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  1. Ovlazek

    Looking for Beats by Dre tour... Are these real???

    Just go with for the Turbines. I bought a pair from them directly (not marketplace) and they really are good for the price. In good conscience, I could not recommend the Tour's.  ...
  2. Ovlazek

    What is the most comfortable headphones you've worn?

    Do the Denon D line make your ears sweaty? I have never had over ear with earcups made with anything but cloth and I am worried that the D line would be sweaty after a while.
  3. Ovlazek

    Monster Turbines too heavy?

    Quote: My regular Turbines came with the ear support accessories. But they were kind of junky it seemed. They were color labeled incorrectly and they just didn't feel right at all when I was wearing them. After I got the correct fit that is.
  4. Ovlazek

    The first song you listen to when you get new headphones

    Usually something by the Inhabitants.
  5. Ovlazek

    Monster Turbines too heavy?

    Well after quite a bit of practicing and frustration, I finally stumbled upon the following video. I'm sure that it has been posted on the forums here before. Worked like a jiffy, so I thought I would post it here for anyone else who might have this problem in the future. I couldn't find any...
  6. Ovlazek

    Monster Turbines too heavy?

    Hi all, I've been lurking these forums for several months now and a few months ago made the first step to hearing my music. I bought a couple pairs of over ear headphones that I love, but decided to get better iem's for on the go. I was (and I suppose for the moment, still am) using Bose in...