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  1. soidera

    Well Recorded music.

    john mayer? the where the light is Live in LA cd
  2. soidera

    Tube rolling recommendation for EF1?

    I have ecc82 telefunken, it become my favourite. But right now i am trying mullard , it is more to the bright side. But it still great
  3. soidera

    Best Laptop for Audio

    vote for toshiba , I am using right now. It has spdif and hdmi. THe headphone out is great with playing movie, it likes watch in theatre. I tried with d2000
  4. soidera

    Best set for under 300$ (with musical prefs inside!)

    how about ath esw9 I haven't heard them yet, but they looks great
  5. soidera

    How many of you still have your first pair of good headphones?

    I have sold my first great cans igrado 2years ago. I still remember how I thrilled by this tiny cans. But After doing some journey with the grado and audio technica gears(see my signature), then I realize that they don't suit my preference and taste of music so I had to let their go. Not best...
  6. soidera

    Is an amp worth it using AAC 256kbps tracks?

    I think it is more to headphone you using right now, the source (bitrate) at minimum 128 is good enough for music.
  7. soidera

    Favorite "Micheal Jackson"/"Jackson 5" song(s)

    I want you back Ben Just Can't stop loving you smooth criminal Human nature
  8. soidera

    Denon AH-D2000 or Grado SR325i

    try hybrid amp w/ d2000, the imaging and the soundstage is wonderful. The greatest strength of the d2000 is the bass, bass has more impact and space which I don't hear when paired with my portable amp d3 phyton
  9. soidera

    Denon AH-D2000 or Grado SR325i

    I agree that d2000 sound so horrible when not properly amp, I prefer Yuin PK1 than d2000 when no amp use, or with d3 phyton. But when amp properly the music live presentation d2000 can be so beautiful. But I think with this price range sr325i and d2000 need to have a good amp to optimitize their...
  10. soidera

    What's your Audio Nirvana?

    Ipod5thgen-D3phyton-Starquad LOD-YuinPK1 even not so good with isolation (I sometime use it to go to my office on a bus, hiding the ipod and the amp in myjacket ) I am still very happy with the result. This combo always be my standard when comparing other gears. ToshibaM300-D3phytonDAC-IC...
  11. soidera

    buying laptop - recommendations?

    how about toshiba. Mine (m300) has usb, firewire, s/pdif. And I think HDMI as well with great price (usd600-700)
  12. soidera

    Best DAC/Amp for ~$500

    I have d2000 thus I recommend hybrid amp such as ef1 for d5000, tube and op amp can be rolled for music preference. I am also seeking for best value dac, you may also consider gamma1 full config (s/pdif) and apogee duet
  13. soidera

    New Headphone Suggestions

    I am very satisfied with my d2000, it is better for me than previous hp I own (see my sig) but d2000 definitely need an amp to sound with good imaging and bass. For comparison about grado the d2000 more dark (alot of bass) and great soundstage and i think a little more laidback cmiiw
  14. soidera

    Hang Drum

    hei a great instrument for me , it just like modified gamelan ( a traditional instrument from indonesia, java, espicially or BALI) the sound is very almost similar when the top of instrumen being hit. here some links
  15. soidera

    Tube rolling recommendation for EF1?

    with rca cleartop the imaging is superb. I hear the song autumn in seatle by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, and very surprised, It is like someone playing piano in myroom!! in front of me. But maybe all tube sound like this eh? But I still feel the rca cleartop feel boring in guitar acoustic...
  16. soidera

    Which is the Best Allrounder?

    I suggest d2000 as it is my last headphone right now, It suit my preference : a lot of bass, good imaging, and good midrange
  17. soidera

    AD700 midrange

    I never try ad700, but i think they share the benefits with a900 such as huge soundstage and clean bass. it is opposite of the grado with so laidback sounding, and thin mid, nevertheles it is the fastest headphone I try so far When i tried ad900 + ibasso d3 phyton, I did not really hear some...
  18. soidera

    Everyone on Head-Fi can't be wrong, can they? Dissapointed with Grado SR-225's..

    I want to share my experience as well. When I first bought my first cans in audiophile jungle, igrado, it had some wow factor to me, yet I still remember how it feels right now. Then I eventually get some serious illness, which I guest all the gentlemen around here also have it. The upgraditis...
  19. soidera

    D2000 praise/discussion

    For me the d2000 is for day listening, it is fun cans but not really suit for night listening. For that I am still like Yuin PK1 more because more laidback and smooth
  20. soidera

    Denon AHD2000 Questions

    d2000 is not for portable. it is loud enough when drive by an ipod or any mp3 player. IT really needs more powerfull amp to sound properly
  21. soidera

    EF1 vs. Canamp Reviewed for K70x {56k=NO.} (Updated)

    @downer what tube do you have downer? I believe everyone here agree ef1 greatest strength is the rich and smooth mid (tubist sound?)
  22. soidera

    EF1 vs. Canamp Reviewed for K70x {56k=NO.} (Updated)

    nice post... still wait for updates
  23. soidera

    Help me find a pair that suits me

    some people say grado must be recabled, do it and get some modification on the earcup , use wood housing > I believe sr60 with proper mod will become more spasius and get more bass impact
  24. soidera

    EF1 Channel imbalance

    i have just pulled the trigger, ef1 on the way from head direct, hope mine not have the problem
  25. soidera

    amp recommendations for denon d2000

    the d2000 stock to my ear is lacking of space definition (not natural and compressed ambience/soundstage) and uncontrolled bass. And always have uncomfortable high I have found the ttvj millet hybrid is really great to pair with, it improves all I mention above, and excel in midrange(articulate...