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    Koss KSC 75 ( worlds best valued headphone)

    Quote: Originally Posted by mateusbatera I was reading about those KSC-75 in Koss official website. The specs are the very same from PortaPro. Frequency Response (15Hz-25KHz), impedance (60 ohms), sensitivity (101dB/mW), and distortion (below <0.2%). I was wondering if they use the...
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    hooking bookshelves up to pc?

    over the polk r150s, i would actually (if you dont mind it) go with harman int'ls ebay store which has infinity primus factory refurbs up for auction all the time, and they go for around 30-70 depending on which model it is. the primus are very well regarded budget speakers and i wish i had...
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    Sony SS-B1000 Bookshelf Speakers

    Just out of curiosity, what exactly about the sony's did you perceive in your listening comparison to be clearer? I have both the insignias and the Polk R150s (~$60 shipped form fry's/ which are another internet budget darling. Having compared the two, the insignia's obviously...
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    Help choosing surge protector/power conditioner.

    Quote: Originally Posted by shellylh I know somebody has an opinion or power conditioners/surge protectors! Please help. audioholics has several good reviews of various products for electrical management as well as a guide i think. i know they just reviewed a supressor here...
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    Power amplifier that beats upper-level HT receiver

    emotiva is another well regarded and well praised ID (i think) amp company. There's also the behringer a500 and es2500 which were popular bang for the buck budget amps a year or so ago around the usual forums. I third NAD.
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    Trying to get into high-end speakers -- weary of shams/non-hifi companies

    Best Bookshelfs for Under $300 - Audioholics Home Theater Forums imagine that audioholics is a good community with a lot of friendly people, i prefer it to avs because it feels tighter knit. Basically, just go searching through threads and eventually you start to pick up on names and...
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    What is your favorite Live album

    Quote: Originally Posted by mnemoniak Take a look at Alive 2007 from Daft punk, it really can make you dance and the recording is great. Even better than Alive, is their show from Cochella [sp?*] 2007 Its a soundboard recorded show you can find online and I believe the set's...
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    Entry level speakers? Help me out :)

    there is this thread only 2 down
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    New speaker setup for < $300

    The T amp from Sonic Impact is 15wpc @ 4ohms, 10 wpc @ 8 ohms. I'd agree the T amp is a solid performer, but I'm a fan of vintage gear and more features, viz. headphone out and multiple inputs. I run a marantz 1060 which puts out 30wpc, which gives you more headroom for less sensitive speakers...
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    Floorstanding Speakers and Receiver/Amp..$2000

    For $500, I think the Yamaha RZ v663 is pretty hard to beat. Its predecessor the v661 has always been well regarded, and yamaha's receivers have a reputation of being solid performers. It's 7.2 (yes .2) with hdmi so it's fairly upgrade proof and at 95x7 you should be fine. Of course it also has...
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    3 decades of audio form my stereo

    nice. i spent 140 on my set up. 80 for a 1970s Marantz 1060, which is a gorgeous analog 30wpc integrated amp and 60 for Polk R150 bookshelves from Fry's. The amp is amazing, and doubles for headphone duty, and the speakers can't be beat by anything else new. So i guess i have 30 years+ in my...
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    Subwoofer for a 2CH Speaker System?

    i found this thread over at audioholics comparing the dd10 to the dd12 Velodyne DD-10 or me decide! - Audioholics Home Theater Forums
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    Subwoofer for a 2CH Speaker System?

    just out of curiousity, why not the hsu offerings?
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    Any Polkies In This Forum?

    i'm a budding audiophile on a college budget so i run a marantz 1060 integrated (doubles for headphone amp duty) into R150s that I got from Fry's for $50. I can hardly be called a Polkie, maybe a polk owner out of coincidence-ie. I do plan on doing some peel n seel modding to these 1/2inch...
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    Subwoofer for a 2CH Speaker System?

    i don't doubt that there's a good reason. i'm saying that at a certain point, refusing to up their production capabilities to meet demand could backfire. buzz can only hold for so long before people will look into the next big ID company with affordable offerings. that being said, i'll be...
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    Love my headphone setup.Should I try speakers?

    without turning this into a headphones v speakers debate i will have to respectfully disagree with the above post because detail isn't everything with regards to sound presentation. It is true that speakers are much harder to consistently match or better headphones because of room dynamics and...
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    Subwoofer for a 2CH Speaker System?

    coupons?! you need a time machine for av123, their speakers are always back ordered. i swear they're holding back to create more buzz and anticipation, but it may backfire on them when people get tired of waiting and start buying other speakers.
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    Subwoofer for a 2CH Speaker System?

    audiogon, ebay?, for sale sections of various forums (avs, audioholics, etc) otherwise, buy directly? on a side note, you can never worry about having too much bass, because you can back it off, "but if you can't have nothing at all, if there was nothing there all along." man i want a...
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    Subwoofer for a 2CH Speaker System?

    also to consider are the various ID (internet direct) companies that receive very good reviews because of their lower overheads. Also important for subs is the size of the room they will be placed in as well as the dimensions, dynamics, etc, etc. that being said, there are 3 companies that i...
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    Car Damping Sheets

    i've used vibration damping materials on the insides of speaker cabinets and even some closed headphones with generally good results. For the speakers, it added mass and lowered the resonance of the cabinets, and with the headphones (specifically my AT SJ5s it isolated the sound better making...
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    AKG K81DJ owners, need tips on wire management solution.

    why all the suggestions of recable? Just reterminate. Get a neutrik 1/8" plug (they're the smallest aftermarket plug) some heatshrink and a soldering iron. cut the stock cable a few feet, strip the wire, use a lighter to burn off the red/green/copper colored enamel on the wires, put some...
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    How would you rate the new Creative Zen in sound quality?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT I heard this from a monkey, so it must be true: oh oh oh, the creative zen 16GB sucks because it can't properly drive 16 ohm headphones and the bass is weak and not flat, let me show you the rightmark test results I always use when arguing with...
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    recommend me a pair of sports phones

    i'd say skip the 75s and go for the portapro. the portapro uses the same drivers as the 35s, which imo sound better because of the better bass response and the less harsh treble, slightly less grain. Also, the headband is light and with the temporal pads added, there's plenty of security. i wear...
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    Got the speakers, what next?

    there's also the older marantz integrateds, specifically the 1060 at 30wpc, all analog, bass, MID, and treble eq, loudness, preamp outs, and a lot of people here can vouch for it as even a decent headphone amp. i have one driving some polk r150s right now. they run around 100 off the bay
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    Radio Shack's new $15 Presidian Speakers - Brief Reviews and Thoughts

    The best buy insignias stomp all over these presidians in every aspect except for size and (arguably) price to performance ratio, if that's even a factor in the grand scheme of things. That being said, for $15, i couldn't complain, there are plenty of "bookshelf stereo systems" with MEGA GROOVE...