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  1. Fizzycapola

    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    As this comes up on google if you type Audigy mod. Lastly leave warning to only change the main power cap. Do it right. No long leads to act as radio antenna, short as possible. Solder it right. Research soldering and flux first. Don't cook the board. Gentle 20w-30w is fine. 60w more for...
  2. Fizzycapola

    audigy 2 zs capacitor mod (with pic)

    Just replacing the main filter cap is all you need to do. Put a 220uF Panasonic FM or FC there. Run rightmark and see the difference.
  3. Fizzycapola

    Soldering Flux

    Has anyone tried this? Bernzomatic Lead Free Water Soluble Flux they sell it in B&Q
  4. Fizzycapola

    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Normally the 2nd chip from the top. Don't bother unless you're a soldering genius though. I've been soldering things since I was 8 and I wouldn't attempt it, so many things that can go wrong, especially if life doesn't want you to do a good job.
  5. Fizzycapola

    need cheap speakers

    Last year we bought every set of 2.1 speaker systems for under £100 from our local store. All but the following were returned. Creative Inspire T3030 2.1 Speakers - PC multimedia speaker system - 29 Watt (Total): Electronics & Photo Recently we bought an Onkyo and 2.0 Tannoy...
  6. Fizzycapola

    is this a good amp/dac for the price?

    The construction using Oscon, Nichicon Muse and Wima Poly's looks nice.
  7. Fizzycapola

    FLAC vs. WAV Format - Surprising Quality Differences

    The questions isn't whether it's in his mind. But a decision, do you believe a computer or a human being. Computers are highly inaccurate with much of their time spent in error correction and can only process one dimensional stimulus. If a computer tells me two files are the same. Why...
  8. Fizzycapola

    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    It's unfortunate how easily these thin flat pins break, bending them back and forth once or twice they snap off, not at all like round leads.
  9. Fizzycapola

    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Quote: Originally Posted by coolkwc All the caps in X-FI is polarized cap rite? can swap the polarized cap with non-polarized cap or not? I believe Creative use whatever is available to them at the time rather than all the cards being exactly the same. (I have 3 cards all the...
  10. Fizzycapola

    Help me cure annoying sound "hiccups"

    Have you tried diffferent values for Win32PrioritySeparation, or assigning higher priority to your music player so it can't be interupted.
  11. Fizzycapola

    xbox 360 headsets

    Didn't work for me using an adaptor off ebay. It states communicator connected whenever adaptor plugged in - as soon as microphone plugged into adaptor - states no communicator. =( However mobile phone 2.5mm hands free microhone worked perfectly, sellotaped to the end of the microphone on my...
  12. Fizzycapola

    audigy 2 zs capacitor mod (with pic)

    A general rule replacing the 100uF up capacitors with Panasonic FC or better with FM should improve sound quality and reduce bugs of the card. I upgraded them to 100 - 220uF Panasonic FM. I have 3 x Audigy 2 cards (240 - very slightly different - I have a 100uF around bottom left that I replaced...
  13. Fizzycapola

    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Random Murderer Audigy 2 ZS with an NTE power filter, lm4562ma opamps, and electromagnetic shielding Any chance of sharing an expose on this. I read what you did and you said you figured things out but didn't give enough info for others to bypass the...
  14. Fizzycapola

    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Random Murderer, I'm surprised to read you suggest making a pad with solder. As we know solder won't attach to bare circuit board. As am surprised about messing with lengths of copper wire. This could be tricky and cosmetically imperfect. To restore the broken pad to as new condition. I...
  15. Fizzycapola

    Audigy 2 SB240 capacitor placement tips.

    Looking to replace capacitors on my Audigy 2 soundcarsd, I've bought a range of polyester, polystyrene, smd chip caps , Sanyo Oscon SP's and Panasonic FM capacitors 25v for this task. Inspired by the X-Fi recap thread I wanted to adapt it to Audigy 2 but see there are slight layout differences...
  16. Fizzycapola

    X-Fi DAC: Direct Connect from CD-ROM?

    I remember prefering to use direct analogue connection from CD player to soundcard than having it processed by the computer. As I remember I thought digital playback really sucked, it made the music sound like I was listening to it on headphones rather than being in the same room as the...
  17. Fizzycapola

    X-Fi sound bugs? I think I have a solution.

    It surprises me to see Sanyo Oscons performing so badly. I wonder what series they are?
  18. Fizzycapola

    What's a quiet CPU fan?

    APACK Zerotherm CF900 was inaudiable through my case after remounting the fan with black rubber bolts with soft blue rubber grommets to completely remove vibration travel and rattle. Though the HS market has released many newer HS's since mine. It may not be the best ratio of silence to...