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  1. Animal Mother

    Question about HD650 and LD II

    Can the little dot II properly power the HD650s? Thanks~
  2. Animal Mother

    Apple computers: The biggest scam in consumer electronics?

    Every time I go to the apple store to get a new ipod(broken) I must say that the employees are very rude and snobby. I too feel apple products are over hyped and over priced, they just can't even come close to the performance or reliability of a similarly priced PC.
  3. Animal Mother

    Planning to buy Beyer DT770 + Amp, should I plug them to a decoder?

    If you don't want to spend alot on a dac you could get an alien dac already made for about $100 depending on who makes it, or if diy is your thing you get get the parts or a kit for around $40.
  4. Animal Mother


    Ooh, one last question I forgot to throw in, can somebody explain the difference in sound between the open and closed version?
  5. Animal Mother

    <$120 Home Headphone Amp

    He could find a little dot II for that price, in fact I just bought one the other day from a fellow headfier for that price, as long as you don't mind used.
  6. Animal Mother

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    How did I miss this thread! My 2 favorites are killians and guinness.
  7. Animal Mother


    Im looking at maybe getting some wood for my dt700, can anybody tell me what effect this has on the bass? Increase/decrease/stronger impact ect.. Also does different wood have a different effect? One last question, whats the difference in sound between the leather earpads and the velor?
  8. Animal Mother

    <$120 Home Headphone Amp

    Cant go wrong with a little dot amp if you like tubes.
  9. Animal Mother

    Help 01: Tube Amp for less than $225

    I remember people on here saying they have used ohm adapters with low impedance cans with good results on the lunchbox, might want to give that a try.
  10. Animal Mother

    Not impressed by the dt770's bass...

    I listen to mostly rap, so the music is definitely bass heavy, music that normally makes the walls shake with my speaker system. I'm pretty sure its just because I expected too much from a headphone, or maybe I just need an amp that makes the bass shine. Just one last question, what effect would...
  11. Animal Mother

    Not impressed by the dt770's bass...

    I'm pretty sure these headphones are burned in well, I bought them used from a member here and they show signs of use- like the white writing on the side is slightly faded. For those that are asking, these are the 80ohm version. I don't know, maybe I read too much into the reviews of everybody...
  12. Animal Mother

    Not impressed by the dt770's bass...

    The bass seems weak, especially through my headfive. Its a little stronger when directly from my cd player but not much. Could it be that their is a problem with the headfive that makes the bass weaker? But so far amped and un amped im not seeing the "bass monster" from these cans. I would even...
  13. Animal Mother

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Just wondering, how long did it take for you to get the kit? I just ordered a kit from him yesterday and I'm wondering how long shipping should take, thanks. Also, does anybody know what outputs jeffs kit comes with? Rca, mini?
  14. Animal Mother

    Suggestion for the forums.

    I just read the sticky, but I still think it would be a great idea to have a specific forum for all that kind of stuff. It would reduce clutter in that forum and would make finding specific items easier.
  15. Animal Mother

    Suggestion for the forums.

    Hi, I didn't know where to put this because there is no site suggestion box so I guess it should go here. I would like to suggest that there be a non audio gear for sale/trade forum. I see a lot of people putting their cameras, xbox360's, computers ect.. in the music fs/t forum and thought it...
  16. Animal Mother

    Pie-in-the-sky, if you could have anything, product suggestion thread.

    I'd like to see a decent desktop amp for <$300.
  17. Animal Mother

    Recabling Headphones

    For cheap wire check out the seller "navships" on ebay, he sells very good SPC.
  18. Animal Mother

    What is you favorite record from 1969?

    Abbey road by a mile, although I am a huge beatles fan so I may be a bit biased :P.
  19. Animal Mother

    Where to post if i want to try (325i)?

    Try the for sale forums, Ive seen a few want to try threads there.
  20. Animal Mother

    Car Damping Sheets

    I used it in my trunk to keep it from rattling because of my subs, and it works great.
  21. Animal Mother

    New iBasso P2

    Why isn't this listed on the ibasso website? Or am I blind?
  22. Animal Mother

    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse advice!

    My advice is that wireless sucks, and you'll never get the same performance as wired. But if you NEED wireless, something from logitech would be the best.
  23. Animal Mother

    Most ridiculous home theater ever? You decide.

    Amazing, I'd love to see it in person.
  24. Animal Mother

    So.....can anybody play the banjo?

    Banjo eh, sounds interesting. I like the way they sound.