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  1. Dick Sternum

    CDrip mp3 vs flac to mp3?

    So, if I understand correctly, you have two versions of the same CD - one on lossless format (TTA / FLAC) and the other in MP3?   I guess it depends on what bit rate the MP3 files on the second CD are as to whether you feel it's worth the time to convert the FLAC files.  But personally I would...
  2. Dick Sternum

    SoundMagic E10S, E50S, E80 or ? for iPod use

    I'm looking to replace the Senheisser CX 300 II that I'm currently using with my iPod Nono 6th Gen / iPhone during the daily walk to work and back.  I do also have a pair of Sure SE210 but I find these to be too isolating considering I'm crossing roads and dealing with traffic.  Obviously the...
  3. Dick Sternum

    New Member Introductions thread

    Another new member here.   I've been into high end hi-fi for well over 10 years, but I've only seriously started getting into headphones after moving two years ago, thanks to the room I want to use for the main system still not being finished.   Up to that point I had a pair of Denon...