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  1. theBigD

    Back to the drawing board I guess... ~$500 budget, which headphones?

    If you get a chance to get some D5000, I say go for it!  I like the grado sound but the comfort is definently sub-par and the bass isn't quite there.  For me D5000 is just right maybe just a little colored but with some modding they really shine and are uber COMFY!  And I would under rate the...
  2. theBigD

    Which albums sound best with your Grado?

    In regards to DIO "Holy Diver".  Is that the msfl version?  I just got the msfl master and it seems to clip just a bit which is kinda annoying.  Sound pretty great in the mid-range but just a bit hot and tizzy in the highs.
  3. theBigD

    GRADO Headphone (Repair/Warrant) Experience

    ^Same expererience for me with Grado.  Live in OR had my headphones repaired and back in hand in less then 3 weeks!  I would have to say Grado customer service is one of the best Ive had with headphones. 
  4. theBigD

    Another "What should I buy thread" sorry but I need advice

    I would definently try to get the open headphones approved.  I find my Grado 325is to be a nice alternative to the Denon D5000,  faster and more mid focused they are great for the genres you prefer.  I also wonder about the orthodynamics,  haven't had a chance to audition though.
  5. theBigD

    What headphones?

    I would give the Grado 225i or the Denon D2000 a shot.  The Grado house sound is amazing for ROCK, anything with guitar and vocal is to die for.  Denon will give you more a** kicking bass but enough mids and highs to be pretty balanced.
  6. theBigD

    Upgrading from Grado SR80, listening to Progressive Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Classical

    Gerbil, I would upgrade the dac.  Grado is very sensitive to crappy source.  Also the 225s would be a lot better than the 80s with bass and dynamics.  If you go to another headphone the d2000 would be a good possibility.  I would avoid the AKG Q701 they just don't do ROCK all that well and...
  7. theBigD

    Denon 5000 vs. Denon 7000

    There is definently a difference in sound with the D7000 and D5000.  The D7000 is tighter in the bass and faster with more impact.  The D5000 is more relaxed and bassier.  I found the D7000 to be better with metal and rock than D5000 and the D5000 to sound more natural for jazz, R&B, Classical. ...
  8. theBigD

    Grado PS500, Denon AH-D5000, or Denon AH-D7000

    With grado it is very important to have the right amp and dac.  When I used to run straight out the soundcard or paired with my portable amp they were pretty edgy and rough but paired with my stello and c2c very smooth but with just the right midrange edge makes metal sound delicious!!!  The...
  9. theBigD

    Which albums sound best with your Grado?

    WOW the MSFL remaster of Megadeth's Countdown to extinction is INCREDIBLE!!! on the Grado 325,  the Guitar in High Speed Dirt is Visceral and Textured and real.  Just amazing!
  10. theBigD

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Recently moved up from the 125 that were my very first into to good headphones in 2003 to the 325i.  I am very happy with the 325i sound wise. The improved dynamics and bass are well worth it.  The funny thing is for quite some time reading the boards about different grado flavors the 325 was...
  11. theBigD

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  12. theBigD

    Madeleine Peyroux -- Anyone Heard "Careless Love"?

    I just picked this up today.  I am a big MP fan.  I was hoping for clearer sound on this album.  Found the bass a little flabby .  Although I haven't given it a seious listen and might be OK with Grado instead of DenonD5000.  Tempted to look for the msfl version.
  13. theBigD

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  14. theBigD

    Which albums sound best with your Grado?

    Alice in Chains-MTV Unplugged is simply amazing! Santana III Jethro Tull- Aqualung Remastered 2011   I love that I can listen to live Rock and Roll again with my new 325is!  For too long Ive been gettin by with some AKG 701s (great for live jazz, suck for Rock).  Its like opening the...
  15. theBigD

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    Ive seen several posts about the magnums being heavier than the 325.  Does anyone know the exact change in weight?  Or what about hazarding a guess?  
  16. theBigD

    Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

    Just finished the mods on my D5000 headphones and really lovin the improved midrange and high end on these phones.  I miss the crazy bass a little but the impoved balance of the headphone is so worth it.
  17. theBigD

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    I just got my Grado 325i monday.  Ben listening to them ever since!  Love them.  Now thinking about the Magnum mod
  18. theBigD

    Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

    Sold my D7000 and Stello Dac a couple of years back to fund my bicycling hobby.  This week I got a Stello dac and Grado SR325i as well as Denon D5000 headphones!  Been stocking up on new CDs and listening 24/7 and hanging out at head-fi,  Its good to be back.  My Wallet is suffering though.  Oh...
  19. theBigD

    AKG PEOPLE - Would a K240M owner like Grado's-Alessandros?

    I second the Idea of going up the line in Grado for more bass.  I have the SR125 and Just got the SR325i and appreciate the improved bass.  So maybe something like a pair of SR225 just to get enough bass to feel it.  I love AKG for Jazz but they are just to laid back for Rock and Roll in my...
  20. theBigD

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    Quote: How about the short review as a pre-lude to the much anticipated full review?    
  21. theBigD

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    I've read through most of this thread and also checked out Currawong's review of v1 & v2 and the orig. 325i.  Is there an in depth review of the v4 magnum yet?
  22. theBigD

    Best headphones for bicycling?

    This is funny!  Can't believe this thread is still around.  For what it's worth, I do wear a helmet now,  found out they got a lot more comfortable in the last few years. It's a good thing I started wearing one.  I rode into a semi-trailer a couple of years back with a helmet on.  Broke my neck...
  23. theBigD

    Impressions: New Lawton Audio 'Angle Pads' (sheepskin/leather) PICTURES ADDED

    Sounds like I will be stuffing my own pads soon then.  Anyone here used his DIY mod kit?  Is it significantly lighter than the Dynamat extreme that he used to use?  I did a pair of D7000 a while back and it sounded great but a little heavy.  I have a pair of D5000 now and would like to mod but...
  24. theBigD

    Impressions: New Lawton Audio 'Angle Pads' (sheepskin/leather) PICTURES ADDED

    Is there still only one person with a set of these pads?  Are there really 2 kinds of pads?  On the Lawton website,  he says these are available but are going fast does anyone know if he has caught up with orders yet?