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  1. sigsegv0x0B

    Cowon needs to hear from you

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cowon_1 Man if a new Cowon had all that you listed I'd pay a high price for it...and add ape support to that list. I'm getting so tired of all these small capacity flash players, I have so many of them but none that can hold all my music. I'm so close to...
  2. sigsegv0x0B

    Iaudio U3 to Sony NWZ-A818....worth upgrade?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shauntell47 well, cowon daps are very neutral... so you have to use dynamic phones with them to get a certain amount of liveliness as you said... IMO, you can't say cowon daps suck because you don't like their sound... of course, they aren't as warm and...
  3. sigsegv0x0B

    Iaudio U3 to Sony NWZ-A818....worth upgrade?

    Also it's hard to take someone named Cowon_1 as being objective about other players.... except Cowon's of course....
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    I actually own both old PSP and new PSP Slim and honestly can't say I remember it for having outstanding sound quality....
  5. sigsegv0x0B

    Rebel XT or D40 or Other?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj Are those stereotypes still relevant when the D300 has cleaner files and more dynamic range at high ISOs than the 40D (and 5D?), and the D3 has cleaner files than any Canon model? D300 most certainly does not have cleaner files nor has more...
  6. sigsegv0x0B

    please help me choose Cowon D2 OR Sony nwz-a816

    I found futuresonic IEMs do not sound very good. Rather bassy and no real... well anything . So a more balanced player like the Sony might not sound good with it. Futuresonics' IEM is already compensated for bass roll off present in Cowon D2 or most iPods therefor I would say for these...
  7. sigsegv0x0B

    Sony A816 vs Sony S616 vs Creative Zen 4GB.

    Quote: Originally Posted by pez no one knows anything about these? I'm only left with my resources as cnet and abi>>, so can anyone help? I have never heard the Creative Zen Vision M but I have heard the Creative Zen it sounds bad comparing to pretty much any decent player on the...
  8. sigsegv0x0B

    Sony A818 vs iPod Classic: Is iPod really that bad?

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo the sony drive low imp like senn px100 (32 right) better than probably any other company on the market. they will hiss loads with sensitive phones like canals and iems (other than ety). yeah, ipod suxors (haha). ipod will drive the headphones...
  9. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT low versus high is all relative but in general 32 ohms and lower can be regarded as low all of my headphones are high impedance as most good headphones are. Not even close to truth. Most portable headphones are fairly low-z. And many...
  10. sigsegv0x0B

    cowon d2 vs creative zen

    Also there is the problem that Creative Zen sounds rather badly (for my taste anyway). D2 is clearly the better player out of the two.
  11. sigsegv0x0B

    Gen 1 Shuffle vs. Cowan iAudio 7

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT The sansa clip inside. Do you see a sigmatel or AS chip? I see proprietary sandisk chips and one more. The other chip is prolly a 1GB or a 2GB NAND flash.
  12. sigsegv0x0B

    Better audio setup, Creative Zen with Senn PX100's or Sony A816 stock?

    The Sony NWZ-A8xx series includes fairly decent ear buds according to people who have tried them.
  13. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ILikeMusic Is an iPod 'better' than a Creative or Cowon or Sony, or vice versa? When so many factors vary it's hard to make any meaningful statement. If we at least specified what DAP/IEM combo we were talking about when we discuss these things then at least...
  14. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT shigzeo, you deserve every bit for criticism for your nonsense about the D2. No, synergy is not placebo, it is all about matching components from the source, to amps and headphones. I bet you agree with sig and I quote "It's only natural for the...
  15. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT a lot of things are involved with choosing a player. When I use my 5 pro's, I really need a source with weak bass to compensate for the strong bass. When I use my ER4P, I need my sansa clip which has strong low end and matches well with the...
  16. sigsegv0x0B

    New Member-ISO Advice on Portable Audio

    Quote: Originally Posted by JimSmiley I'm changing jobs and need a portable audio set-up. I value sound quality above all (size, battery life, capacity, etc.) I use Grado SR-255 cans at home with McIntosh components. I listen to Jazz mostly. I would like to get a player that I can...
  17. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by evilking Nice site! Don't stop testing DAPs because of these comments. EK I am not intending to stop. But I only test DAPs when it's time for me to get a new one. In this case I selected the Sony NWZ-S616. The person who asked about the Zen...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by brown274 I'm looking for a portable to run my K701. How do the first two comcare to the PICO? The under $200 price for the Corda and P2 is a great plus. dkft tested the headsix and I don't like it's results one bit.
  19. sigsegv0x0B

    Amp + A816 a negative?

    I prefer my Sony NWZ-S616 and my Sansa Express without amps. I find they sound worse with an amp. I wonder if their push-pull amp topology somehow isn't optimal for driving very high impedance loads like an amplifier. On the other hand my Sony NW-A1000 when switched to lineout mode sounds like...
  20. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by GlennSter is the sound quality really that bad on the zen? I used to have a stone plus and a zen v 4gb....and sadly, they did not live up to my archos 404's sound quality. I want to give this one a try again since im not too impressed with archos'...
  21. sigsegv0x0B

    How would you rate the new Creative Zen in sound quality?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT I heard this from a monkey, so it must be true: In many cases I monkeys would be far more reliable sources then ignorant people. Quote: oh oh oh, the creative zen 16GB sucks because it can't properly drive 16 ohm headphones and the...
  22. sigsegv0x0B

    How would you rate the new Creative Zen in sound quality?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dhc0329 Sony or Cowon Daps sound tempting but they don't come in large capacity. What I need is at least 32GB and must be small...This only leaves me a Zen but I can't take it if SQ's poor like Ipod. Where do you get the idea that ipod is a bad...
  23. sigsegv0x0B

    Samsung DAPs for Mac OS X

    Most north american samsung daps are mtp. Chances are so is the player you are interested in. MTP support for osx comes from free software called XNJB. Check to see if it supports your player. Though i would suggest you get an iPod as it is an excellent fit with your mac!
  24. sigsegv0x0B

    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT lol sigsegv0x0B, pissing everybody off is your real hobby, not headphone listening. No I actually do not like listening to headphones as they do not produce any sound. I enjoy listening to a system that has headphones in the chain. For...
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    Creative Zen on Sale!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ILikeMusic That comment is so far out in left field for so many reasons that I'm not going to even get into it, other than to say that your view is in the distinct minority. Really? It seems most of the discussions are there about the sound quality of...