cable. and of course ps1000 silver, ps2000 gold (and "ps3000" kryptonite ) were introduced
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    why is Denon's D7000 pricing going down

    If there are only ever so slight improvements between each model, that must mean the differences between d2000 and d7000 are minimal. I've had the d2000 and from what I read about the d7000 there's just no way they can sound that close.
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    Denon D5000 VS. D7000

    J&R has them in stock again but for the full thousand. Also regarding the pads, I'm just guessing here but, I think the d7000 pads are different, just different from the d2000 pads in size but identical to d5000 pads. -edit: this could explain it...
  8. SBD

    Denon D5000 VS. D7000

    Just something I noticed but Headroom says on the product page that d7000 has pleather pads, I don't recall it being confirmed in the other threads. What I don't understand about the MarkL mod is that denon shows off the magnesium frame for not vibrating and the cups for having somewhat...
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    Denon D5000 VS. D7000

    "new driver", "better driver material" I think the better material is just the stronger magnet they were talking about. New cups, better cable, stronger magnet me thinks.
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    Disaster strikes my HD600

    attach hinge=portable hd600s Buy some marble/granite glue I'm sorry, I shouldn't be making jokes. This is terrible. I'm sure superglue or two-part epoxy will work perfectly. Bind it with some surgeon elastics, latex glove, or just tape to leave overnight. If you do it right you'll end up...
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    MS1 $105 or SR225 $160

    I doubt you won't upgrade for that long so I vote MS1.
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    Head-Fi saved me over $300

    Welcome to Head-fi. Sorry about your wallet. (I never said that before. it feels good) Head-fi can't save you money...that's absurd! The way I see it, you just bought the gateway drugs. In reality head-fi lost you $89 and much more to come. sr60 is an excellent entry choice and I don't...
  13. SBD

    Poll: Closest to Perfect Bass...

    k70X lack bass because of the way the sound is presented but if there was a lot more, I would say it is far far ahead of dt880/d2000 bass. What I mean by this is it goes pretty deep to my ears and sounds clean, there's simply not enough of it.
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    Worst headphones ever?

    You can't say apple ibuds are absolute crap. The [$95] beyerdynamic iems (DTX 50) I got free w/ my dt880s was the closest I ever got to someone farting in my ears.
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    "Roommate Wars" Headphones

    Play some pink noise through your speakers loud when he watches tv or works to see how he don't do that. The d2000 is a very nice choice and I don't feel it absolutely needs a good amp although it does leak some more noise than you would expect from a closed phone.
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    Cheapest Wood Cans?

    eh, if the amadana ones don't count: jvc fx-500 portable: audio technica ath-esw9 full size: denon d5000?
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    Denon AH-D2000 Build Quality Problems

    I thought mine had issues when the leather earpads kept on getting loose and falling off until I realized that I hadn't properly "clicked" them on. doh, I feel like a genius.
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by Maxvla Unlikely. HD600s can be had for $200. These are $1400 headphones, not quite a stair step. In any case, I think demand for hd6X0s will go up due to increased interest. Many including me hoped to get the 650 for cheaper with this release. Although...
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    Pic HD 800!!!!!!!!!

    The "Chinese" pic must've been the prototype or something. The actual 800s don't look too bad. It definitely looks to have some serious acoustical advantages. Haven't read the review yet ( but just from that pic, it looks like it an...
  20. SBD

    4 candidates - who will win?

    No love for k701? I don't understand how you can like the dt880s (well at least for the 250 '05 version) but not the k701s. IMO, the akg's just have a much more open and clearer sound. I guess the dt880s are just as revealing but doesn't sound as "natural" without that wide soundstage the k701s...
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    HD650 vs. K701

    Great impressions and great first post! I wanted to try the hd650s but always thought I'd be losing soundstage and sparkle. But sometimes the k70x sounds abnormally thin and a little bass never hurt anyone. Anyways, I strongly recommend you change the title of the thread. This is a common...
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    AKG 702 - Where to buy at decent price?

    You should check northern sound and light. The price quote I got was ~$250 although that was quite a while back.
  23. SBD

    No, the HD680 isn't coming soon

    The hd650 msrp is $600. When the hd680 comes out, you'll have to pay full price which will probably be at least ~$800. If the street price of hd650s drop to ~$200 at the same time, you're talking 4x the cost of a used hd650 for something that's apparently, as Duggeh commented, simply a "remix"...
  24. SBD

    Loaner Program: Westone 3

    Quote: Originally Posted by Calexico Did you read the topic whatsoever? He was obviously trying to post in the what do you have/want to try thread and mistakenly posted here. Looking forward to the reviews!
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    K702: surely there is no point to 'upgrading' cables because...

    Quote: Originally Posted by SBD Well I have a couple times actually, just haven't come to any real conclusions. Since I have to plug and replug both ends, it's not perfect but overall as I said the bass is a little tighter and I guess it's a tad darker. If you couldn't tell, I don't...