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  1. godspeed

    List your Grado order of preference

    1-RS1 : This is "THE" grado to have 2-SR325i 3- SR225 4-SR60 5-SR125
  2. godspeed

    What's the final word on sub-$500 amp synergy with Grados?

    hello, I was exactly in your position few months ago...and I got a Litltle dot I+.. let me tell you this amp is a killer amp for low end grados (sr60 to sr325i) with mullard m8161 and opamp lt1364 I was in heaven with my sr325i and sr125 then I upgrade to RS1 and, oh my god, the...
  3. godspeed

    does this amp worth the price

    ok thank you, I put a picture of the inside of the amp, it looks very neat. what do you think about it?
  4. godspeed

    does this amp worth the price

    hello all, I have the opportunity to buy a 300b tube amp for 2000$ for my speakers... The builder says he uses the best parts available for the amp and he is pretty confident with the quality of the amp and the quality of his point to point wiring... I know some of you are just...
  5. godspeed

    Best looking tube amp

    don't know if it is the best looking tube amp but apparently here is the most expensive tube amp in the world.. Name: Otello Brand: Ultrasound Price: 600,000 $ only one made in the world.
  6. godspeed

    Which LT1364 to buy for Little Dot MKI?

    dude, they are the same...take the cheaper... the important things here is the "CN8" and the 8 DIP. done.
  7. godspeed

    What is wrong with SS amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by johnwmclean GS-1 Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp $899 Talisman T-35HP $1000 Lehmann Black Cube Linear $1080 Meier Audio Corda Symphony $1500 HeadRoom Desktop Amp $699 HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp $1099 Melos SHA-1 headphone amplifier $1095 Blue Circle SBH...
  8. godspeed

    What is wrong with SS amp?

    Well, a question comes to my mind while I was reading all the amp forum.. Everytime someone is asking for a SS amp, we all end by recommending those amps: Kicas caliente graham Solo headamp G lite M^3 EC/SS X can V8 Audio C2C Cantate Some recommends to get a DSP/PSU1/S11 or...
  9. godspeed

    Canuck Audio Mart

    yes agree with the others but... what is the currency we are talking about?? because 1350$ CAD = 1150$ US so for 1150$ I think it is not such a bad deal...remember the deal comes with grado interconnects. well, IMO it is a fair deal...not so good but not so bad.
  10. godspeed

    possible eBay scam alert

    well, we're talking about yen1233 here... he is a well known tube seller on ebay and head fi and from my experience you can totally rely on him because I bought from him a pair of NOS We408A with no problems. You should communicate with him beforme making a scam alert..he doesn't...
  11. godspeed

    Which SS/Discrete amp out of these with HD600 ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gradofan2 Based on... the "preponderance of opinion" on these forums... the following SS amps are the price / performance winners in this approximate order: 1. KICAS Caliente (a tie) 1. GS Solo SRG (a tie) 2. Audio GD C-2C (close second) 3. M^3 (distant...
  12. godspeed

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    hello, yes I had the same problem here these are indeed 1/4 watt 20 ohms with 1% tolerance and metallic cover (not carbon). easy to replace if you have some skills on DIY
  13. godspeed

    Yaqin MS500B - 300b tube questions

    thank you for response Good to hear that the amp matches well with 32ohms cans....but Uncle Erick is may be right by saying that 1900$ might be too cheap for a 300b tube amp...some parts is the amp might just worth 0.1$ with a poor power supply and finally I can end up with a crappy amp using...
  14. godspeed

    Yaqin MS500B - 300b tube questions

    thank you for your response, well the yaqin "king" sold on ebay for 700$ is the yaqin ms300b which is the older version of the yaqin's amp. I am talking about the newest version the yaqin the ms500b (the big brother) from the yaqin website there is an significant increase in specs. in...
  15. godspeed

    Yaqin MS500B - 300b tube questions

    From the review of the grant fidelity amp on their website: "The stunning A-534B Integrated Tube amp is a new design with the 300B tube is being used for more of its capabilities than in conventional design, by having EL34's as its driver tube. The A-534B can pair with some 85 dB efficient...
  16. godspeed

    Yaqin MS500B - 300b tube questions

    gosh, you are right, they are absolutely the same! How is it possible that 2 different brand have the same amp...? the grant fidelity the yaqin I don't know what to think...very strange. It doesn't help for the sound quality of the 300b/headphones combo... thank you for...
  17. godspeed

    Yaqin MS500B - 300b tube questions

    hello all, I am building my new room for hifi and need some advice here. there is a general consensus in France for the yaqin MS500b to be a killer integrated amp for high sensitive speaker like Klispch or Davis Loudspeakers (95db and higher) This amp using the 300b tube which is...
  18. godspeed

    ECSS vs. GLite for Grados

    Rockopper M^3, Augio gd C2C, Millet MAx.... just kidding. I would pick EC/SS with absolutely no regrets
  19. godspeed

    Best looking tube amp

    EXCLUSIVE 100 SE signature not an headphone amp, only loudspeakers but so beautiful... 12 000$ ( correctly read)
  20. godspeed

    Best looking tube amp

    YAQIN MS500B Using the "king": the 300b tube 1900$
  21. godspeed

    Arietta or Little Dot I+ for Grado 325?

    my advice will be somewhat subjective but all I can say is that my LDI+ paired with my sr325i is simply AMAZING.. no kidding the synergy between the two is just prefect (for my ears) and as long as I will keep my sr325i I really don't need to upgrade the amp for something pricier. But You...
  22. godspeed

    DAC for Little Dot I+ ?

    I say go for a fubar II...or save a bit and go for super pro 707 Usb dac...but fubar is a bit better and yes you will definitely enjoy more the LDI+ with grado... may I suggest you to buy the LT1364 opamp (15$ shipped). the improved sound is very nice.
  23. godspeed

    Best Headphone Amp/DAC for Grado Headphones Under $200

    hi, if you could strech your budget a little bit , I would recommand the hybrid little dot I+ with opamp LT1364 or OPA2107AP (150$ shipped) paired with a super pro usb 707 dac (100$ shipped) the super pro dac is not the best around but do the job well for the price and the hybrid LDI+...
  24. godspeed

    help me choose an amp please!!

    hello, sorry if the question have been asked billions of time but I need some help on this... Audio amp world is full of fantastic gear, everytime I want something, I find on this forum something better and pricier and when I think I am done a new amp is coming and again it is better and...
  25. godspeed

    Little Dot MKIII Tube Rolling

    hello guys, I'd like some advise for my beloved SR325i Considering I already have the LD I+ with LT1364 opamp and some nice tubes (mullard 6AK5W, WE408A, mullard M8161...) and that I am in love with the sound produced Do you consider that acquiring the LD MKIII (pure tube amp) will be...