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  1. TimF

    Newbie questions!

    Hey all, Some newbie questions, so hope that's ok :) I've just picked up some Noble Django's. I have Tidal on my iPhone 6s at the moment. I'm wondering if a better source would help? I have Tidal for streaming and I am travelling a lot so not looking for big kit but something portable. What do...
  2. TimF

    Replacement options for ie80!

    Thanks for the advice :k701smile:
  3. TimF

    Replacement options for ie80!

    Hi all, I've run IE8's then IE80's for a long time now. I need to get a new pair of phones as I just lost these. I value imaging as the biggest priority. Love an expansive soundstage. Ideally don't want a sharp treble (balanced / clean is fine). I'm not a bass head and I think the IE's are...
  4. TimF

    Headphones, warranty and Amazon....

    Hi all, Lost my IE80's I think on the train last week :(. I've always bought from Amazon as the returns policy meant I got a full replacement when one set broke just before 2 years in. There were no questions asked and a very simple process. I've noticed that a lot less headphones are listed...
  5. TimF

    Ok guys what upgrade next :-)

    Thanks Lizard, I use the IE8's for portable. The CMOY is portable but I never considered an amp with them, is this your recommendation? The Grado's are for home as they leak too much sound.   Cheers, Tim
  6. TimF

    Ok guys what upgrade next :-)

    Here's my current set up....   Ipod  Nano 8gb newest version Grado RS2 with the plug ends, older style Senn IE8's with pure silver cable upgrade CMOYBB amp with line out cable from Nano do drive the Grado's Sansa Clip+ IPad 2. 64gb I think the weak point could be the Nano? I use...
  7. TimF

    Sennheiser ie8 - anyone making reasonable price cables on here

    Hi all,    As my cable just broke I'm after something new. Around 50 uk pounds please. Any recommendations based on what you've got yourself?    Thanks, Tim
  8. TimF

    Newbie - just got IE8's - xpert help would be handy....

    Hi all, I'm a long term Grado RS2 owner who has just got some IE8's. This forum has been really helpful so far so thanks to you all for posting so much good stuff... Finally finding headphones with a replaceable cable means I can dump my CX300's. Been reading up a lot and now have Rockbox'ed...